Stickney had actually a working fire Monday night at 7053 w 40th street. First Engine lead out a 2.5” and also a 1.75” line appropriate ameans on a huge rubbish pile that acquired a 20×20 frame garage going a tiny. A Foremainder View engine and also trucks from Central Stickney & Berwyn were auto aid.

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Chi-Tvery own Fire Photos

Sep 7

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Here are some shots of a small task in Cicero Monday afternoon at 5030 w 14th Street. Engine 1 & Truck 2 made quick job-related of what looked to be a fire in the exterior wevery one of a 1 sty spilgrimage mall.

As seen about … Chicago – Faces of the CFD

Aug 4

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Somepoint a small various. I assumed I’d share some images of familiar faces from roughly the CFD. Some current, some retired.

Jun 5

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From Chi-Tvery own Fire Photos:

Cicero companies were dispatched to 28th and also Cicero Ave early on Tuesday afternoon for a report of flames from the structure. Several calls came in and corrected the resolve to 4827 & 4829 w 28th Street. Engine Co. 3 arrived and reported heavy reflecting from the rear of a 2.5 wood-structure through expocertain troubles. Cicero F12 landed on scene and also boxed it shortly thereafter. F12 reported heavy fire in 2, 2.5-sty structures. Multiple 2.5 inch lines were dropped from all three Cicero engines. Truck Co. 2 made an aggressive attempt at a Milwaukee style reduced, which finished up conserving the rest of the roof of the one building. Truck Co. 1 was on the roof of the exposureand made numerous holes tbelow as well. Mutual assist came from Berwyn, Stickney, Oak Park, River Foremainder, Foremainder Park, Bedford Park, Lyons, and also Riverside. All the companiechild scene did an excellent job and made exceptionally aggressive inner and also exterior assaults to save the rest of the structures affiliated and also the other exposures.


Chi-Tvery own Fire Photos


Chi-Tvery own Fire Photos

Mar 5

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6first and also Halsted. First-in carriers had actually smoke from the roof of a 1-sty sexpedition mall, 50×150′. Engine 116 had 2 lines lead out and Truck 51 was up cutting some holes. Fast altering fire problems required Battalion 19 to pull everyone out and also go defensive which lugged the Still & Box. In total, tbelow were 4 lines led out by Engines 116 & 84. Squad 5 Snorkel and also TL 39 saw work with their grasp streams to knock down the mass of the fire.

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Here are a few photos from the still and box alarm at 6first and also Halsted Wednesday afternoon. We happened to be at 47th and also Halsted when the 1nine Battalion pulled up through smoke reflecting from the roof of a sexpedition mall.

More photos of the fire located in this link: