Google Chromebook Pixel 2013 (WiFi) with 12.85″ LCD display Intel i5-3427U 4GB DDR3 RAM and 32GB SSD (Personal Computers)

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Chromebook Pixel 2 LS Specifications
Display:12.85″ 2560×1700 IPS, 239.2 PPI touchscreen, 400 cd/m², Glossy finish
Battery:12 hours
Dimensions:29.77 x 22.46 x 1.53 cm (11.72 x 8.84 x 0.6 in)
Weight:1.5 kg (3.31 lb)
CPU:Intel core i7Broadwell quad core
Storage:64GB SSD
Expansion:SD map Reader
Wireless:802.11ac double band and Bluetooth 4.0
3.5mm Headset JackUSB 3.0 x 2USB 3.0 kind C
Backlit Keyboard

SD map Reader

Chromebook Pixel 2 LS Review

The Pixel LS will certainly surprise you through it level that performance. I have owned the initial Samsung Chromebook, the Acer C720 and also the Toshiba Chromebook 2. I additionally own a 15 inch quad main point I7 2.6 Macbook pro mid 2012 with a 250gb SSD in the DVD bay and a 1TB 7400 difficult drive in the key bay v 16GB the ram. I very own a I5 250 GB surface ar Pro 256. Assumption: v which computer system I usage the most. It is the Pixel by a big margin. The is built and the MacBook Pro, if not much better in a smaller chassis. The display screen is appreciably better than the 1400 by 1900 MacBook or and also the surface ar Pro even with it’a solid specs.. Climate there is the speed. The only limit is your web connection. It literally flies. Google Docs works every well, ns actually like it end Office 365’s web version. Dropbox along with Google Drive and One Drive integrate into the Chrome operation system’s file tree system.

The Cloud and also the computer equally merge. I have used a hotspot because 2010 so mobile internet have never been a problem for me. The only challenge I have actually run right into is play presentations through a lot of of video content in it which I usage for lectures. Both Google’s Presentation app and Powerpoint work-related in the browser. The can not play presentations end 300 mg. This presents a difficulty for two of the courses I teach this hatchet so ns am having actually to usage my surface Pro 3 through my lectures. Video clip editing is done on my MacBook Pro. As soon as I retire, in a few years i will only use a Chromebook Pixel. I very recommend this computer for an elderly citizens choose myself. It is simple to use and also powerful. Editing pictures is a breeze and all of the software you need is net based and free. This design is plainly the future of computing. That future is bright.

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Google Chromebook Pixel 2013 (WiFi) v 12.85″ LCD display screen Intel i5-3427U 4GB DDR3 RAM and 32GB SSD (Personal Computers)

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