Rob Stone, or rob $tone as he’s far better known, has exploded ~ above the hip-hop scene through the hugely popular ‘Chill Bill’ single that earned the a record attend to RCA and a following of thousands of thousands of fans. Through his first studio album ‘Don’t Wait for It’ due to be released on October 20th 2017 the future looks bright for Rob Stone, and also his extraordinary success as a san Diego based rapper has currently earned him a small fortune in just over two years. However how lot is Rob stone worth currently in 2018? and also what’s the genuine story behind his much-publicized beef with XXXTentaction? review on to discover out.

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Rob stone Net worth 2018 – $200,000

How walk Rob stone Make His Money & Wealth?

Rob rock hails from the Lemon Grove district of san Diego, California. He was born together Jaylen Robinson ~ above January 25th 1995 and from a young period he confirmed a great interest in music. Rob invested a many time listening to his father’s repertoire of classic R&B, reggae and hip-hop. Several of his at an early stage influences were artists such as Steel Pulse, Barrington Levy, martin Campbell and also Gregory Isaacs, yet he additionally listened come more contemporary rappers such as Dr Dre, Wiz Khalifa and 2Pac.

Rob Stone, that stylizes his name professionally as ‘Rob $tone’ started rapping while still in ~ High School, he relocated briefly to Atlanta wherein he to visit college because that a while however he moved earlier to san Diego ~ dropping out. Initially Rob posted his music come Soundcloud, and also in June 2014 he released the song which winner him millions of fans, and helped him come to be possibly the most renowned rapper come come native Lemon Grove, mountain Diego, the celebrated and also critically acclaimed ‘Chill Bill’.

Rob in the video of chilled Bill, which has racked up over 109 million views on Youtube

Artists from all genres are always on the lookout because that a catchy initial sound, however hip-hop was standing alone as possibly the most daunting genre to find something truly various from every little thing that has come before. If yes a attractive beat from the critical 50 years, it’s most likely been sampled many times by now, but Rob rock managed to discover something instantly catchy to sample, and it was unique in the annuls of lab music. Whistling together a type of musical expression was not something that had ever before been combined with a smooth flow before, but Rob uncovered an obscure sample of a whistle originally from a 1968 British mental thriller called ‘Twisted Nerve’, yet he wasn’t the an initial to discover it. Quentin Tarantino had used the same sample in his movies ‘Kill invoice : Volume 1’ and ‘Death Proof’, however the catchy whistle to be a wonderful choice for a memorable hook, and the hugely popular ‘Chill Bill’ was the result.

Chill Bill got plenty the attention, also eithout any kind of significant promotion, various other than a couple of tweets from plunder announcing the track, it to be played much more than a million times within a few months and in February 2015 Rob stone released his very first mixtape ‘Straight Bummin’. The mixtape featured collaborations v Bitoy Beatz, Dubz and also Tommy II among others, and featured tracks such as ‘Nachos’, ‘If friend Down’ and also ‘Ice Cream’. Rob’s popularity thrived quickly and with his increasing marketability Rob began to be approached by major record labels, eventually in April 2016 that signed a deal with RCA.

On June 17th 2016 RCA exit ‘Chill Bill’ together Rob’s debut solitary and ~ above June 25th 2016 the music video clip for the track to be released ~ above the Youtube channel ‘Twelve O’Seven’, and also it was trending within days, however the success that the track in the charts was nearly unknown because that a mountain Diego based rapper. It peaked at number eight on the hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart and twenty-nine on the Billboard warm 100, it at some point racked up sales of more than 2 million copies and also the Recording sector Association the America (RIAA) certified the single as twin platinum. The video for the track has now been viewed an remarkable 109 million times, with plenty of praising the tremendous catchy whistling hook that renders the song so uniquely unforgettable, and also it’s been played over thirteen million time on the lot smaller communication Soundcloud.

For a rapper from one of the significant hip-hop urban such together Los Angeles, new York, Chicago, Atlanta or Oakland, a platinum certified single is one admirable acheivement, but it’s not unusual, but San Diego based rappers rarely manage to accomplish the same market recognition for their work. The underground step in the city has been thriving since the 1980’s, but only a few have controlled to grow beyond the neighborhood scene. Jayo Felony signed with Jam grasp Jay Records and then Def Jam in the 1990’s. He collaborated v Jay Z and was brand mates with 50 cent, however after a variety of public arguments with Jay Z his time in the nationwide limelight came to an end. Lil Rob’s 20005 single ‘Summer Nights’ peaked at 36 ~ above the Billboard charts and Mitchy Slick was in a team with Xzibit in the year 2000 after i beg your pardon he worked with artist such together E-40 and also Lil Wayne, yet Slick and other san Diego artists have talked out around the lack of hip-hip clubs in the area, and the absence of support for local artists from san Diego based radio stations. Countless other rappers from the area tried to emulate the success that Jayo Felony and also Mitchy Slick, but without success, till Rob rock managed to an outbreak of the san Diego scene.

Rob’s very first Studio Album ‘Don’t Wait because that It’ is because of be released on October 20th 2017

In November 2016 Rob rock tweeted the he wasn’t contents with just being a mountain Diego Legend, he wanted to it is in a World-wide legend, and with the aid of the ever-growing digital share of the revenues in the music industry, he’s well on his means to doing just that. In September 2016 Rob released his 2nd mixtape, ‘I’m practically Ready’ and received mostly positive evaluate of the work, and also now in October 2017 his very first studio album, ‘Don’t Wait because that It’ is finally due to be released on October 20th, after number of delays that ironically have actually left fans waiting eagerly for his recent offering.

Rob rock now has actually 162,000 followers on his Instagram account, an additional 50,000 ~ above Twitter, and over 80,000 fans adhering to him top top Soundcloud. His Youtube Channel Twelve O’Seven now has over a quarter of a million subscribers, and also the huge popularity of the ‘Chill Bill’ video clip alone has earned him approximately $250,000 in the 2 years because it was released. Through an ever farming fan-base and his latest album eagerly awaited by fans, the future watch bright because that Rob Stone, san Diego’s many successful rapper to date.

Rob Stone an individual Life & FAQ’s

Is Rob stone married?

Rob stone is known to save his private life out of the public eye, his Instagram account attributes much the his music with occasional glimpses right into his personal life, but so far there’s to be no cite of a stable relationship. In April 2017 rob tweeted a photo of himself posing with his ‘Baby mama’, but whether he really is in a partnership with the attractive dark haired lady in the photograph is anyone’s guess.

What is rob Stone’s value & yearly Earnings in 2017

Rob’s income in 2017 room largely comprised from sales the his two mixtapes, and proceeds native Chill Bill, which still continues to offer thousands of copies. His income has also been raised by the remarkable success of the chill Bill video on Youtube and even despite he uploads lot of his job-related on the video sharing site, no one of his other videos have actually been almost everywhere near as successful. Rob’s personal wealth now is estimated to be $200,000, yet with the release of his very first studio album early out in days, his income throughout the following twelve months relies a an excellent deal on how ‘Don’t Wait for It’ is received.

Where go Rob rock Live?

In early 2017 Rob rock confirmed the he to be no much longer living in Orange Grove, mountain Diego, yet he no keen come share the ar of his brand-new home. In April 2017, ~ his beef with XXXTentacion blew up – which we’ll involved in a moment, a girlfriend of XXXTentacion tweeted Rob’s actual name and also home address, v the sinister post ‘I hope nobody friend love in ~ home’. Perhaps unwisely considering he to be on parole at the time, XXXTentacion determined to re-tweet the tweet to his 400,000 followers and since climate Rob is thought to have actually moved once again.

What’s The Story Behind plunder Stone’s Beef with XXXTentacion?

On April nine 2017 Rob stone was performing in ~ The Observatory in mountain Diego as component of Desiigner’s Outlet Tour, together he was obtaining on phase Ski Mask the Slump God ordered the mic and also refused to leave the stage. Ski note was escorted turn off the phase by numerous men and he to be allegedly beaten up afterwards. Once XXXTencation heard around the occurrence he took to social media to vent around the situation. The next day Ski mark was performing in ~ the Fonda theater in Los Angeles once he was got hold of from behind by 2 unidentified individuals and also all 3 of them dropped of the stage and into the crowd. Ski Mask to be then chased through a huge group that people and claims he was struck by eight assailants, through the an outcome that a friend of his was stabbed.

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XXXTentacion lies unconsious in the facility of a brawl ~ being assaulted on stage

Both Rob rock and Ski Mask were dropped native Desiigner’s Outlet tourism after the LA incident and also both provided conflicting reports of what had happened on social media in the days afterwards. Much more beef between Ski Mask and also Rob rock occurred after plunder was changed by Ski Mask in ~ the Rolling according to Festival. V the battle of words in between Rob and Ski Mask heating up, things concerned a head in June 2017 once Ski Mask’s friend and vocal supporter XXXTentacion to be sucker punched on stage and instantly knocked out. A big brawl broke out ~ above stage and at the ago of the venue throughout which a nineteen year old was stabbed. The blame for the assault on XXXTentacion was laid at the feet of Rob rock with plenty of in the crowd chanting ‘Fuck plunder Stone’ automatically after the brawl had been stopped. Since then the beef may have cooled slightly in between Ski Mask, XXXTentacion and Rob Stone, but the animosity between the rappers is still clean to see, and if lock don’t sort their troubles out v mediation, the instance could quickly explode into more violence.