And you have to seen exactly how I reaction after analysis Riku"s bullshit excuse for losing. "Chill out Sora, it"s simply a race,". If i was Sora in the scenario, ns would have walked over and also clocked him best on the noggin.

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Three times. 

And ns proudly named the delivery "Bubblebutt247" before realizing that carried over come the gummi ship....


I hated that point Riku pulled, "And the winner gets to re-superstructure a paopu fruit with Kairi." then says,"C"mon Sora, it"s simply a name."

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I have won multiple times, and lost a lot together well. It"s all around how my mood is when racing Riku, mine mood identify if ns can emphasis or not and also that effects the outcome. However yeah, I got to name the ship different times before, but my favorite was once I called the ship SwanQueen in 1.5! gained to support the ship that is SwanQueen!


(If you don"t recognize what Swan Queen is, look the up! It"s once Upon a Time related!)

Back as soon as I to be younger, I always thought you had actually to win him. It commonly took me prefer 10 tries to execute so.

Yea as soon as I learned the you have the right to skip over the first part the the race v the wooden platforms through jumping down and also running v the water I controlled to beat the every time. 

Back in the PS2, ns remember virtually beating Riku, however then he beat me at the last minute! But, afterwards, i did beat him, including in 1.5!


I didn"t beat the the first time playing through the original. But I made sure to try winning the next 10 time or so.

Yeah I kind of rekt that multiple times. Destiny islands was among the ideal parts that KH1 for me for this reason I invested a lot of time ~ above there and also did a lot of stuff like acquiring to level 25 prior to even leave the island


When Sora failed to grab that rope glide and also falls ~ above his ass, I began cussing and restarted just to try it again.

No... He beat me....

First time ns play the original game, ns was so fired up once he pull that "The winner it s okay to re-superstructure the papou fruit with Kairi" mess. But I lost...



No... The beat me....

First time ns play the original game, i was so fired up as soon as he pull the "The winner it s okay to share the papou fruit through Kairi" mess. But I lost...

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I did win the race much more then once,but I never ever beat him in that wooden sword fight(its like the hardest boss in the game lol)

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