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component 1: \"Voices in mine Head\"Voices in my head sayin\" I might do better, damnVoices in mine head sayin\" that i knew better(You recognize better, what the fuck!)I done watched this shit occur a hundred time on the regularBut i still overcome the line choose I\"m blind, damnVoices in mine head speak I might do better(You always do the same shit)This was claimed to be the critical time, last hitLast call, critical feel, critical trip, last runThat\"s what I always tell myself, huh, damnThis was claimed to it is in the critical one, last twoLast flip, critical you, critical me, last nightDoing every solitary thing my parental warned me about(You\"re a fucking disappointment) \"Til i wore \"em out, shitVoices in my head saying I might do better(Voices in mine head saying that I can do better)Voices in mine head speak that i knew betterI done viewed this shit take place a hundred times on the regularBut i still, fuck(That\"s her problem, you don\"t listen!)Part 2: \"Stick to the Plan\"Voices in my head, conscience talk to me likeLookMetro Boomin desire some more, niggaStick come the plan, stick come the planStick come the plan, bitch quit playingStick come the, plan, come the planStick come the plan, bitch quit playingStick come the, planStay focusedDon\"t let these niggas check out your emotionsStick to the notion, stay in motionRemember shortly as you stand stillSo will every little thing else girlfriend noticeMake certain all her inner actions end with actionsIf you stacking fronting and back inSubtract if that isn\"t addingPlus that hurt friend don\"t let ago inPlan it out, yeah, tit for tat itExtra pussy gain distractingPut that into what\"s worth having (boy)Stick to the plan, stick come the planStick come the plan, bitch stop playingStick to the, plan, to the planStick to the plan, bitch quit playingStick come the, planStay focusedPay attention who you getting close withDistance you yourself from an unfavorable energyVoices in my head, they speak it\"s expected for meI, I, I, friend in my way, bitch it\"s no sympathyI, I, I, to be plotting this because elementaryI, I, I, no you need to buckle downHave civilization asking where you atAnd wondering why you never wanna come aroundYou understand that initiative gon\" come aroundBig challenge like ZordonYou bought the watch yet can\"t purchased the timeEven if you running the end of breathWeight that the civilization doing lots of repsTime to get this generationLast one and also then the following two outta debtAnd lock gon\" salary you back with respectJust stick come the plan, still we have the right to chillBack once I rocked the white and also blue grant HillsI establish there\"s no dream that ns can\"t fillI materialized all while I\"m the guy still(Bitch I\"m the man)Voices in mine head attacking what I\"m thinkingBullet to the head could be the method to totally free itIf ns leave my body i can cost-free the spiritsSwear to God my death of are afraid just store on shrinkingWishing I could go earlier to the ninetiesBack when I to be dreamingMe and also my dog to be on a mission like we Kel and also KenanEarly 2000s Detroit might also been the hell with demonsWondering when I started losing it, the losing gripFeeling choose I\"m in the center of the oceanYou either drown or canoe through itVoices in mine head claimed I\"m supplied to itSome help me come lose and some help me maneuv\" v itWhen I talk to myself I\"m confused on who\"s that itI understand in life you either blow it or go out itAnd at the finish of life it\"s gonna feel prefer you flew v itI simply hope by climate I reduced the voices in my head