When you first put in brand-new grout, it provides your fixtures a shining appearance that puts a laugh on your confront every time you look at it. But over time, grout can start to look dingy. Those more, if water or grit gets into the joints that the tile, it have the right to lead to severe problems.

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At this suggest you might wonder if a complete re-grout is vital or if it would certainly be feasible to simply put brand-new grout end old grout. The price is, yes, the is possible to put new grout end old grout. However, over there are certain things you need to be aware of before beginning your project. Check out on to discover out much more about putting new grout end old grout to upgrade the look of her home.

Benefits of Putting brand-new Grout over Old Grout

Putting brand-new grout over old grout is not as complex as a complete re-grout together it walk not call for the remove of the old grout. That can also strengthen the surface ar to boost water resistance and make it less susceptible come impurities. However, you must make sure you are re-grouting with the same type of grout you originally used. If not, the second layer will certainly not adhere fine to the very first and you will need to do the same task over again in a couple of months’ time.

Prep Work

When friend re-grout, you don’t desire to develop a second layer the grout. Rather, you want the two layers to mingle. This will ensure the the bond is tight, and it will mitigate the danger of water, dirt and grime acquiring in. Therefore, girlfriend will want to wipe or chip away any grout that is dirty or crumbling.

If you find any issues that may have actually led come the grout crumbling, or if over there is any mold beneath the surface, resolve those issues before re-grouting to stop them from developing again.

Once all the is done, certain the area is completely clean by utilizing a vacuum top top it. Wash the walls and floor until all dust and also film is removed.

Re-grout the Tile

The first step come re-grouting is to mix the grout according to package directions. Then spread it top top the surface with a grout float. Use the float favor a squeegee to force the grout right into the joints.

Once you are done and the surface ar looks level and also smooth, to wash the area with a damp sponge and smooth the joints. Clean again once the surface is smooth, buff it through a clean towel and also let it collection for a week. After giving it this rest period, friend may apply sealers.

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Even despite re-grouting end existing grout can be a an ext convenient option, the is constantly a an excellent idea to call in a trained experienced unless girlfriend really know what her doing. With that being established, here’s hoping your project gives you the desired results and leaves your residence looking beautiful.