Onions space both cheap and also crunchy, i beg your pardon begs the question; deserve to guinea pigs eat onions?

No, guinea pigs cannot eat onions, as they space toxic. Onions save the compound disulfides and thiosulphates which room both toxicity to guinea pigs, alongside other pets like rabbits and also hamsters. Even little amounts space toxic. Eat as little as 2.5g/pound the guinea pig can cause red blood cell damage. You have the right to never feed your guinea pig onions, in neither big or little quantities.

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Knowing this you room most likely prone to click far already. Due to the fact that your guinea pigs can’t eat onions and there’s no debate around this topic. However, you can like to understand the dangers of feeding guinea pigs onions, which will be debated in this article. In enhancement to that nutritional content.

Are Onions for sure For Guinea Pigs?


We have established that guinea pigs need to not eat onions. However it’s still exciting to have actually a look in ~ its nutritional content. At the very least to determine whether or no your guinea pig is lacking out. Let’s have a look at the nutritional content in onions to view if the a good food, as well as the toxicity.

Note: The complying with list is measure in cups of life onions(160g)

Water content is 90%, which is normal.Calories are high at 64.Protein is 1.74 gramsTotal fat is short at 0.1 gramsFiber is fairly high in ~ 2.7 gramsSugar is high in ~ 6.78 grams.Calcium is short at 37mg compared to:Phosphorus is 46mg, i beg your pardon is also high.Potassium is great at 234mg.Sodium is nice and low at 6mg.Vitamin C is fairly good at 7.4mg.

This list shows that onions execute contain some useful compounds. Yet onions as a totality are dangerous also in small amounts. After ~ all, they do contain toxic compounds which meas guinea pigs won’t acquire these benefits. Nevertheless, onions room not an especially healthy, so in any kind of cause, her piggie is better off by gaining feeds favor zucchini or carrots. Nutritional data for this list was obtained from the USDA, U.S room of Agriculture.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Red Onions?

No, guinea pigs cannot eat red onions due to the fact that they are toxic. Even little amounts of red onions can cause red blood cabinet damage, which contributes to numerous diseases. Castle are likewise responsible for transporting oxygen in the body. Meaning red onions can progressively suffocate her guinea pig’s inner cells. No components of this red onion can be fed, because every layer is toxic.

This is different to the skin the zucchini. If anyone ever before ask; can guinea pigs eat zucchini, the answer the a clean yes!

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Shallots?

No, guinea pigs cannot eat shallots since they space toxic, just as all various other onions. They can pose a an extensive threat to her guinea pig’s health. This is due to the fact that they save on computer the same toxic compound as typical onions do. Disulfides and thiosulphates are two compound in shallots that can damages your guinea pig’s red blood cells. Also in very small amounts.

Can guinea pigs eat environment-friendly Onions? (Scallions)

No, guinea pigs can not eat green onions, also known as scallions. Since these are toxic, also in small amounts. As little as 7 grams deserve to be possibly life threatening for your guinea pig. However they can safely consume the eco-friendly top that the onions, together these save no toxins. The top are likewise high in vitamins and also low in sugar. However, remember to wash the peak thoroughly prior to feeding, as they have the right to contain pesticides. Or preferably buy organic environment-friendly onions.

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Onions are really dangerous because that guinea pigs in both big and tiny amounts. A normal guinea pig weighs around 1.5-2.5 pounds, which way eating just 7.5 grams of onion is life threatening. Every class of the onion consists of the toxin disulfides and thiosulphates which reason red blood cabinet damage. However, guinea pigs space able to eat the optimal of eco-friendly onions, as these room not toxic. Nevertheless, i recommend the you never feed your guinea pig onions in any kind of form. This is absolutely the safest an option to keep your guinea pig healthy.