This went nowhere when Frampton initially released it as a single in 1975. The following year, he contained it on his live album, Frampton Comes Alive, and it aided the album come to be a huge hit. The live variation was the second single released from the album, after "Sjust how Me The Way" and prior to "Do You Feel Like We Do."
Lisa Bonet sings this in the 2000 movie High Fidelity. John Cusack"s character hates the song until he hears her sing it.

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Big Mountain hit #6 in the US with this in 1994. Their version was on the soundtrack to Reality Bites.
In The Office episode "Pam"s Replacement," Andy, Darryl, and also Kevin perdevelop this external the wareresidence after being ousted from their own band. It was additionally used on the TV reflects Cold Case ("Yo, Adrian" - 2005) and also Friday Night Lights ("Tomorrow Blues" - 2009).

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Billy O from KyThe Keyboards on the live album made it a hit. Was it a Fender Rhodes?Toughguy27Why do i feel choose this song was supplied in "50 initially date"Grant from Harlow Just witnessed an interwatch through Peter Frampton on youtube. He mentions in it, that this song and "Sexactly how me the way" arguably 2 of his biggest hits, were written on the exact same day, and both took 20 minutes to compose. me thats can say a really productive day. Those two songs need to have actually made him the method, watch some of his interviews, he comes across as a lovely man, no huge ego, prefer so many various other rock stars.....Greg from Durham, NcThe Big Mountain variation was also used in two scenes of "Jumanji: Welinvolved the Jungle".Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn June 20th 1976, "Baby, I Love Your Way" by Peter Frampton gotten in Billboard"s Hot Top 100 chart at place #77; and also on August 2second it peaked at #12 (for 2 weeks) and invested 16 weeks on the Top 100...Between 1976 and also 1986 he had actually eight Top 100 documents, 3 made the Top 10 with "I"m In You" being his greatest hit, it peaked at #2 for 3 weeks on July 24th, 1977 (the 3 weeks it was at #2, the #1 record those 3 weeks was "I Just Want To Be Your Everything" by Andy Gibb)...Mr. Frampton commemorated his 6fourth birthday 2 months back on April 22nd, 2014.Camille from Toronto, OhAn ok song that, as an oldie, is overplayed on the radio these days, together with a few other Frampton hits. Why perform stations only seem to have a collection playlist of the same old tunes and also overlook to play so many various other excellent old songs?Nick from Lafayette, InSlow ballads like this, imo, are a lot much better than their hardrocking counterparts. Especially if you intfinish to make it "your song". My girl loves this song so I have to put it on once we are acquiring in the mood.Jorge from Bronx, NyDo you feel,prefer i Do is my all time favorite,yet of course,the womale in my life have actually love this one instead,lolRyan from Anahola, HiThis song was on Family Guy. Peter Frampton guest starred.Fred from Seattle, WaThis was my parent"s wedding song and I simply love it. It constantly renders me smile.Sara from Eckerty, InEexceptionally auto had actually Peter Frampton comming from it"s speakers. Danny from Your Tvery own, IaGreat song to obtain a woman in the mood also. Light some candles, put this on and also she"s putty in yourhands. Great song in concert, however the LP version is awful compared to this. What an overall excellent album. He never before compared to what he did on Frampton Comes one has actually.Thomas from Somerville, AlFrampton had the uncanny capacity to take a medium to sluggish song and make it rock. I do not recognize exactly how he did it however he did. Simone from Los Angeles, CaWill To Power"s version is not so good!! They misquote among the the majority of visually beautiful lines in the song. They say "Shadows prosper so lengthy prior to my eyes through the assist of some fireflies..I wonder exactly how they have actually the power to shine, shine, shine.." as opposed to "Moon shows up to shine and light the sky" and so on and so on which renders a lot even more sense! As long as they were redoing the song, they must have actually sung the correct words. Then, it may not have been so bad . Bottom line, why mess via PERFECTION!!!! Simone, Los Angeles, CA Dave from Cardiff, WalesOn the Will To Power 1989 release "Baby I love Your Way/Freebird", I liked the female vocals that featured on the "Baby I Love Your Way" area, yet the nasal male vocal on the "Freebird" area was downright irritating and also I feel it spoiled what otherwise would"ve been a decent cover... Big Mountain"s 1994 cover of "Baby I Love Your Way" was an OK cover as wellSam from Leahardwood, KsNo, it wasn"t. That"s one more Peter Frampton song however it certain as hell isn"t "Baby, I love your means."Anvarious other amazing thing to note is that this is often misstood for as a Bob Marley song on Search engines and also Peer-to-Peer software program, given that it has a reggae beat and Peter Framptons voice is comparable to Marley"s, to an degree.Robert from Puyallup, WaWill To Power"s version was much less a medley and more of a blending of the 2 songs. It was done very well. The two various songs sound nearly organic; practically as if they were supposed to be together.Aj from Cleveland, GaOne of my favorites of all time.Connor from Whakatane, New ZealandThis song is really cool on the "Live" albumAidan from Boston, MaThis was percreated on the show "Family Guy" as a anniversary gift from Peter to even more comments
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