As we all have experience with the use of PayPal. It has been the software platform with the better trust which gives the support in transferring the money online. It gives the allowance for sending as well as receiving the money to anyone worldwide.

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Have you ever thought that blocking someone on PayPal is also a possibility? Now you must be thinking about how we can perform it on PayPal.

Though it has been a great platform for accessing the transactions in sending and receiving money between two users. But the main thing here is that there is no rule that everyone here is in the genuine form. The situation can also be there where you don’t want to have the receiving of any more payments or requests of money from a certain user.

PayPal includes accounts in two forms that are individual accounts which are only for sending the payments as well as the Business account which is for both receiving as well as sending the payments.

It depends on the type of account you have on PayPal. Here we have explained for every account type how you can block someone on PayPal.

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1 Blocking Someone With the Account of Personal or Individuatogether
2 Blocking Someone on PayPal by the Business Account at the time of Money Receivinns
3 At the Time of Requesting Money
4 Blocking PayPal from eBay
5 Blocking the PayPal Debits
6 Stoppage of Payment on Electronic Debit
7 Summing Uns
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Blocking Someone With the Account of Personal or Individual

In the present era, PayPal’s account of personal one has not provided any easy way for blocking the user.

Therefore, none of the options for direct blocking has been given for stopping the money requests or the payment from a user.


A way it can be, for ignoring the notes of payment that has come by the sender. If the payment notes or payments by a similar user are arriving in the continuous form, then give a contact to the support of PayPal, and then you can go for complaining there.

The contact details of PayPal Support are –1890-419-9833.

Blocking Someone on PayPal by the Business Account at the time of Money Receiving

If you are in use of a business account in PayPal at the time of receiving money and you need to do the blocking of the payments, then we can limit the payments by the sender, can add the instructions to the sender, and even much more.

Here we have the steps for performing it:-

Step 1

Firstly login into the PayPal account of yours.

Step 2

Now visit the Settings there and open Selling Tools.

Step 3

Under the available option of Getting Paid and Managing My risks, click on the button of Update for the Block payments.

Now on the available page, you can perform the changing of settings for the currency in which you need to receive the money. It can be easily controlled by the option of Allow payments sent to me in a currency I do not hold.

If you have a duplicate invoice ID at the time of making a payment, then do the use of Block accidental payments. Such an option gives the allowance for blocking of the payment when there are invoice IDs in duplicate form.

If payment was in initiation by the use of the subtab of pay anyone then blocks the user by the use of Block payments from users who.

At the Time of Requesting Money

Similarly, when we are requesting money from a user, we can add their emails to the person to whom we are sending the requests of money.

For getting this, do the selection of tools from the option of the menu and then do the selection of Request there. Now in the tab of Request, we can Request the payments by any of the persons. Here we can add about 20 email addresses. It is not necessary that such a person is Registered with PayPal or not.

If you have your own website of yours, then you can perform the removal of the widgets of PayPal for the stoppage of the payment received by the customer. In such away, you can do the blocking of the user from sending money to you. Besides, by doing the use of the Manage subscription option, you can easily control the plans of subscription.

Blocking PayPal from eBay

If you need to block PayPal from eBay, then you have to do the unlinking of the PayPal account on the site of eBay or the app.

Here we have the explanation of the steps for it:-

Step 1

Firstly, log in to the account of eBay.

Step 2

Do the navigation towards the tab of Account.

Step 3

Now do the selection of PayPal Account and then click on the Remove button. It will do the removal of PayPal from the account of eBay.

Blocking the PayPal Debits

Here we have explained the steps for it:-

Step 1

Firstly, do the signing into the account of PayPal.

Step 2

Now click on the tab of Profile.

Step 3

Then click on the tab of My Money.

Step 4

After that, click on the link of Update which is located under the section of My preapproved payments.

Step 5

Do the scrolling of the screen by the subscription list and the payments that are recurring.

Step 6

Do the selection of the name of the merchant or the debit payment which you need to cancel.

Step 7

Then click on the Cancel and then click Cancel subscription or the link of Cancel automatic billing.

Step 8

After that, select the button of Yes which is located in the pop-up window of Cancel Confirmation.

Stoppage of Payment on Electronic Debit

Follow the given steps for it:-

Step 1

Do the logging into the PayPal account. Now click on the History button located on the menu bar.

Step 2

Now do the locating of the payment which is pending and then click on the button of Cancel which is in the column of Order Status.

Step 3

Click on the Cancel Payment for confirming the stoppage of the transaction.

Summing Up

It is necessary to block the person on PayPal if you are not in need to have further shared if transactions with them. Such an option is available on PayPal and you can easily access it.

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We cannot block the individual account but can stop the transactions in the future with them. By understanding the steps for a business account we can block the user from having any further transactions.