ContentsMethod #1: use a Cold-Start RigMethod #2: usage a Dab Rig (Hot Rig)Method #3: usage a PipeMethod #4: The Sandwich MethodHow to usage DMT Safely

DMT is one of the most psychedelic compounds on Earth. Just 20 mg the N,N,DMT or that cousin, 5-MeO-DMT, is sufficient to teleport you to what might be thought of together an alternate dimension.

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There space a couple of ways to use DMT. The most famous is the shamanic formula indigenous the Amazon called ayahuasca. This DMT-based preparation lasts as much as 12 hours and requires a lot of preparation.

You can additionally smoke or vape DMT utilizing a conventional pipe, dab rig, or bong because that a an effective but short-lived DMT trip.

Here’s every little thing you must know around smoking DMT.

Tips For smoking DMT

Take long, slow-moving breaths to reduce the harshness of the smokeHold her breath at the optimal for 20 or 30 seconds prior to you exhaleSet one intention prior to you start, and take time to get into a great mindsetAvoid burning the DMT straight — organize the lighter far from the DMT, so the vaporizesAlways measure her dose v a precision range —don’t eyeball your dose the DMT

Method #1: use a Cold-Start Rig

A cold-start rig is thought about the gold typical for smoking DMT. Castle share a similar design come a dab rig (hot rig) but allow the DMT come be added to the device before the heat is applied.

You then heat the device gradually till the DMT starts to vaporize there is no going overboard and also burning. This prevents any kind of unnecessary loss because of excess heat and also offers a smoother, much less cough-inducing hit.

The HAMMR rig is a great example of a cold-start rig optimized for DMT.


How to Smoke DMT through a Cold-Start Rig

Measure your dose that DMT with a precision scalePlace the DMT in the room of the cold-start deviceBegin heater the basic of the chamber with a lighter or by turning on the machine (electric cold-start devices)Once the DMT crystals start to bubble and vaporize, eliminate the heatBegin inhaling through the mouthpiece — slow and gradual inhalation is bestHold her breath as lengthy as you have the right to — hand the an equipment to your expedition sitter to move to a for sure location

Method #2: use a Dab Rig (Hot Rig)

Dab rigs room designed come smoke three concentrates however will work great for smoking DMT too.

Dab rigs are essentially just a bong with a special kind of bowl dubbed a “nail.” The design permits users to heat the nail directly using a torch lighter. The concentrates (or DMT) is then dropped on height of the warm nail, causing it to vaporize. The nail has actually a cup form that prevents the contents from leaking almost everywhere the ar when they melt.

The main benefit of using a dab rig come smoke DMT is that they’re super simple to use and also are readily available at head shops. The downside is the you’re can not to gauge the precise amount of warm needed come vaporize the DMT, so some of the DMT will inevitably be shed through excess heat.


How come Smoke DMT from a Dab Rig

Pre-measure her dose using a precision scaleTransfer her DMT dose to a little spoon to do it much easier to drop into the rig laterPrepare your dab rig by heating the nail with a torch lighter because that 20 secondsDrop her dose top top the nail and also immediately start pulling on the rig with the mouthpieceInhale slowly and deeply, host your breathMove her rig aside to protect against inadvertently damaging it while you start to trip

Method #3: usage a Pipe

Smoking DMT indigenous a pipeline is cheap and convenient yet isn’t going come make your throat and also lungs feel very good afterward.

You can use any kind of pipe, however a glass freebase pipeline is optimized because that smoking-free base chemicals — consisting of DMT.

Freebase tube consist of a glass bulb through a mouthpiece comes off. You location the DMT crystals within the glass bulb and also heat the exterior with a lighter. The glass heats up, progressively vaporizing the crystals, which are then inhaled. This technique allows friend to control the temperature to stop overburning the DMT.

Conventional tobacco or weed pipes work-related too, however they’re far from perfect. When DMT crystals melt, the turns right into a fluid which have the right to spill through the pipe, wasting your DMT and causing the pipeline to come to be “contaminated.” If you ever before use the pipe again for something else, friend may acquire an unanticipated dose that DMT.


How to Smoke DMT from a Pipe:

Measure your dose with a precision scalePlace the DMT directly into the pipeGet your trip sitter to hold the lighter to the outside of the glass bulb until you check out the DMT start to bubbleTake a long, slow, deep breath v the mouthpieceHold your breath as lengthy as you can, and also place the pipe in a safe place while friend wait for the results to kick inRepeat as numerous times as necessary

Best pipes for cigarette smoking DMT

Freebase pipes — AKA “crack pipes” are designed specifically for smoking freebase compounds

Method #4: The Sandwich Method

This an approach involves mixing her DMT through some weed or another smokeable herb. This technique has two benefits — the reduces the ns of DMT as it melts and leaks, and it help smooth the end the smoke, so it’s no so harsh on her throat.

You have the right to use DMT and also weed straight or swap the weed with an additional herb choose mullein or raspberry sheet to improve the experience and also reduce harshness.

How to Smoke DMT through the Sandwich Method

Measure your dose of DMT using a precision scalePlace a little dose the herb in the bottom of her bowl, leaving lots of room ~ above topSprinkle her dose of DMT evenly end the herbCover the DMT with more herb to end up the sandwichSpark the bowl v a lighter and take a slow, progressive inhale; organize your breath as soon as you acquire to the topHand her pipe, bong, or whatever you’re using to your trip sitter to relocate it to a safe location

Alternatively, you can mix DMT in v a share or tobacco for the very same effect.

Method #5: Changa

Changa is regularly referred to together “smokable ayahuasca.” It’s make by mix ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) through freebase DMT. The ayahuasca vine has natural MAO inhibitors (harmala alkaloids) that help prevent the failure of DMT. This makes the experience last longer and also hit harder 보다 it walk on the own.

Here space some popular herbs people use to make changa:

Ayahuasca vine — the main MAO inhibitorMullein —used come smooth the end the harshness of the smokePassionflower — provides the mix a quite relaxing feelPeppermint —adds flavor come the smoke

Here’s how to prepare changa:

Prepare her herbs by grinding them up through a coffee grinderWeigh the herbs utilizing a scalePrepare 25% of the total weight of the herbs in DMT (1 gram that herbs means you should use 250 mg the DMT)Mix the DMT with some vodka (or other high-proof liquor)Coat the DMT-infused vodka over the herbs and permit them to air dryOnce dried, changa is finest used in a bong or pipe —start through 100 mg the changa and add much more gradually

Method #6: usage a DMT Vape Pen

Vape pens room the best alternate to smoking. They’re simpler to use and also harder to accidentally break once the DMT start to absent in.

You have the right to buy DMT vape pens online in the type of pre-filled cartridges or standalone disposable vapes. Friend can also use a mesh pen or mode pen and also use DMT freebase flour directly.

Some users prefer to do their very own DMT-infused E-liquid and use that to refill the tank ~ above a reusable vape pen.


There room a couple of key advantages of vaping DMT over smoking:

Vape pen aren’t together harsh together smokingYou can regulate your dose more easilyLess DMT is wasted indigenous overheating

There are numerous downsides to vaping to be aware of as well:

It’s straightforward to overuse vape pensYou never know what’s within the vape liquid uneven you do it yourselfVapes have actually a greater potential because that abuseThey can be expensive

What’s the dose of DMT because that Smoking?

You don’t require a most DMT to induce a an effective psychedelic experience — simply a few puffs indigenous a vape pen or a solitary rip from a dab rig is enough to difficulty the laws of one-of-a-kind relativity.

The dose of DMT once smoking can be a bit tricky. Due to the fact that of the wastage that can occur when cigarette smoking DMT in a dab rig, pipe, or joint, you may need to take it slightly an ext than you would through a vape pen or cold-start rig.

Dosage selection of DMT once smoking (take 20% less if vaping):

12–18 mg —light dose (best because that novice users)24–30 mg — middle dose36–60 mg — high dose>60 mg — ultra-high sheep (not recommended)

Reaching Breakthrough Experiences once Smoking DMT

A DMT breakthrough endure refers to any type of experience that takes you out of the Earthly realm. It’s right here that civilization often report conference with various other entities (AKA DMT device elves) or endure ego-death.

Getting to this point is relatively easy with DMT. Just 20 or 30 mg that DMT acting is sufficient for most human being to accomplish a breakthrough experience.

The key limiting factor of breaking through is the smoke itself. DMT isn’t a smooth compound to smoke. It will certainly inevitably cause the throat and also lungs to feel harsh and hot. This causes people to cough in between tokes and limits the amount you deserve to take in a solitary sitting.

The harshness the the hits are the key reasons why world will quit smoking cigarettes DMT before they’re able to get to the breakthrough point.

There space some methods to protect against coughing and harshness. The main treatment is to take long, slow-moving inhalations. Be patient, and don’t sirloin it. If you’re exhaling large white feather of smoke, you’re inhaling as well fast and also too hot. It’s better to take number of tokes 보다 to acquire the entire bowl finished in one hit.

Other actions to mitigate the harshness encompass using fix up designs prefer the Genius Pipe, Vapor Genie, cold-start rigs, percolator bongs, or using vape pen instead.

How to usage DMT Safely

DMT chin is rather safe. There has actually never to be a reported fatality from overdosing ~ above DMT. The physical impacts of this substance are minimal.

However, throughout a breakthrough DMT experience, the user might temporarily lose manage of their body. It’s in this state that physical injury becomes a real risk. This is why picking a for sure location and a trusted trip sitter space so vital when utilizing this substance.

Additionally, the action of smoking cigarettes DMT deserve to have physics side effects —particularly ~ above the lung and ago of the throat.

Here are four steps you can take to reduce the potential for injury while using DMT.

1. Test her Sample with A Reagent check Kit

DMT freebase come in the kind of white crystals or a well white powder. There space a thousand other substances that look specifically like this.

Even if you purchased your DMT native a “trusted vendor” it can still be contaminated with other, an ext dangerous substances. Sometimes what you think is DMT is something completely different.

Always test a sample of your DMT prior to you usage it.

The best method to test DMT is to use a drug experimentation reagent such together the Ehrlich and also Hofmann reagents. This reagents won’t tell you the potency of your sample, yet they can assist you confirm the crystals are an indole alkaloid and also not something more dangerous favor NBOMe substances, opiates, cathinones, PCP, or amphetamines.

How to Test your DMT

Start by put a tiny sample of her DMT on a ceramic plate. Girlfriend only need a sample the size of a grain of sand.

You should constantly do at the very least two test using various reagents to get rid of the possibilities of one error.

Place every sample on the place with too many of room in between them.

Place one fall of each reagent you desire to test and wait because that the shade to change. Give each test around 3 minute to complete prior to checking the color.

Here’s what you need to expect for some of the typical reagents when trial and error DMT:

Ehrlich Reagent — need to turn purpleHofmann Reagent — should turn yellowMecke Reagent — Should turn brown (green = bad)Marquis Reagent — need to turn orange

2. Constantly Have a pilgrimage Sitter Nearby

Nobody should ever use DMT alone. The experience regularly leads to finish loss of body regulate for up to 20 minutes. That can likewise cause people to flail approximately — perhaps leading to harm or property damage.

The duty of the pilgrimage sitter is to watch over the psychonaut throughout the experience. They store them safe and only intervene if something goes wrong.

The trip sitter also has the crucial job of holding the pipeline or vape while the user is taking a hit.

You will most likely need to take two or three hits from a pipe or vape to get a true breakthrough suffer on DMT. Through the second, and also especially third hit, girlfriend will have very small control end what’s going on, and it’s easy to coincidentally burn yourself through the lighter, break the pipe, or burn her hands on the warm glass.

The pilgrimage sitter should always hold the machine while the psychonaut receives the DMT.

3. Don’t Mix DMT With other Drugs

It’s not a an excellent idea come mix DMT with various other drugs or alcohol. If you’ve been drinking or using various other substances, it’s finest to leaving DMT for one more time.

It’s crucial that she in the right attitude when utilizing DMT or the endure is much more likely to cause harm 보다 not.

The exception here might be a small bit of marijuana when adhering to the sandwich method. A small amount the marijuana may help users stay calm throughout the endure — however only in people who already have a lot of experience v marijuana and know precisely how it’s going to affect them.

People that don’t smoke marijuana regularly may feel extra anxious v this combination.

4. Preserve an open up Mindset

Mindset is an important when making use of DMT. Girlfriend should ever before use this substance if you’re in a negative place or aren’t feeling totally open to the experience. Every little thing you feel once you start the DMT procedure will come to be expanded. It can make positive feelings also better, and it can make depressive feelings lot worse.

DMT likewise has a habit of acquisition you down some roadways you might not have actually wanted come go. Resisting it is just going come make things worse. You have to submit come the DMT and also let it take you wherein it’s going to take it you.

Start by meditating, hear to part relaxing music, or adhering to some sort of routine to acquire you in the appropriate headspace prior to you start. Do yourself a pretty cup that relaxing tea, carry out some yoga, or whatever else calms your mind and gets you right into a good, mellow headspace.

There’s no appropriate or wrong method to perform this —just do every little thing works best for you.

It’s also a an excellent idea to set an intention before you begin —what do you desire to gain from the experience? Is over there a specific problem you want to resolve or explore? Or room you just here to receive every little thing the suffer brings?

Make a note of it and consider doing part journaling to carry this intention to the peak of mind during the experience.


Key Takeaways: those the Best method to acting DMT?

There space a couple of ways to usage DMT. The most common is to just smoke it through a pipe, however you can also vape the or mix it v an MAO inhibitor and drink it (this is how ayahuasca works).

Smoking DMT provides the fastest start of effects and also has the shortest duration. Both N,N,DMT and 5-MeO-DMT have the right to both it is in smoked for a powerful psychedelic effect.

DMT have the right to be smoked with just about any an approach — pipes, bongs, or joints —but there room some clean winners.

The main issue with smoking DMT is the harshness that the hit, and the ns of DMT because of high heat. Therefore, the best techniques border the warmth levels the the DMT crystals and reduce the harshness of the hit. Water filtration, built-in heat sinks, and also indirect heating space all methods that deserve to prevent overburning.

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Freebase pipes are the cheapest option, however cold-start dab rigs and also vapes room the most efficient and smoothest options.