Rob Stone, or Rob $tone as he’s much better known, has exploded onto the hip-hop scene with the hugely renowned ‘Chill Bill’ single that earned him a document address RCA and also a adhering to of thousands of hundreds of fans. With his initially studio album ‘Don’t Wait For It’ due to be released on October 20th 2017 the future looks bbest for Rob Stone, and also his unmatched success as a San Diego based rapper has currently earned him a small fortune in just over two years. But exactly how a lot is Rob Stone worth currently in 2018? And what’s the real story behind his much-publicized beef through XXXTentaction? Read on to find out.

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Rob Stone Net Worth 2018 – $200,000

How Did Rob Stone Make His Money & Wealth?

Rob Stone hails from the Lemon Grove district of San Diego, The golden state. He was born as Jaylen Robinson on January 2fifth 1995 and from a young age he proved a great interemainder in music. Rob invested the majority of time listening to his father’s repertoire of timeless R&B, reggae and also hip-hop. Several of his early on influences were artists such as Steel Pulse, Barrington Levy, Martin Campbell and also Gregory Isaacs, but he additionally listened to even more modern rappers such as Dr Dre, Wiz Khalifa and 2Pac.

Rob Stone, that stylizes his name professionally as ‘Rob $tone’ began rapping while still at High School, he relocated briefly to Atlanta wbelow he attended college for a while however he moved earlier to San Dieseek dropping out. Originally Rob posted his music to Soundcloud, and also in June 2014 he released the song which won him numerous fans, and helped him become perhaps the many famous rapper to come from Lemon Grove, San Diego, the celebrated and critically acasserted ‘Chill Bill’.

Rob in the video of Chill Bill, which has actually racked up over 109 million views on Youtube

Artists from all genres are constantly on the lookout for a catchy original sound, but hip-hop stands alone as possibly the many difficult genre to find something truly different from every little thing that has come before. If there’s a catchy beat from the last 50 years, it’s most likely been sampled numerous times by currently, but Rob Stone managed to uncover something instantly catchy to sample, and it was distinctive in the annuls of rap music. Whistling as a form of musical expression was not somepoint that had ever before been merged via a smooth flow before, but Rob found an obscure sample of a whistle initially from a 1968 British mental thriller referred to as ‘Twisted Nerve’, yet he wasn’t the initially to discover it. Quentin Tarantino had supplied the very same sample in his movies ‘Kill Bill : Volume 1’ and also ‘Death Proof’, yet the catchy whistle was a great option for a memorable hook, and also the hugely well-known ‘Chill Bill’ was the result.

Chill Bill obtained plenty of attention, even eithout any form of major promotion, other than a few tweets from Rob announcing the track, it was played more than a million times within a few months and in February 2015 Rob Stone released his first mixtape ‘Straight Bummin’. The mixtape featured collaborations through Bitoy Beatz, Dubz and also Tommy II among others, and featured tracks such as ‘Nachos’, ‘If You Down’ and also ‘Ice Cream’. Rob’s popularity flourished easily and with his raising marketability Rob began to be approached by significant document labels, eventually in April 2016 he signed a deal with RCA.

On June 17th 2016 RCA released ‘Chill Bill’ as Rob’s dehowever single and on June 25th 2016 the music video for the track was released on the Youtube channel ‘Twelve O’Seven’, and it was trfinishing within days, but the success of the song in the charts was almost unknown for a San Diego based rapper. It peaked at number eight on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart and twenty-nine on the Billboard Hot 100, it eventually racked up sales of more than 2 million duplicates and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certified the single as double platinum. The video for the track has actually currently been regarded an remarkable 109 million times, via many kind of pelevating the incredible catchy whistling hook that renders the song so uniquely unforgettable, and also it’s been played over thirteenager million times on the much smaller sized platdevelop Soundcloud.

For a rapper from one of the significant hip-hop cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicback, Atlanta or Oakland also, a platinum certified single is an admirable acheivement, however it’s not unexplained, yet San Diego based rappers hardly ever regulate to achieve the exact same industry recognition for their work-related. The underground scene in the city has actually been prospering given that the 1980’s, but just a couple of have actually regulated to thrive past the local scene. Jayo Felony signed with Jam Master Jay Records and also then Def Jam in the 1990’s. He collaborated with Jay Z and also was label mates via 50 cent, but after a variety of public arguments via Jay Z his time in the national limelight concerned an end. Lil Rob’s 20005 single ‘Summer Nights’ peaked at 36 on the Billboard charts and also Mitchy Slick remained in a team through Xzibit in the year 2000 after which he functioned with artists such as E-40 and Lil Wayne, however Slick and also other San Diego artists have actually spoken out around the absence of hip-hip clubs in the area, and also the lack of support for neighborhood artists from San Diego based radio stations. Many other rappers from the location tried to emulate the success of Jayo Felony and Mitchy Slick, but without success, till Rob Stone controlled to break out of the San Diego scene.

Rob’s First Studio Album ‘Don’t Wait For It’ is due to be released on October 20th 2017

In November 2016 Rob Stone tweeted that he wasn’t content with just being a San Diego Legend, he wanted to be a World-wide legend, and also with the aid of the ever-flourishing digital share of the revenues in the music industry, he’s well on his method to doing just that. In September 2016 Rob released his second mixtape, ‘I’m Almany Ready’ and also obtained largely positive reviews of the occupational, and also currently in October 2017 his initially studio album, ‘Don’t Wait For It’ is ultimately due to be released on October 20th, after a number of delays that ironically have left fans waiting eagerly for his latest providing.

Rob Stone now has actually 162,000 followers on his Instagram account, one more 50,000 on Twitter, and also over 80,000 fans adhering to him on Soundcloud. His Youtube Channel Twelve O’Salso now has actually over a quarter of a million subscribers, and the astronomical popularity of the ‘Chill Bill’ video alone has earned him about $250,000 in the 2 years because it was released. With an ever before growing fan-base and his latest album eagerly awaited by fans, the future looks bideal for Rob Stone, San Diego’s many successful rapper to date.

Rob Stone Personal Life & FAQ’s

Is Rob Stone married?

Rob Stone is recognized to store his exclusive life out of the public eye, his Instagram account features much of his music with occasional glimpses right into his private life, yet so much there’s been no mention of a secure connection. In April 2017 Rob tweeted a picture of himself posing via his ‘Baby mama’, however whether he really is in a connection via the attrenergetic dark haired lady in the photo is anyone’s guess.

What is Rob Stone’s Salary & Annual Incomes in 2017

Rob’s revenue in 2017 are greatly made up from sales of his two mixtapes, and also proceeds from Chill Bill, which still proceeds to market countless copies. His revenue has actually likewise been increased by the tremendous success of the Chill Bill video on Youtube and even though he uplots much of his work-related on the video sharing site, namong his other videos have been almost everywhere near as successful. Rob’s personal wide range currently is estimated to be $200,000, however with the release of his first studio album due in days, his revenue in the time of the next twelve months counts a good deal on just how ‘Don’t Wait For It’ is obtained.

Wright here Does Rob Stone Live?

In at an early stage 2017 Rob Stone confirmed that he was no longer living in Orange Grove, San Diego, yet he wasn’t keen to share the area of his new home. In April 2017, after his beef via XXXTentacion blew up – which we’ll involved in a minute, a friend of XXXTentacion tweeted Rob’s real name and house address, through the sinister message ‘I hope nobody you love at home’. Perhaps unwisely considering he was on paduty at the moment, XXXTentacion chose to re-tweet the tweet to his 400,000 followers and because then Rob is thought to have relocated as soon as again.

What’s The Story Behind Rob Stone’s Beef With XXXTentacion?

On April ninth 2017 Rob Stone was percreating at The Observatory in San Diego as part of Desiigner’s Outlet Tour, as he was acquiring on phase Ski Mask the Slump God got hold of the mic and refused to leave the phase. Ski Mark was escorted off the stage by numerous guys and also he was allegedly bconsumed up afterwards. When XXXTencation heard about the event he required to social media to vent around the instance. The following day Ski Mark was perdeveloping at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles once he was got hold of from behind by 2 unidentified individuals and all three of them dropped of the stage and into the crowd. Ski Mask was then chased by a large team of world and also claims he was struck by eight assailants, via the outcome that a frifinish of his was stabbed.

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XXXTentacion lies unconsious in the facility of a brawl after being assaulted on stage

Both Rob Stone and also Ski Mask were dropped from Desiigner’s Outlet Tour after the LA incident and also both offered conflicting reports of what had actually occurred on social media in the days thereafter. More beef in between Ski Mask and also Rob Stone occurred after Rob was reput by Ski Mask at the Rolling Loud Festival. With the war of words in between Rob and Ski Mask heating up, points pertained to a head in June 2017 when Ski Mask’s frifinish and also vocal supporter XXXTentacion was sucker punched on stage and instantly knocked out. A huge brawl broke out on stage and also at the ago of the venue in the time of which a nineteenager year old was stabbed. The blame for the strike on XXXTentacion was laid at the feet of Rob Stone with many type of in the crowd chanting ‘Fuck Rob Stone’ immediately after the brawl had been quit. Since then the beef might have actually cooled slightly in between Ski Mask, XXXTentacion and also Rob Stone, but the animosity between the rappers is still clear to watch, and if they don’t kind their troubles out with mediation, the instance might quickly explode into further violence.