I'm a beginning of the person in korean (I know exactly how to review hangul and also know simple phrasing ) and also I'd favor to discover it to be able to speak and also write that comfortably. What would be the best way to do so? with an application (which one then?) ? through textbooks? through websites? Through native speakers? exactly how did friend all find out korean? My mother tongue gift French i think some of the oriental sounds are quite comparable to French ones. Yet some other korean sounds space brand brand-new for me. Please share her experience


There's a many of source threads in this sub if you're looking for places come generally gain started. The wiki page has a lot come offer, too. attach

I personally have three tutors, i m sorry sounds like a lot, but I'm finding out much faster than my 2nd and third languages (which space arguably much less complicated for one English speaker.) especially for the more daunting parts, and also different grammar rules, it helps to have someone who can correct you and also your understanding in real time.

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There's many of good cost-free (or cheaper) alternatives, however. I'm not too huge on apps -- some have decent resources, however maybe not something because that someone that is just starting? I'd try watching Youtube for assist on together if that's a concern, and there's fairly a couple of good channels. I personally enjoy korean Unnie and also Conversational Korean. TalkToMeInKorean (TTMIK) and HowToStudyKorean (HTSK) space both an excellent resources with a many structure. As soon as you obtain some simple words, expertise of sentence structure and the grammar, familiarity with pronunciations, etc -- I'd relocate on to other things. KBS has a display for helping foreigners learn Korean called Pit-a-Pat Korean, and Viki has actually a most shows v subs included where you deserve to pause the episode and see what every word means. Many colleges have actually Korean sources online, prefer Sejong i believe, and even UC Berkeley (I got good use out of this collection recently, however they have simpler stuff, too.) There's an excellent dictionary resources at Naver , translation v Papago , spell checker here, an okay grammar checker here. There's numerous language exchange sites and also apps if you'd prefer learning in a society exchange, or places like discords where world can ask inquiries or see other people's conversations.

I personally think the best means to learn a language is do everything works because that you, and also whatever you reap doing.

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I started picking increase Spanish way much better when ns learned Spanish songs and read harry Potter in Spanish -- it obtained me questioning questions and also learning new vocab/verbs I'd never ever see in classes, and also since it to be stuff I liked already, that didn't feel like I was being burdened through "studying." Likewise, I break-up my oriental classes -- one for timeless TOPIK study, one where I exercise composition, and one whereby I've picked up a the majority of vocab and grammar by walk over korean songs and webtoons -- which always just felt funny for me, too. Ns don't think there's a perfect answer -- civilization learn in vastly various ways -- just find whatever you gain the many and shot different things to see what helps you the most.