Certain TV advertisement catchphrases indigenous the 1970s was standing out together landmarks, as well known as any type of movie quote. Alka-Seltzer"s "I can"t think I ate the entirety thing," from 1972, is in ~ the optimal of the list (along with other gems prefer Life Cereal"s "Mikey Likes It" and also Tootsie Pop"s "How countless Licks?"). 

What is it about a catchphrase the speaks to us? How have the right to some advertisements fall so flat when others uncover their means into our cumulative craws and also stick over there forever? writing a an excellent commercial tagline is akin to creating poetry, though for the most part these turns of expression go best over the viewers" heads. But when something’s in the sweet spot that goes from being another piece of proclaiming to a social phenomenon.

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It"s exceptional to think the Alka-Seltzer"s "I can"t think I ate the entirety thing" could not even be the best-known tagline for the product native the 1970s. Two years later, one more line -- this one an ext of a jingle -- wormed its means into our consciousness with its maddening simplicity:

"Plop plop, fizz fizz, five what a relief that is."

But that"s a story for one more day. Review on for the inside scoop on "I can"t believe I ate the totality thing," the advertising tagline that came to be so lot more.

It Was around Alka-Seltzer, Or possibly It Wasn"t


Source: buttonmuseum.org

According come the guy who composed this commercial, Howie Cohen, the an enig to the success is the fact that that based in reality. Haven’t you had a night where you refined off a huge dinner and also thought, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing?” thought so.

Before writing among the most renowned catchphrases the the 1970s, Howie Cohen was functioning on a Diet Rite Soda project for Wells well-off Greene. He was called earlier to new York City from Los Angeles where he was made the back-up to the backups for the Alka Seltzer advertising push. After ~ the key team and the earlier up group’s advertisement flopped, Cohen was called in and he and also his companion came up through the “Try It, You’ll choose It” commercial.

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The commercial to be a success, and also at a celebration because that the ad Cohen ate Lobster, chicken, steak, and pasta and also when he acquired home the said, “I can’t believe I ate the entirety thing.” if speaking around how the advertisement came to him in 2015 Cohen said, "The finest lines come out of genuine life. You record one, girlfriend shine a irradiate on it and also you placed it in the ideal situation.”

The line also took ~ above a life of its own, detached from its initial purpose. "I can"t believe I ate the whole thing" proved up on buttons and patches the made no point out of indigestion or Alka-Seltzer. Human being just appeared to favor the sound that it.

Milt Moss to be The challenge Of The Catchphrase

As an excellent as the catchphrase is, it wouldn’t have end up being as ubiquitous without assist from a comedian named Milt Moss. Moss developed a call on the new York comedy scene as an MC who was able to throw the end killer one-liners and also impersonations while tricking audiences into thinking that was just a continuous speaker and not a performer. Follow to the new York Times, Moss’ performances would certainly grow an ext and more absurd until audiences were unsure about what they were watching.

While speaking around the advertisement in 2011 Moss said, “That commercial changed my entirety life.” He continued performing ~ finding success in the industry and also in 2016 the passed far in Manhattan at the age of 93. 

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFKifpMtlNs

The Catchphrase resides On through The Simpsons


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Most commercials, catchphrases, and tag lines don’t linger after your ads go off the air, however “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” has actually miraculously live on through the social zeitgeist and with a tiny help indigenous some show called The Simpsons. 

In season 4 illustration 19 “The Front” Homer’s high institution year publication quote is revealed to be “I can’t believe I ate the entirety thing,” which has gone top top to become a little bit of a picture in and also of itself. This is precisely the sort of advertisement that would certainly appeal come a young Homer Simpson, a garbage can of a young guy who"s obviously at risk to suggestion. The truth that we"re still talking about this ad an ext than two decades after this episode and likewise 50 years after the early stage ad way this is one Alka Seltzer catchphrase the won’t dissolve.