Fancy yourself a completionist? our Borderlands 3 Cathedral the the pair Gods obstacles guide should help you mite a bunch of success off her checklist.

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The Cathedral of the twin Gods is accessible on Pandora, and also it"s home to a totality bunch of obstacles ranging indigenous Typhon logs come bounty hunters to picking up a Claptrap. We"ve noted the challenges listed below that are in the area and additionally give you some tips on where to uncover them on the map:

Crimson Radio - You"re walking to desire to make your way over to the large pipe the bisects component of the map. Underneath it, there"s a communication which you have the right to wiggle up to and you"ll be rewarded with the Crimson Radio.Typhon Logs - There space three Typhon Logs in details to discover here. When you very first nip right into the cathedral, position yourself therefore you deserve to see the billboard and also look to the side to see the first log. You"ll find a pile of cranes in the Cathedral, and head as much as the platform above them come find another log. Remember whereby you found the Crimson Radio and also go ago there - there"s a sheer drop close by, through the last Typhon log in kicking about.Typhon Dead Drop - Peer under from your place by the critical Typhon Log and into the ravine. The Dead autumn is inside a pipe under there.Dead Claptrap - watch out together you"re moving through the cathedral; you desire to save your eyes peeled for an area that"s been poorly sealed off. Bust with the boards maintaining you out and you"ll discover a dead Claptrap mounted.

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Now that you"ve obtained our Borderlands 3 Cathedral the the pair Gods challenges overview to hand, it must be a tiny easier to net that 100% completion because that the area. If you need aid with something else about being a Vault Hunter, why not check out several of these tips and tricks the we"ve amassed because that you?


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