This is usual when the throttle plate requirements to it is in cleaned below are 2 guides that will help us fix the problem. operation down this guides and also report back.

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What a good post the accelerator bore overview helped me settle the difficulty at no price lol i love this site.

van ran really good til around a month ago. It began to hesitate a small within a mainly it got worse. Then it simply stalled and I had actually to have actually it towed home. I readjusted the gas filter and also found mine coil cable was bad. So I changed that and also it appeared fine. Coming residence from job-related it started to sputter and also stalled and also wouldn"t start. Therefore I had it towed again. Yesterday I changed the fuel pump however it will not remain running. It will run then desires to stall then it records then wants to stall. And now once it runs there is a knocking sound like it"s out of oil yet it"s full. It"s a 4.3 w/90,000 mi. Thanks

I try to begin my truck and also it sounds great for 2 or 3 seconds and also it simply dies I believed it can be fuel yet I put a brand-new fuel pump on that and brand-new relay and it didn"t help then ns heard it could be a massive air flow sensor therefore I adjusted it and it is tho doing the same thing I"m not certain what rather to shot


I have actually a 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500 5.3 8Cyl automatically w/ 4wd. I am having troubles keeping the engine running. That will start (sometimes) then die randomly also with the throttle fully engaged. It will certainly sputter a tiny then die. It has fuel, is getting fuel come the injectors.Alternator problems prior, general clean bill of health, kept well with continuous oil changes at 3000 miles, recent oil change trans fluid and filter change.This site is great! :-)
Check and test the coolant temperature sensor, examine the fuel pressure and clean the end the idle air manage valve, PCV/EGR valves and also see what wake up
Idles fine, plugs and also filters are good. Check engine light has actually been on because that a year yet it is because of a upgraded muffler system. Battery did dice this weekend due to the fact that we were playing the radio.
after battery passed away jumped and also truck began fine. The following day is once the stalling started. We did journey 350 miles yesterday on the federal government it to be fine but when pulling off on the leave it would stall. So climate I put it in to neutral when slowing down and also it would certainly not stall then.
My truck will start fine and run fine until it warms up. When it is heat it will certainly shut off if ns let off the gas in turns and at prevent lights. It will start fine after ~ that but will tho stall v no rpm"s. I have actually replaced the battery. The alternator was tested and also was fine. Ns have uncovered that the top radiator water tap is warm yet the bottom is ice cream cold. Thermostat maybe?
inspect air / fuel filter carry out you have inspect engine light on scan because that codesif not over heating and you have actually heat inside thermostat okscan for background codes examine base idlecheck and also clean idle wait valve check for vacuum leakgood lucky
mine pick-up doesn"t start right away. If I offer the an essential a turn and then an additional quick turn it will begin up no problem. If the engine is warm it starts ideal up. Likewise it turn off off sometimes when I slow-moving down conveniently or make a sharp yet slow turn but it will start right back up. What go this sound like? give thanks to you really much.
examine the fuel push regulator, placed on the fuel rail and also has a vacuum heat to the intake. Pull the vacuum line at the reg and see if it is wet, if so replace it. If dry, have the fuel press tested with a hand-operated gauge, might be bleeding down overnight due to weak pump
Engine power problem2003 Chevy Silverado V8 4 Wheel journey Automatic I have a 2003 silverado. Yesterday gaining on the hi-way, my choose up studdered and then stalled. I started it again and it was barely staying running then died again. Engine lite walk come on. Any kind of ideas on what it can be.
due to the fact that the check engine irradiate is on i would have that scanned because that codes and post them earlier to me to stop throwing parts at it.

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Hello, first, simply to specify, my van is a 6.0L extended cab lengthy bed truck. Now, this is what I changed before the trouble started. Recently, I uncovered that some wires in mine truck to be being smashed and, in turn, shorted versus the firewall through the interior e-brake pedal arm. So, ns disconnected the battery to solder the 3 wires back together. I clipped the corroded/broken parts off before soldering, then i heatshrinked them and also wrapped them with foam and also duct tape. The 3 wires space purple, orange, and yellow. The yellow one is either 18 or 22 gauge, if the rather are roughly 14 gauge. They enter a connector on the fuse panel under the dashboard i m sorry is labeled as "12-way body" in the manual. Ns reconnected the battery and started the truck, no probs.Now come the problem. The following day, driving to work, the truck died at my an initial stop (no inspect lights). After the I started paying attention to the tach and also voltmeter. Just at stops, the tach drops native 750 rpm to around 600, then bounces between 250 and 600. No weird noises, besides the truth that the engine sounds favor its dieing. The town hall the voltmeter, that drops from just over 14 (normal) to around 10-12v. So far, since this started, my truck has only passed away 2 times. So, many of the moment the engine recovers and also goes earlier to common idle. I figured out this morning that the lulling/shuddering/low rpms/trying to dice is most quickly replicated by moving gears. Every move of the shifter reasons temporary lulling/shuddering/low rpms then it goes ago to normal idle. The symptoms last because that 5-10 seconds after the tranny is done shifting. Still no one inspect light. Also, this is ONLY throughout braking/stop.Right now, I’m simply trying to discover out the difficulty maker. I’d choose to small it under as far as feasible by security the least amount of money due to the fact that it’s going come be for sale actual soon and I have actually no idea whereby to start. You re welcome help! Thanks!Drew