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VERSE 1: obtain your Bibles in the air yeah / and I don't treatment / if her armpits ain't in equipment yeah / obtain 'em in the wait / all the children of the many High / permit me see you holdin' up your King James or enhanced / gain 'em in the skies / If you recognize your scriptures is the written truth / God's fingerprints room all in the brand-new / Testimony, he breathed on the Pentateuch / and to the heathens you deserve to tell castle news / we're scaring demons as soon as we call Jesús / that's best it's Jesus friend can call when you / feel threats and death has to call a truce / the scriptures will hit friend harder than Babe Ruth / I gained my King James holy bible in the air for them breds / that be analysis God's word day-to-day throughout the year / I gained my new Living holy bible in the air because that them females / that are saved by Jesus Christ and also no much longer heading to Hades / I got my enhanced / I obtained my standardization / I acquired my word of God / yes it's in Europe? / Whichever tickles your sophisticated / yes you know we gained it / yeah it's tho God's word reason His fingerprints all on itVERSE 2: correct we're on road / cause we're marching because that the mr / to recruit lost souls come the military of our God / v the preaching of the gospel / however they obtaining hostile / ns swing / Matthew 10:14,15 / so the it can box friend / and also you're chatting on / however I'm talking feeling / you'll it is in judged by His words / for this reason fall and repent / see you're chasing beanies / yet I'm chasing the Geni-us / of the Uni-verse / developed this earth / what a lover Diety / (Go, go) reason He's coming earlier / and He's swift to take us like / ... / raptured / up and out the room / we ain't also stressing / the Bible's an integrated message / it's penned by 40 authors / reporters so that we have the right to listen / all the men who got their Bibles in the place say yeah / every the ladies through their Bibles in the location say yeah / ns don't want to check out anyone sitting in your chair / so acquire up out of your seats and also put your Bibles in the air