Jo Harding (Pam Ferris) leader a team of researchers who are collection to launch a contraption that have the right to retrieve details from the eye of tornadoes. Bill (Kevin Dillon me.) the inventor that the an equipment and Jo"s ex-husband, arrives and just together a significant storm is about to struggle the area. Unable to stand up to the speak to of the wind, invoice rejoins his team in a dangerous chase after the mommy of every tornadoes: the F5.

Dusty: "The suck Zone". It"s the allude basically once the twister... Sucks you up. That"s no the technological term for it, obviously.

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Bill: She"s a... She"s a therapist.

Jo: Oh... Yours?

Bill: Christ, girlfriend couldn"t resist, might you?

Jo: What? I"m not saying you require therapy.

Bill: What? Wait, wait, wait, I require therapy?

Jo: ns didn"t speak that.

Bill: What can I possibly require a therapist for? Huh? You"re the doctor, call me!

Jo: i don"t know... Inability to finish things?

Bill: "Inability to complete things"?

Jo: possibly rushing into things friend can"t fairly commit to.

Bill: Commitment?

Jo: girlfriend asked!

Melissa: once you offered to call me the you chase tornadoes, deep under I thought it was simply a metaphor.

Aunt Meg: the didn"t keep his part of the bargain.

Jo: i m sorry part?

Aunt Meg: To spend his life pining because that you, and to die miserable and alone.

Beltzer: Hey, you guys want to wrap this up?

Bill: What?

Beltzer: Oh, nothing. Ns was simply wondering if you want to follow this tornado, or if friend guys just wanted to record the next one.

Bill: Sh*t!

Rabbit: God, Meg, you"ve acquired a many beef. Whereby did you acquire all this beef?

Meg Greene: walk you view my cows out front?

Rabbit: No.

Meg Greene: Oh!

Dusty: friend slaughter your own cows, Meg, nice.

Dusty: You"re gonna rue the work you come up against The Extreme, baby. We"re talkin" unavoidable rueage!

Jo: Is she OK?

Paramedic: We"ll more than likely keep she overnight just to be safe.

Aunt Meg: Overnight, forget it, I"m every right.

Jo: You"re going come the hospital.

Aunt Meg: OK, I"ll go, but I"m gonna drive myself.

Rabbit: Honey, your vehicle is in a tree roughly the corner.


Old fashionable lady(dusty kisses male on head) old fashionable lady. (Get turn off dusty) loser move it on

Bill ”The barn come on”

Jo ” mine god who room these people"

Bill ”I don"t think so"

Jo and Bill inspect out that sky

Ya recognize I think we"ve viewed enough

Jo: (when invoice hesitates to drive in the direction of a tornado) have actually you lost your nerve?

Bill: (laughs) Tighten your seatbelt! (tightens Jo"s seatbelt and drives under the ditch)

Jo: (after finding a barn complete of spicy instruments) oh my God, who are these people?!

Bill: ns don"t think so!

(a house crashes in former of Bill and Jo and also they have no choice but come drive with it)

Bill: ns think we"re going in! (they scream as they drive with the house and also out the other side) ...Maybe we should acquire off this road.

Jo: i think you"re right.

Dusty: (after Jo and also Bill drive with an explosion) Jo, invoice did you see that explosion?

Jo: We observed it.

Dusty: (realizes a tornado is coming) Jo, Bill, it"s coming! It"s headed appropriate for us!

Bill: (staring in ~ the surrounding tornado with Jo and Mellisa) It"s currently here! (to anyone nearby) Everybody secret now!

(Bill pulls Jo come the truck as she fights)

Jo: Beltzer will certainly tell united state if drops near us!

Bill: It"s not gonna drop close to us that gonna drop ideal on us!

(they obtain out simply as the tornado drops whereby they simply were)

Jo: Where"s the road Rabbit?!

Rabbit: It need to be any type of second!

(the group come the end on the roadway a moment later on and nearly crash right into Jonas" convoy)

Mellisa: (after being recorded in a tornado while chasing it) when you said me you provided to follow tornados I constantly thought it to be a metaphor!

(Jo and also Bill space too busy suggesting to an alert a tornado)

Beltzer: Hey, are you gonna pave this up?

Bill: WHAT?

Beltzer: oh nothing, ns was just wondering if us were walk to follow this tornado or just catch the next one.

Bill: SH*T!!

Melissa: She did not marry your penis. Ok, she didn"t only marry your penis.

Dusty: Well, there"s some great news. It DID fly. What was it like?

Jo: ...It was windy.

Dusty: Windy. That"s intense.

Jo: carry out you have full coverage on that truck?

Bill: legal responsibility only.

Jo: legal responsibility only...Well, it"s a really pretty truck.

Melissa: give thanks to you.

Bill: Don"t even think around it. NO WAY.

Rabbit: Y"know, in a significant lightning storm, you want to grab your ankles and also stick your butt in the air.

Haynes: He"s right. If you"re gonna gain hit it"s the safest orifice.

Joey: Yeah, I"d like to obtain hit through lightning once, y"know, view what it"s like.

Dusty: so we gain this one near Daleton right?

Rabbit: Oh, god.

Dusty: and also we are way to close. And also Jo"s got the vid on it right, she"s filming it. And all of the suddenly outta nowhere, this shitty lookin" eco-friendly Valiant comes pulling up appropriate in the way.

Beltzer: and this loser stumbles the end of the car, he"s acquired like a party of Jack Daniel"s in his hand...

Dusty: the is naked!

Rabbit: that is buck naked.

Beltzer: Naked!

Bill: no naked! i was no naked!

Beltzer: He was without apparel.

Bill: half naked.

Dusty: Naked. Ok, so Jo"s yelling in ~ him to get out the the way, right? and he simply strolls approximately the twister, claims "have a drink", and he chucks the bottle into the twister, and it never hits the ground. The twister caught it, and sucked it ideal up!

Bill: Honey, this is a tissue full of lies. See, there was an additional Bill, an angry Bill, and I killed him.


Preacher: No, the was a an excellent size twister. What was it, one F-3?

Bill: hard F-2.

Melissa: See, now you"ve lost me again.

Bill: It"s the Fujita Scale. It procedures the soot of a tornado by just how much it eats.

Melissa: Eats?

Bill: Destroys.

Lawrence: The one us last encountered was a solid F-2, probably an F-3.

Beltzer: maybe we"ll see some F-4"s today.

Haynes: That would be sweet!

Bill: 4 is good. 4 will relocate her house an extremely efficiently.

Melissa: Is over there an F-5? What would certainly that it is in like?

Preacher: ...The Finger the God.

Melissa: nobody of friend has ever before seen an F-5?

Bill: ...Just one of us.

Jo: Debris! Dusty, we have Debris!


Jo: Right! Left! Right! Left!

Bill: Which way now?

Jo: I have no idea.

Bill: possibly we should get off that this road.

Jo: : have the right to I drive?

Bill: No!

Jo: Then will certainly you? :


Jo: Where"s mine truck? over there it is.

Bill: Melissa?!

Jo: : Cow.

Melissa: ns gotta go Julia, we acquired cows.

Jo: "Nother cow.

Bill: in reality I think that was the same one.

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