A an excellent way come cool off!

Waterfight NYC 2016 is happening tomorrow, Saturday, July 30. The yearly event brings kids-at-heart with each other to duke it the end super-soaker format while getting thoroughly drenched in the process.

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If you’re not afraid to acquire a little wet, choose up one of the encourage “weapons” for the occasion (water guns, at sight soakers, squirt guns, spray bottles and also water blaster) and also head to the park because that an afternoon of fight from 2-5pm.

You likewise might desire to pick up goggles, a bucket to save water and also five or more water bottles. You don’t desire to run low on provides after all. No RSVP or registration is required.

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About main Park

Find every the information you must enjoy your visit to brand-new York City’s iconic central Park.



Central Park features 843 acre filled with standard architecture, gorgeous statuary and also up to date sports, educational and performance facilities. Besides every one of this over there is the people famous main Park Zoo and Wildlife Center and also the Children’s Zoo. 

Things to Do

From The Philharmonic ~ above the an excellent Lawn to Shakespeare in the Park come SummerStage, central Park uses an endless selection of points to do, see, listen – and, with two full organization restaurants and several cafes, taste. You have the right to visit The Shakespeare Garden, take in a power at the swedish Cottage Marionette Theater, take it a drive on the Carousel – or simply sit and also people clock at Bethesda Terrace!