If you’re in search of a perform of the best apps you can download to your Nexus 6P, we’ve ready an post with a wide variety of apps you deserve to download indigenous the beat Store, to enhance both the look and functionality of your device.

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How can we pick which apps are ideal for every user? In reality, it relies on how and what you use your phone for, so here’s a list of 16 apps the should advantage most of the world who review this article.


The Nexus 6P has a decent stock camera, but it doesn’t to compare to the highly rated alphabet app. A better Camera have to be useful if you want to capture the finest images, and also it makes sense considering the camera itself has actually decent specs.

If you unhappy through A better Camera, there are lots of alternatives obtainable on the store. If you desire to take it a look in ~ the competition, these are the ideal HDR camera apps for Android. Either way, you can certainly do much better than the stock alternative if you have a look at around.

JOA Rating: 4

When you’ve made decision on a brand-new camera app, you might as well get a brand-new gallery come go in addition to it. QuickPic is a small, smooth gallery app that will change the stock option, and it’ll enhance the look and also functionality of her gallery.

You deserve to use QuickPic come resize and rotate her images, and also there are no ads. It doesn’t ask for any type of weird permissions either, so it’s a good place come setup your picture gallery.

A gallery application may not seem like it makes much of a difference, however it’s intuitive, and also it should assist you to organize her images an ext efficiently. This is a video clip that shows off simply what it can do;

If you count on an alarm to gain you up in the morning, Timely is just one of the ideal known apps top top the beat Store. It has actually over 5m downloads, and it have the right to be trusted to gain you up each morning.

As you deserve to see, the a extremely polished application, and also it’s encourage by many users. Yes no reason why you shouldn’t download it!

Here’s the official video clip from their YouTube channel if you want to watch it in action;

The stock key-board is decent, yet there’s a pair of great reasons why SwiftKey is among the many downloaded keyboard apps ~ above the pat Store. It’s very functional, and you have the right to personalize it to fit her needs.

It adapts and also learns the an ext you type, and even though it’s sometimes hit and miss, it’s great enough to effectively predict complete sentences really occasionally.

If you not convinced by SwiftKey, right here is a to compare of three of the best-known Android key-board apps top top the market, so you can see if one of these is right for you.

JOA Rating: 5

If you want to view what your an equipment is qualified of, why not download a Live wallpaper made particularly for the 6P? This is a tiny application when compared to the renown of most of the rather on this list, yet it has actually received an excellent reviews and also it looks great on the 6P.

It’ll obviously impact the battery life of your device, for this reason don’t store it on because that too lengthy if the drain becomes specifically noticeable.

Do you require some more options? try these complimentary live background apps because that Android if you want to add some flair to your device.

JOA Rating: 4

This widget is an excellent if you desire to know precisely just how much juice you have actually left. Here’s an instance of how it’ll look on her device;

This app will provide added functionality, giving you a circular battery level indicator that is resizable. You can additionally receive notifications that relate to your battery, and you can select from a range of different icons.

It also comes through a torch, and also it shouldn’t drain your battery as result of being decently optimized.

If battery life is a constant worry for you top top the 6P, at the very least this widget will help to save you in the know. (However, the cost-free version does come bundled through adverts.)

Here’s a video clip review to assist you decide for yourself;

Replacing the stock video player is basic enough, and also VLC or MX Player room usually the player of choice for most Android users. VLC is totally free, and also it supports too many of various audio, video, and subtitle paper types. (It likewise doesn’t have any kind of adverts.)

If you unhappy with VLC, MX Player is a viable alternative. This is what us think in a to compare of the two video players.

If she interested in increasing your productivity, Evernote will aid you to make use of your 6P come it’s full potential. It’s a workspace app that you deserve to use to manage projects, or set notes. It honestly relies on what you expect from your maker in terms of helping to obtain your job-related done.

If that sounds interesting, this is the official advert (courtesy the YouTube as per usual) to provide you a much better idea of simply what the application can do;

As you can see, it need to be maybe to aid with a huge number that functions, and it has actually over 100m download on the play Store.

JOA Rating: 4

If you desire to make use of the 6P’s good screen because that reading, Pocket is among the best apps to quickly save write-ups to review later, and there’s limitless storage. You can accessibility the short articles offline, which makes a huge difference for those of united state that love analysis in those areas that Wi-Fi just can’t reach.

All you have to do is conserve the article to pocket while making use of your phone, and it’ll it is in there because that you to view whenever you like. If you intended to use the 6P because that reading, bag is well worth make the efforts out.

It can be challenging to copy and paste on the 6P together there is no clip tray, so this is a clipboard manager for all of your copy/paste needs. (Or at least up come the 20 most recent clippings.)

You’d it is in surprised in ~ just just how much use the application can potentially see, therefore if you uncover yourself wanting one easy method to C&P, Clipper should be able to handle her needs, while over there is likewise a pro version if you need something more robust. (Or you simply hate adverts.)

JOA Rating: 5

If girlfriend don’t desire to use Google Docs, this application from Adobe will certainly handle all of your PDF needs. If she going come be opened PDF’s regularly, it’s probably worth downloading and install this official product. (You can open PDF’s from her email, the browser, or any type of app the supports share functions.)

It’s complimentary to install, and also it does precisely what girlfriend would expect it come do.

JOA Rating: 5

As the self-professed “best internet browser for Android”, Dolphin internet browser is a decent selection if you don’t want to stick come Chrome. (It likewise comes v AdBlock installed.)

Dolphin has been around for a while, and also it has over 50m downloads, and also tonnes of attributes like themes and also gestures.

Here’s an official video clip from your YouTube channel if friend would like to see the browser in action;

If friend don’t desire to offer Google any more personal information, Dolphin is among the finest competitors on the beat Store.

JOA Rating: 5

The adaptive auto-brightness settings discovered on the 6P can regularly be slow and unreliable, for this reason Lux is a good app if you want your display screen looking at it’s finest at every times. Lux adjusts the brightness of your screen depending on your environment, so girlfriend should always have the best possible display.

As some users have actually reported that the display has looked washed the end while utilizing the maker outside, it might be a an excellent way come circumvent any issues. The completely complimentary to download, and it should also help to save battery life since it have to dim the screen a lot quicker while the phone isn’t in use.

It’s a shame the some attributes are locked behind the payment option, however there’s still sufficient on market for it come be precious trying out.

JOA Rating: 4

LastPass is a password manager and generator that keeps her passwords and an individual information secure. One of the best features of the 6P is the fingerprint scanner, and also LastPass supports this as a premium option.

If you’re no willing to salary up, the complimentary version still has a lot to offer, and it’s a great way to include another great of security to her device.

Here’s one official video clip that mirrors off what it deserve to do:


Hopefully, we’ve been able to provide you a couple of good suggestions, yet we desire you to obtain involved and also tell us which apps you use many on her Nexus 6P. You can potentially help a reader searching for a good app on your device.

If you desire to uncover out more about the Google flagship device, here’s a perform of tips, tricks and also hacks because that the Nexus 6P.

If we’ve to let go a an excellent app the you usage all the time, or you have questions about one of the apps top top this list, permit us understand in the comment below, or friend can call us via facebook or Twitter.

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