Serious about meeting the someone special? You need to acquire serious around Bumble! This Bumble guide is packed with helpful knowledge and also insider’s tips, whether you simply downloaded the app for the very first time or you’ve been making use of it for years.

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If you’ve obtained burning Bumble concerns to ask, you’ll discover the expert answers you need here.

This one-stop-shop for every little thing Bumble has actually it all, consisting of profile tips, conversation advice, and also effective (and easy!) top to an increase your match rate.

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And if you’ve just gained a quick Bumble question, check out the FAQ at the an extremely end of the article!

Bumble Basics

What Is Bumble & How’s it Work?Here’s Bumble explained in a nutshell.
Bumble ReviewStill ~ above the fence about this popular alternate to Tinder? This Bumble dating application review will help you decide if that the right choice for you.
Bumble vs TinderFind the end which one will work much better for you!
Bumble vs HingeCompare the 2 apps and see i m sorry is the better option!
When & how To Reset Bumble & begin OverWant come delete Bumble and start every over? find out how – and when – to do it!
Bumble FiltersLearn how to get much better matches utilizing Bumble filters!

Bumble Upgrades

Bumble supervisor SwipeAre super Swipes precious the extra cost? find out here!
Bumble BoostThinking around upgrading come Bumble’s premium level? find out when it makes sense to pay for the Bumble app.
Bumble PremiumBumble’s top-tier subscription has actually *all* the bells & whistles. Discover out those included, and when you must invest in it!
Bumble SpotlightFind out exactly how much the costs, and also the finest time come activate this Bumble feature if you desire maximum impact!
How to Cancel Bumble BoostStep-by-step accuse for just how to cancel her premium subscription to Bumble!

Bumble Tips for Guys

Bumble file Tips5 necessary tips that will make your profile irresistible, which means more Bumble matches!
Bumble file Examples12 expertly written Bumble profiles that you deserve to use because that inspiration! If she on the fence around which way to swipe, an amazing bio could consist of her mind.
Funny Bumble Profiles7 Bumble profile examples that will make her laugh – and also swipe right.
Bumble Conversation TipsThis write-up has everything you must know about how to store a conversation going till you lock in the date!
Bumble GIFsGifs space a an excellent way to record her attention and boost your response rate. Discover out exactly how to use them right!
Bumble hacks For GuysThese 10 Bumble date tips for men will rise your enhance rate and get you much more dates with high top quality matches.
Bumble enhance RateGot no Bumble matches? this 5 tips will certainly explode your enhance rate and queue!
Bumble relocate MakersSee which my Move devices to answer, and also how to usage them to get much more dates!

Bumble Tips because that Women

Bumble Profile ideas For WomenWant an eye catching, attractive Bumble profile? these 6 profile ideas will make him
Bumble mistake That women MakeFrom utilizing boring Bumble conversation starters to picking the not correct pictures, this 7 Bumble mistakes can be keeping you from obtaining dates!
Bumble Openers & choose Up LinesWondering what come message men on Bumble? this 6 conversation starters acquire responses indigenous the high quality males you can not wait come date!

Bumble FAQ – experienced Answers come All her Bumble Questions!

Is Bumble a an excellent dating app?

Bumble is a good option because that anyone trying to find a much more serious relationship. The sex ratio is about equal, and also according come the app’s inner data 60% that matches result in a conversation.

But if it’s growing in popularity, that doesn’t traction in the same number of users that Tinder does. If you’re not in a big city you may not have actually a lot of choices in your Bumble complement queue.

How go Bumble work?

Bumble is a swipe-based dating app, an interpretation you can swipe ideal if she interested in a potential match, swipe left if you’re not. If both Bumble customers swipe right, a connection is made and also messages have the right to be exchanged.

Only women can send Bumble opened lines, unless it’s a same sex connection. In that case either user deserve to send the very first message.

But the an initial message have to be sent within 24 hours, or the connection will expire. If the recipient doesn’t respond in ~ 24 hours, the connection will also expire. As soon as both users have sent a message, there space no an ext time limits.

Bumble also permits users to communicate via video clip or voice contact within the app. Once you have actually matched through someone and the an initial move has actually been made, you’ll see a phone and a video clip chat symbol on the conversation screen.

Simply madness whichever setting you prefer, and your enhance can then answer it as an incoming call. Women deserve to initiate a video clip or voice call in lieu of sending out the very first message, but guys still have to wait for her to do the very first move.

How does Bumble’s algorithm work?

Like many dating apps, the inner workings of the algorithm are thought about a trade mystery and cure accordingly.

But generally, you have the right to safely mean that:

The most well-known singles (i.e. Human being who garner the many right swipes) and also users who have currently “liked” her profile to pop up in your complement queue first.Swiping best on everyone then deciding who you"re actually interested in isn"t good idea. Bumble wants individuals to be thoughtful and also intentional with their swiping, so that can impact how regularly your profile is shown to regional singles. It could even acquire you flagged together a bot and rendered invisible.While you will do it be displayed a wide range of people based upon your enhance preferences, Bumble’s algorithm doesn’t show up to learn from and adapt to her swiping patterns.Bumble regularly keeps inactive users in the complement queue, so taking a break from the application won’t hurt your chances once you come back.Why have the right to only ladies send the an initial message?

Whitney Wolfe envisioned a “female friendly” version of Tinder, where women weren’t bombarded through lame messages from males – and the principle for Bumble was born.

Is Bumble free?

Bumble is completely cost-free to download and use, which is just one of the reasons it’s such a famous dating app.

You can pick to purchase a subscription come Bumble rise or Bumble Premium, which unlocks perks choose the capability to swipe v profiles of human being who have currently “liked” you. Friend can also purchase additional SuperSwipes & Spotlights.

Is Bumble available for android and also iOS?

Yes. You deserve to download it via Google Play and the application Store.

Does Bumble login only through Facebook?

No. Brand-new users can create a Bumble account making use of a mobile phone number, making it a dating app you deserve to use without Facebook.

Can I rotate off Bumble notifications?

Yes – just go to the app’s settings screen and also switch both the “Push Notifications” and “App Sounds/Vibration” off.

How does Bumble job-related for guys?

On Bumble, women need to send the first message in ~ 24 hrs of matching, or the link will expire.

Guys can’t initiate the conversation, however you can extend one match a day for secondary 24 hours to offer her an ext time to post you.

If that a same sex match, either person deserve to make the very first move but the 24-hour timeline tho applies.

Is Bumble a hookup app?

Because of its “female friendly” vibe and marketing, Bumble tends to entice women who room seeking a deeper connection.

While scoring a Bumble hookup no impossible, if you’re looking for something supervisor casual you’ll probably have better luck top top Tinder.

Can I change my Bumble location?

Yes! depending on what country you live in, you have the right to spend 5 Bumble Coins to change your place for approximately a week.

If coins space no much longer a function where friend live, you’ll should upgrade to Bumble Premium to use the travel feature.

What is Bumble verification?

Bumble permits users come verify that their profiles are real. Once you insanity the “Verify her Account” switch on the profile editing screen, you will do it be motivated to take a selfie while copying a simple gesture.

The take self is not posted to her profile, it’s simply used for verification purposes. Once your profile is verified, a small camera icon will let various other users understand you’re the actual deal.

Bumble also enables you to send a photo verification inquiry to matches that haven’t gone v the procedure yet.

Why did mine Bumble photo get moderated?

Bumble has a relatively strict set of rules as soon as it pertains to acceptable photos.

Obvious things favor erotic content and your confront not being visible will get your photo moderated.

But various other photo no nos encompass a picture of a boy (under 18) in a picture by themselves, a picture with a watermark, caption, or various other text ~ above it, someone that obviously isn’t you (i.e. Brad Pitt or Kermit The Frog), and swimwear (or underwear) in a setting that no the beach or a pool. That’s right, they’ve made it an official Bathroom Selfie cost-free zone.

How can I change my main profile photo?

Simply traction the photograph you want to end up being your “primary” photograph to the first spot in the profile view. You have the right to upload a max that 6 pictures.

How carry out I connect my Instagram to my Bumble profile?

Go to the “edit profile” screen and also select “connect her Instagram.”

You will require to provide Bumble accessibility to her Instagram profile. Bumble will then screen the recent 24 photos from her Instagram feeding at the bottom of your Bumble profile.

You can’t control which picture are shown – it will pull the 24 many recent ones. Your Instagram manage will not be visible to various other users.

What space Bumble Interests?

These room badges that appear on your Bumble profile. You can pick up to 5 understand to screen from end 150 options. The badges are sorted right into 10 categories ranging from pets, books and also films/TV to values & traits, sports, and an innovative hobbies, To choose which Bumble badges you want presented on her profile, go to the profile editing screen and also tap top top “My Interests.”

I by chance swiped the not correct way, deserve to I drown it?

If you"re a Bumble boost subscriber, you can tap the arrow icon in ~ the optimal left that your display screen to undo her last swipe. This is referred to as a “Backtrack.”

I swiped right, why can not I begin the conversation?

Bumble calls for both individuals to swipe appropriate before any type of messages have the right to be exchanged.

And if it’s a match in between a man and also a woman, just the woman can send the an initial message. If she doesn’t execute it within 24 hours, the complement expires.

Why does Bumble save backtracking?

Make sure you’re holding her phone directly up and down. If friend tilt the so the it’s near to being parallel come the floor, the application may think she trying to backtrack.

If that doesn’t resolve the problem, restart the app.

Why is Bumble out of people?

Once you’ve swiped on every the people in or nearby to your city, the app automatically pulls in profiles from nearby locations.

But if you’re no in one area through a the majority of Bumble users, you may easily run out of world in your Bumble queue.

You can shot increasing the distance in her search preferences (max is 100 miles), or widening her age variety to be more inclusive.

Why carry out I have actually zero matches?

It might be you’re merely not swiping through enough profiles in her Bumble queue.

The an ext you use the app, the higher your opportunities of getting a match.

But if you’re swiping frequently and also still have actually no matches, her photos and bio might probably usage an overhaul. Check out the articles over for part guidance, our let us manage it every for you!

Can i filter my Bumble matches?

Yes! Bumble filters have the right to be accessed via the “Settings” screen.

Each Bumble Mode has its own collection of unique advanced filters, and can be selected if you’re in that Mode.

Free users can use 2 filters in every Mode, and Bumble Premium subscribers can apply as many as castle want.

Can I change my Bumble profile information?

If you create a Bumble profile making use of Facebook, details like your name, age, school and occupation is pulled from your on facebook profile. The only way to change it is by transforming it or deleting that on Facebook.

If friend don’t desire to present your school or occupation, friend can pick an enlarge one from the information you’ve provided on your on facebook profile, or do it less detailed on Facebook.

If you adamant about not having any type of work or education information mirroring on Bumble in ~ all, climate follow this steps:

Delete your Bumble accountRevoke Bumble’s access from FacebookCreate a brand-new Bumble accountDeny access to her work and school details from the early permissions screen.

You can readjust your gender from the profile editing screen, yet you can only perform it when – and you can’t change it back.

Can ns hide my profile on Bumble?

Yes – Bumble Premium subscribers deserve to use the Incognito feature to display their profiles just to those they swipe appropriate on.

So uneven you “like” someone"s profile, you"ll stay hidden.

What is Bumble Premium?

Bumble Premium is just one of Bumble’s paid subscriptions levels.

With a Bumble Premium subscription, you have the right to see i beg your pardon users have liked your profile, expose your profile just to civilization you swipe appropriate on, match with individuals in various cities, and also utilize every easily accessible match filter.

You’ll likewise be maybe to accessibility all Bumble boost features as well.

What is Bumble Boost?

Bumble boost is Bumble’s other paid subscription level.

It’s much less expensive 보다 Bumble Premium, yet doesn’t come with as many bells & whistles.

You can instantly rematch with expired matches, prolong an unlimited variety of matches for second 24 hours, and also undo your last swipe. You likewise get limitless swiping, and each week can use 5 SuperSwipes and a file Spotlight.

How lot does Bumble cost?

Downloading and also using the app is completely free. You have the choice to upgrade to Bumble boost or Bumble Premium. Bumble an increase ranges native $14.99 because that one month down to $7.99 per month if friend invest in a 6-month subscription.

Bumble Premium’s functions will cost a bit more, starting at $32.99 because that one month and ranging under to $22.33 if you acquisition 3 month at once. Over there is additionally a $199.99 “Lifetime” subscription option.

What is Bumble rematch?

Normally you would have to wait because that expired matches to popular music up in your queue again, however Rematch enables you to instantly enhance with them. This premium attribute requires upgrading come Bumble Boost.

What is Bumble extend?

Bumble allows you come add second 24 hours onto the countdown clock, giving you extra time for a conversation come begin.

Free users deserve to only do this to one complement per day, but if you upgrade to Bumble rise you can expand as plenty of matches as you want, but you can only prolong the same complement once.

How execute you prolong a Bumble match?

Expiring connections appear in blue, with the number of hours you have left in the countdown.

Bumble enables all customers to add second 24 hrs onto the clock that one complement per work by simply clicking the “extend” icon. If you desire to extend an ext than one complement per day, you’ll need to upgrade to Bumble an increase to accessibility the “unlimited extends” premium feature.

What are Bumble Coins?

Bumble coins space being phased out – so if they"re not obtainable in your area, you won"t view the choice to purchase any and will make ala carte purchases directly in the app.

If they are still readily available in her market, you deserve to use them to send supervisor Swipes and activate the Spotlight feature. Coins can be to buy individually, or in several 5, 15, or 30. Prices variety from $1.25 to $1.99, relying on the quantity. 

What is Bumble Spotlight?

This is a pay-per-use function that will certainly make your Bumble profile the most popular one in her area because that 30 minutes.

What is the Reactions attribute on Bumble?

Bumble Reactions enables you to pick an emoji indigenous a perform of 9 to “react” to contents in a potential match’s profile.

Since they have the right to make the “first move”, females can additionally include a message. The reaction will be presented if a enhance is formed.

To usage the feature, just tap top top the smiley challenge icon on the bottom left of her potential match"s profile.

What is Bumble Incognito?

Bumble allows Premium individuals to hide their profiles, revealing them only to people they “like”. Once Incognito mode is activated, girlfriend have control over that sees your profile.

Does Bumble unmatch?

Yes. Simply tap on the information symbol at the peak of the right corner of the conversation screen, then select “unmatch.”

How execute I gain an expired complement back?

If she a premium Bumble user, you can use the “rematch” feature to instantly swipe ideal again.

Otherwise, you’ll have to wait because that the profile to come back around in her Bumble queue.

Which is better, Bumble or Tinder?

That depends on what you looking for! Each app has distinct benefits and disadvantages.

For instance, Tinder has more users overall, however Bumble could be a better option if you’re trying to find high quality, relationship-minded matches. To check out an thorough Bumble vs Tinder comparison, go here.

Why is mine Bumble no working?

Like any kind of dating app, Bumble has actually its fair share of glitches.

If Bumble keeps crashing and you’ve make the efforts restarting or reinstalling the app, it might be under on your end. Girlfriend can inspect the app’s standing on a site choose

What go “deleted user” mean?

When someone deletes your profile, you have the right to still watch the conversation you had actually with them. However when you click the conversation, the surname will readjust to “deleted user” and you’ll be unable to access their profile.

This is different than once someone “unmatches” you. Once that happens, the conversation disappears entirely.

Why did mine conversation disappear?

Unfortunately, this method you’ve to be unmatched.

That’s different than a Bumble user deleting your profile completely. As soon as that happens, their surname will change to “deleted user” and the conversation will relocate to the bottom of your enhance queue.

What is Bumble Snooze?

This feature lets you take it a break from Bumble, without losing your energetic connections (but matches without an energetic conversation will still expire).

Activating Snooze will certainly hide your profile native any brand-new potential matches because that 24 hours, 72 hours, a week, or indefinitely.

You can also choose come let your existing matches check out your “away” status. Snooze deserve to be rotate on/off in ~ the settings menu.

Where have the right to I download Bumble?

Right currently Bumble is available for iOS and Android users, so friend can gain it indigenous your application Store and also Google Play.

How execute you change your Bumble find distance?

Go come the “settings” section of her profile, and use the slider to set the number of miles you want contained in your search radius, approximately 100.

What is Bumble BFF?

This area of the app is for finding friendship, fairly than a date.

It offers the same swiping and also matching algorithms to display you members of the exact same sex that the application feels you may want to be friends with. The exact same 24-hour to article timeline tho applies, yet either party can make the very first move.

Your BFF conversations will certainly be in green, instead of the yellow supplied for romantic matches.

What is Bumble Bizz?

Bumble isn"t simply for dating and also making new friends, it"s a good networking app as well.

The Bumble Bizz setting is particularly for expert networking, whether you"re looking for mentoring/advice, career breakthrough or employed staff opportunities. 

What room the key Bumble symbol meanings?


Who room the founders of Bumble?

Bumble was produced by Whitney Wolfe, who released the app at the finish of 2014.

The app"s headquarters space in Austin, Texas. Wolfe produced headlines for suing Tinder, an application she co-founded, for sex-related harassment in June that 2014.

She worked out for simply over a million dollars, and also launched Bumble much less than 6 month later. Since of her female-friendly approach to date apps, Bumble is often referred to as a “feminist dating app.”

Is Bumble owned by enhance Group?

While enhance Group own a broad range of date sites and also apps, ranging from Tinder and also Hinge to OkCupid, and also Plenty that Fish, they don"t very own Bumble.

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Bumble, which go public in 2021, likewise owns worldwide dating platform Badoo.