For this step you will finish the key story line and also this will unlock plenty of citizens for you, as well as complete many requirements because that unlocking others. Along the method if friend stop and also recruit part others, that functions too. I would additionally attempt to grab the Yoga Instructor as early on as possible to lighten the load of she requirements. Because that this step you should earn the adhering to trophies:


Stage 2: finish Recruiting all Citizens

For this step you will certainly grind the end recruiting the continuing to be citizens. This have to earn girlfriend the following trophies:


Stage 3: complete the side Assignments

Ah, the glorious cleanup step. To complete up, girlfriend will have to level up part citizens and also complete their side assignments. These include the Photographer, the Cop, the Teacher, and the Exterminator. Once you complete this action you will earn the complying with trophies and also have 100%:

First and foremost, know that this game will freeze and/or crash top top you. The Developers have said they room working on a job to deal with the issues. It crashed or froze top top me upwards the 30 times while completing the game.Try to recruit the Yoga Instructor as beforehand as possible. She needs you to level all her recruited citizens come level 20, so naturally having actually less citizens come level is useful to her time spent.The Gardner"s Nature"s Boon skill provides the entire party wellness Regeneration. This is quite beneficial to her team together it will provide your entire party a chunk that hp ago after every turn.The school Mascot"s Rouse the Troops skill gives an EXP rise to the whole party. This is self-explanatory regarding why it help you.The Photographer"s Duplicate ability will duplicate one enemy, therefore you will certainly have more enemies to battle and receive EXP from. Likewise your EXP bonus at the finish of the round because that fighting an ext than one opponent will rise with every use.You may uncover the Mother"s Scold skill to be an especially helpful together it causes 2x DEF Down.Get to know what opponents in the area are weak to, and also use a citizen that strikes with the element.Try and also keep 1 citizens in her party a lot, lock will continue to level up and be may be to loss just about anyone.The Pilot"s talent is to carry you to helipad"s, this can help save a most time.The auto Salesman"s talent is to let you journey his car around (while top top roads). This speeds points up immensely.

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This will unlock after recruiting your first 5 citizens.For more information, please refer to  World Leader.

This will unlock after ~ recruiting your very first 25 citizens.For more information, please refer to  World Leader.

This trophy will unlock after friend recruit all 40 citizens. This perform is in the stimulate in which they appear in her tablet, indigenous left come right.

NameLocationTalentHow to Recruit
BrotherHometown > her HouseHe have the right to order items for you with FedUPsOpen his presentThank him
MotherHometown > your HouseMotherly AdviceGet her attention (Shut turn off the TV).
Conspiracy GuyHometown > MoonbucksAlmanac that all adversaries defeatedObtain 3 piece of evidence (dropped indigenous Java bean wandering approximately Hometown).Get him out of jail at the police station.
BakerHometown > BakeryCan roasted you items if in his bakeryEnter the Bakery to check out the the contrary Leader demanding baked goodsThe Baker will be fear of losing his prized small goodOnce you defeat Opposition Leader, come ago and speak come the Baker. He will then join you.
BaristaHometown > MoonbucksCan offer you coffee if in a MoonbucksEnter the Moonbucks and also speak come the BaristaShe will say she cannot leaving without much more Special BlendComplete the main assignment by travel to mount Pom-Pom and also getting the vital to the back roomEnter the backroom, and battle a Decaffitator that will speak come you prior to battle, that will eventually use a move forcing girlfriend to purchase a distinct Blend because that $50Speak to the Barista through the special Blend
BodybuilderHometown > GymCan move heavy objects from your pathBeat the in a lifting contest...Inspect the barbells to notice the difficult notesSpeak to him and ask around the difficult notesTake both difficult notes offReplace them on the contrary barbellsChallenge himWhen it"s time to pose, go about behind the winter at the peak of the room
HandymanHometown > ApartmentsCan open broken doorsYou"ll need to defeat the Heckevator till it spits you out on the 4th floor. Then simply speak to him.
CopHometown > Police StationAllows accessibility to want Posters native anywhere
GardenerHedgemazeCan prune away thorny bushes prevent pathsWhen you get in into the Hedgemaze, follow these directions fully until you deserve to not proceed in that direction.DownRightDownLeftDownLeftDownRightUpNext, just speak come the Gardener.
ArchitectCapital City > Architects OfficeCan construct bridges come allow accessibility to new placesAfter the Hometown Moonbucks took off, hire the Architect to rebuild it for $1000.Once it is complete, go check our she handiwork and also speak come her.
LifeguardCrystal coast > ShorelineAllows you to travel underwater come Seabottom, Lake Pom-Pom, & timber LakeYou have actually to get rid of the squid the is blocking the bridge.Turn ~ above the lighthouse in the center of the crystal Beach map by climbing the cliffs indigenous the east.Speak come Lifeguard and head underwaterDefeat the squid in battle in Seabottom (northeast).
School MascotHometown > exterior SchoolCan change the challenge (albeit v penalties)Once you gain the Recruitment quest from him, the college Spirit will certainly begin appearing randomly in battles. Chip far at it"s health over a couple of battles (it will certainly flee conveniently after appearing, yet it"s health remains wherein it to be left).Once you defeat the institution Spirit, speak to the Mascot and also he will sign up with the team.
Camp CounsellorCamp Koo-Koo EntranceCan readjust recruits namesComplete 20 Challenges. I had actually this done by the time I uncovered him.
Sushi ChefHometown > episode RestaurantWill sell you sushi if your space in his restaurantSpeak to him to obtain his quest, he will certainly ask because that 5 piece of new sushi.While in Seabottom, defeat opponents to gain a arbitrarily drop of new Sushi.Once you have 5, conveniently head to the sushi Restaurant and also speak come the sushi Chef.You must make haste v the fresh Sushi, together it will spoil after part time.
TeacherHometown > SchoolWill tutor her recruits for $ so they acquire EXP
PhotographerHometown > Just outside Your HouseAllows access to Scavenger Hunts
Car SalesmanCrystal BeachAllows girlfriend to journey a car instead of go while on a roadSpeak to him and he will difficulty you come a racePress to boost your speed. This will expense energy however.To replenish your energy, simply slam into any type of of the other cars and defeat it in battle.Finish 1st in the race, then speak come him.
Homeless GuyCapital City > Northwest by some dumpstersAllows you to search v trash because that itemsWhen you discover him, speak to him and he will certainly ask because that money.Give the $5.Give the $5.Give him $100.
GamblerCasino Canyon > Casino administration roomAllows girlfriend to gambling at the high comb tables at Casino CanyonComplete High Roller assignmentPay off his blame ($5000)
PharmacistHometown > PharmacyWill offer you pharmaceuticals if in his PharmacySpeak to him in ~ the Pharmacy, friend will have to wait for him to complete his miracle diet pill.Later on, friend can find him in ~ the Bistro as a Fat Pharmacist.Speak come him to find out you require a delicious Treat.Head to the Hometown Bakery to take the prized donut.Return to Fat Pharmacist and also speak through him to initiate a battle.Simply Flee the battle about 10-12 times and Pharmacist will certainly thin out and be recruited.
ProgrammerGrasslands > Eden IndustriesAllows you come travel through the web to other areas with a ComputerSpeak come him to find out the is battling Viruses inside the Internet.Enter the Internet and also head up, beating Viruses.Eventually you will watch the programmer to walk by.Defeat the Viruses rolling him and he will join you.
CaptainCamp Koo-Koo above the Cookie FactoryAllows you to ride Ogopogo and also sail top top the water. Must sail native a dockSpeak to him and also he will want you to loss the Ogopogo.Initiate the battle with the Ogopogo on the dock beside him in Camp Koo-Koo.Defeat the Ogopogo and speak to Captain.
MusicianGrasslands > Eden IndustriesCan change the musicSpeak to him at Eden Industries.Complete his mini-game, the is a DDR/Guitar Hero kind game. Friend will need to enhance the direction once they arrive in the target square.You require 80,000 points, as soon as you go over you deserve to stop and let time run out.
Yoga InstructorHometown > GymAllows you come reallocate her statsSpeak to her to acquire her assignment.Level every one of your recruited citizens to level 20.Speak to her and also she will certainly join.(It"s introduce to do this at an early stage so you have less citizens come level).
Cat LadyVariousWill show you images of cats about the human being with treasure nearby them.Locate her 5 cats in the world.Fluffles - mountain Pom-PomBoots - HedgemazeTiger - big SteppePrincess - WhisperwoodMr. Whiskerton - The Oasis
PsychologistHometown > Residence 3rd FloorAllows you come travel through the Dream WorldSpeak to him and also he will desire to perform Sleep therapy on you, to speak yes.You will be transported come the Dream World, speak to all 3 civilization there (Brother, the opposite Leader, & the President).Mother will certainly appear, speak to her.Speak come Brother.Speak to mother again.Speak to the President and also tell him girlfriend were trying to find him.Speak to mother again.Speak to Opposition Leader and tell him girlfriend were looking for him.Speak to mother again, you will certainly wake up and Psychologist will join you.
ArtistVariousCan present you principle Art because that the gameSpeak come him and also will want you to society yourself by city hall 5 paintings by him:Office Building -Residence -Capitol Building -School -Capital Hotel -
ExterminatorAppletonAllows you accessibility to the Extermination missions
PilotGrasslands > Drive-InAllows you to paris to places with a HelipadDrive a auto (Car clerk Talent) right into the movie screen.Complete the mini-game.You will require to damage the city together a large to acquire points.Focus ~ above the buildings mostly v the other items filling in the spaces.
ScientistWhisperwood CemeteryAllows you to transition the time of day in the gameSpeak to her in the Wisperwood Cemetery.She"ll desire you to return during a Thunderstorm.Speak come her during one and she"ll speak she made a mistake and also you must assist her defeat the undead.Defeat castle all and also return to her, she will join you.
Weather LadyVariousAllows girlfriend to change the weatherSpeak come her, she will certainly say something about finding human being without an umbrella when it rainsShe will randomly show up to you in ~ some allude when that is thunder storming out and join her party.
AlienBig Steppe > Crashsite close to the NW cornerAllows you access to the VR Arena from her tabletAfter you complete the story, simply uncover him and also speak to him.
SecretaryVariousAllows you come access brand-new Game +After you finish the story, simply find him and speak come him.
SuperfanVariousAllows you access to Player Cards created each of her RecruitsSpeak to her when you have 20 citizens recruited and also she will join you.
FarmerGrasslandsCan combine items because that you come make other itemsWill join you as part of the key story.Speak to her in Grasslands come initiate.You will have to solve the chop circle problem.Wait because that night and also Moo.F.O"s will appear, defeat them all.She will send you come Appleton to perform the same thing.Once completed, speak to she again.
PlumberFlushmoorCan choose up items native the swamps that Flushmoor and also hold them for youFind that standing in the swamp in Flushmoor.Collect 10 piece of flotsam about Flushmoor.Speak to him.
FirefighterFlushmoor > submarine BuildingAllows you come Escape indigenous buildings and also other indoor areasHead inside the submarine Building.Inside each level there will be a pump come activate.Continue heading down until you come throughout her.Speak come her and she will join.
BartenderHometown > Soda ShoppeAllows girlfriend to acquisition Soda from that if in his Soda Shoppe.Speak come him inside the Soda Shoppe.He will an obstacle you to a mini-game.You must continue mashing while the bar is active. But you will lose points as soon as pressing when the bar is red.As you drain the bar under each level the rate at i beg your pardon the bar turns red increases. However, for this reason does the points girlfriend gain.Learn the intervals for the level you space on and it should be no problem.Once you with the 50,000 required you can simply stop and let time run out.Speak come him as soon as finished and he will join.

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BeekeeperAppleton FarmsAllows you to zoom in or out, providing you a Bees-eye viewSpeak with her and she will ask you to locate her Bees:HometownJunkyardHedgemazePanjama IslandCasino CanyonWellspring Oasis
PhotonWellspring Desert > MoonbucksCan speed up or slow-moving down timeAs part of thing V, the Guru will ask you to retrieve the Artifact native the Hippies in Sugarflats.Once you do so, girlfriend can go into the Moonbucks in the Desert again.Head instantly left right into the small rectangular feet in the floor.Then head phibìc to find a 2nd glowing orb thing. Speak to it and the 2 artefacts will join together to type Photon and it will join you.

Note: The locations detailed are not constantly the only place to recruit the citizen listed, quite than a place they deserve to be recruited. Roughly fifty percent of them need to be recruited in a specific location, when the others have the right to be recruited wherever when you finish their recruitment assignment.Below you will find an image of the tablet with every Recruits attained: