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If you not familiar with the “Choose Your own Adventure™” format books, they are usually short children’s books (about 100 pages) wherein on every other page or so, the reader is given a an option of wherein to go following in the story (with the decision taking them to two various pages in the book). I used to love these books as kid, getting to choose what finishing the publication had and also being able to “participate” in the publication more.

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Sometimes, I would certainly make stunner decisions and also my publication would finish abruptly; other times, the seemed like I would certainly never end up the book! So as soon as I heard about using Decision Trees and Decision Tables to map a decision make process, I believed it would certainly be an interesting experiment to lay out the decisions in one of the “Choose Your own Adventure™” books.

To execute this, I check out “The Antimatter Formula” by Jay Leibold. In this story, you are a young child, who parents have been functioning in antimatter research. You wake up one morning come the whole world being north of people except one: a nefarious doctor who stole a secret antimatter maker (in the type of a TV) from her parents.

The sheathe of the book claims 32 various endings, so i went through and also followed every heat of decision making to reach all of the feasible endings. Then, ns mapped these decisions and outcomes in both a Decision Tree and a Decision Table to endure firsthand the benefits and flaw of every model.

Before us go further, carry out you desire to learn much more about Decision tree or Decision Tables?If you want to read more about Decision Trees, walk to paragraph 1 below.If you desire to read an ext about Decision Tables, wait for component 2 of this blog post, comes soon…

1. You chose Decision Trees, a most worthy place to start. In fact, it’s where I started once making these models! together I was reading “The Antimatter Formula,” I quickly realized the this Decision Tree would acquire a little unruly. Partly, this is due to the fact that of the nature the the decision (every decision is a one-or-the-other-type decision).

With multiple selections at every decision, the Decision Tree could be simplified, however that wouldn’t monitor the nature the the book. The Decision Tree mapping every decision in the publication to the 32 outcomes is displayed below. (Because that the dimension of the Decision Tree, the image listed below is used largely to illustrate how conveniently these can branch out. If friend would choose the full version, please email us.)


A tiny crazy, no? as soon as this Decision Tree was complete, I saw that there were four straightforward outcomes come the story, in spite of there gift 32 ways to acquire there: you might end up earlier home through your parents, be grounding in a parallel people in a hopeful way, be stuck in a parallel civilization in a an unfavorable way, or dice in a parallel world.

I might see that part outcomes occurred more frequently than other, yet couldn’t do a thorough evaluate of the outcomes in this form. It to be also complicated to choose an outcome and do my decision in such a way as to impact that outcome.

Below, i’ve made a list of benefits and flaw of using just the Decision Tree to design the book.


Easy to ensure completion: as I to be making the Decision Tree, i would include the options to each decision box as I came throughout it, and thus it to be easy, at a glance, to watch where i still essential to go back and to fill in the tree.Easy to watch minimum and also maximum variety of decisions: after ~ the Decision Tree to be completed, I can rather conveniently see that I might finish the book in as small as 3 decision or as numerous as 10 decisions.Visually pleasing: The Decision Tree is much easier to digest as readers together we can follow each line that decision making and see where each decision will take us.


Lack of significant analysis of the endings: native the Decision Tree alone, that was complicated to recognize how plenty of endings to be happy/unhappy, how I might end the story back home, or just how likely i was to pick an ending that would have my personality dying.Lack of behind traceability: through the Decision Tree, it was complicated to select an finishing (say, ago home v parents) and then understand what decisions to make along the means to ensure the ending.Size: The Decision Tree, with all of its branches, gained really large really fast and also there wasn’t lot I might do around it without making it challenging to follow.

Return following time come learn more about Decision Trees and also Decision Tables…


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