It all started in 1999, Garrison Hearst to be on the cover for the first time through no man Madden. He simply came turn off his best year of his career, only to snap his fish eye after gift on the cover. He did save his career a tiny by to win the Comeback Player that the Year in 2001.

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In the year 2000, one of the best running backs of all time was supposed to it is in on the cover. Barry Sanders can have been cursed before he was set to it is in on the sheathe of Madden"s ever before popular football video clip game.

He to be on a team that you can"t also name two civilization that played v him and also he only went come the playoffs as soon as in his career. However, he all of sudden retired at a very young age and also has never ever looked back.

The sheathe then checked out Dorsey Levens, the Packers running back who assisted Brett Favre walk to the Super bowl twice. After being on the cover, he to be released through his team and had brief stints at Philadelphia and brand-new York.

In 2001, Eddie George to be on the cover one year after contending in the at sight Bowl. It seemed like George had actually beaten the curse by having career high in TDs and yards.

However, in the playoffs he had actually a i have lot of money fumble that expense the Titans the game. He never ever had one more 1,000-yard season or averaged much more than 3.4 yards per game. That got reduced by the Titans, and also Bill Parcells snap his consecutive games started streak.


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In 2002, Daunte Culpepper to be the very first QB to take it the cover. That had struggled with turnovers and eventually lost his primary receiver to a trade . He was traded to the dolphin the year after, and he is at this time out that the NFL.

In 2003, Marshall Faulk walk on the cover ~ winning 2 Super Bowls. He injured his ankle and finished the season through under 1,000 yards after 4 consecutive seasons of 1,300-plus yards. That eventually came to be the back-up running back and has actually just freshly retired.

In 2004, Mike Vick take it the Madden cover. He broken his fibula in a preseason game and also missed the very first 11 games. The is right now out that the league and in jail on dog fighting charges.

In 2005, beam Lewis came to be the very first defensive player to take it the cover. He had a great year in tackles with 147. However, the did not document a single interception and broke his wrist in main 15. His team failed to do the playoffs.

In 2006, Donovan McNabb was on the cover. That was putting up far better numbers then Peyton Manning prior to the cover. Donovan ache himself through a sports hernia and eventually it finished his season. He also lost his primary receiver Terrell Owens after ~ the cover.

In 2007, Shaun Alexander to be on the cover. He come off a season wherein he broke Priest Holmes" single-season TD record. He damaged his foot and also missed 6 starts. The failed come rush because that 1,000 yards since and watched LT break his document the year ~ he set it. That has because been reduced by his team and also is right now looking for an NFL team to authorize him.

In 2008 Vince Young took the cover. He was barely pains this past season; however, the threw 17 interceptions. He also had rumors that he was going come retire ~ one season. Over there is quiet time to view if the curse will affect him further.

Louis Castillo additionally appeared on the Spanish cover for the renowned game. The missed 6 gamings with one ankle injury and also failed to do the super Bowl as soon as again

For 2009, Brett Favre has taken the cover. The is the first Caucasian on the cover and also the first person to it is in on the covering while that is retired. The is now causing drama in the NFL by trying to come back in the NFL, and also the Packers don"t want him together a starter.

It would be weird to watch Favre in any type of other jersey, especially when the is top top the sheathe in a Packers uniform.

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