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Ladies and also gentlemenMay I present to youWho?Ceeeeee-Lo!Green! (laughs)What's up guys, how you doin'?What execute you want for Christmas, Cee-Lo?For Christmas?All I require is love(Do-do-do-do-do)Aw, yeah(Do-do-do-do)All I require is love, yeah(Do-do-do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do)All I need is la-la-love!
Color-coordinated BentleysWatches, car, the agent sent meA sixty customs in every roomBut all ns wanna watch is youGot the cash to take it vacationsTo a beach in every nationI don't wanna it is in a ScroogeBut I'm not going without you!Santa don't understand what to get meI just wanna view my baby! (2x)All I require is love(Do-do-do-do-do)Aw, yeahA tiny love!(Do-do-do-do)A little love!
All I need is love, yeah(Do-do-do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do)All I need is la-la-love!Diamonds on my mistletoeBut that can't buy you love, friend knowYeah, I'd offer it every awayFor just the chance to view your faceI'd take it a jet or hop a trainOr possibly Rudolph to know the way?I don't knowTo wherein you space this Christmas Eve

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'Cause just one kiss is all i need!Santa, won't friend come and get meAnd take me whereby I'll uncover my baby? (2x)Come top top Mr. Santa, if friend couldSteamed, baked, or or fried, I'm always good!I only stole one small heart this yearBut it was from a shrimp, that really cares?It's time to do his list and also check the twiceSo i hope he likes his seafood naughty and also spicedYou acquired something poor to say about this crustacean?You'd better clam increase 'til after Christmas vacation!Santa, won't you come and get me(I'm prepared for my presents!)And take it me where I'll find my baby? (3x)All I require is la-la-love!I think the Muppets fight a new low!Yeah, and also his an initial name is Cee!Do-ho-ho-ho-ho!