Don’t simply Stand there Lookin’ Stupid

Bob Seger knows exactly how to do you dance.  Seger co- composed the Christmas jam “Sock It come Me Santa,” in 1966 v The last Herd because that Cameo documents 444. This is the type of track you can add to a playlist for human being who hate Christmas music but want to ironically feeling the vacation spirit.

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“Come on Prancer, come on Cupid, don’t simply stand over there lookin’ stupid!” exclaims Seger in a raspy yell. The sound heard in at an early stage Seger music is an extremely well defined in this track, possibly reason he was still search inspirations native previous greats. The tune is giving significant James Brown vibes. Regardless, “Sock It come Me Santa” is the kind of song you want to play in ~ every Christmas party.

Bob Seger v the silver- Bullet Band throughout Bob Seger and also the silver Bullet tape in Concert in ~ the Atlanta-Fulton County stadion – august 29, 1976 at Atlanta-Fulton County stadion in Atlanta, Georgia, unified States. (Photo by Tom Hill/WireImage)

Santa’s gained A Brand brand-new Bag!

Bob Seger isn’t a stranger come Christmas music. Ago in 2013, Bob Seger and the silver Bullet Band, recorded “The tiny Drummer Boy,” because that a philanthropic album of assorted artists- A really Special Christmas The Story and also The Music. The album has 15 Christmas tracks yet not had is any type of rendition of “Sock It come Me Santa.” A renewal of the unpretentious all-American jam is definitely over-due. Seger is like an American treasure so it’s of no surprise that the loves come partake in the most commemorated holiday in the unified States. We like Christmas too, Bob.

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