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A leaking head gasket is negative news for your car and can be i have lot of money if the is no taken care of right away. The 16 oz. BlueDevil Pour-N-Go BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer is formulated for the Do-it-Yourself customer that has limited time, or is no mechanically inclined and also is searching for a irreversible repair. The 32 oz. Is the viable resource for customers with bigger cooling capacities, significant cooling device leaks, or garages that want two applications out of one bottle. The 16 oz. Is intended for the client seeking a single repair ~ above a 4 or 6 cylinder engine. The ease of use, in addition to the save in cost, do this 16 oz. BlueDevil coolant leak sealer fantastic retail option. Ours head gasket sealer deserve to put a avoid to a coolant leak by sealing the head gasket and also saving girlfriend a expedition to the mechanic for an high value fix. 

Easy to use Pour-N-Go! Do-it-yourself formulaPermanent leak repair and sealant for head gaskets, heater cores, frozen plugs, and cooling mechanism leaksContains no solid or particulate issue that can damage a vehicles engine


Directions: BlueDevil Pour and also Go Directions


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IMPORTANT: When engine is cold remove radiator cap. ENGINE have to BE COLD before STARTING procedure (Steps 1-5).If the radiator is full, drain down the antifreeze to enable enough volume for BlueDevil.IMPORTANT: pour SLOWLY! Start the engine if cold, then rotate the heater ~ above max. V engine idling, SLOWLY to water BlueDevil into the radiator. (If the auto does not have a radiator lid you may pour BlueDevil in v the optimal radiator hose. Take it 1 minute to water time for entire bottle.)After pouring BlueDevil slowly, replace radiator cap. Let vehicle idle with CAP ON for 50 minutes maintaining normal operation temperature.Top off radiator with antifreeze and water. BlueDevil can remain in the system.

CAUTION! store out of with of children. Stop eye or skin contact. If eyes or skin end up being irritated, rinse with cold water immediately. If swallowed, drink large volumes that water. Consult a physician if uncomfortable occurs.

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