Silicat valley Cat Convention and Festival is this weekend and also San Jose has actually the purr-fect spots for you and also your feline friend.

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If you looking come take house a new kitten or just play through some pals, The to dance Cat in Downtown mountain Jose and also Mini Cat town in Eastside are the perfect spots come mingle with friendly felines. The dance Cat is mountain Jose’s cat café whereby you can carry snacks to warm up with cats the are accessible for adoption. Mini Cat Town supplies hang the end sessions v rescue kittens increase for adoption or fostering.


Bob Newhart Cat getting in an afternoon read at Recycle Bookstore (Photo credit: Recycle Bookstore Facebook) 

The Recycle Bookstore on The Alameda isn’t just a great place to find new and offered books, lock are recognized for your resident cats that roam in between book shelves. As soon as you must treat your fury friend, head come Biscuits Boutique in Japantown. The have a choice of cat toys, accessories, and handmade treats.

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Fresh-pressed juice shots in ~ The source in willow Glen (Photo credit: The resource Facebook)

You’ll also need part treats for yourself. Mountain Jose has a farming vegan and also vegetarian food culture. Good Karma Artisan Ales & café is a popular vegan eatery v a wide an option of handmade brews on tap. Featured ~ above ABC’s SharkTank, Cinnaholic uses customer gourmet cinnamon rolls where pick your icing and also toppings, every made through vegan, 100% plant-based, dairy- and lactose-free, and also egg-free ingredients. The source in pasture Glen is a health and wellness food shop that supplies juices, smoothies, power bowls and also cleanses for a balanced healthy lifestyle using gluten-free, GMO-free and also locally sourced ingredient.


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