LAS VEGAS, Nevada — In a city that never sleeps is a branch team that’s prepared to work approximately the clock for its customers. City electrical Supply (CES) is thrilled to announcement the opening of its new store in Nevada, CES east Las Vegas. The new branch is among seven branches in the state and, according to Branch Manager Casey Williams, is in the perfect place to support the community.

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“There are factories behind me and residential townhomes and also apartment complexes every around,” the said. “There’s also a the majority of empty land that’s around to be developed up. Ns excited to see how our branch can assist the area grow.”

Both brand-new and long-time customers of CES have currently expressed excitement about the newest branch in town.

“We have actually a lot of of strong customer relationships, and also everyone yes, really likes this brand-new location,” claimed Williams. “We’re surrounding to the highway, therefore we’re in a good spot to assist people in the area.”

The team is all set to offer every resident’s electric needs and carry out a family-like setting for each customer the walks with the doors. Customers have the right to expect knowledgeable staff and also above-and-beyond business every time they collection foot in the store.

“I’m always trying come learn more to it is in able to assist people better,” said Williams. “I walk to trainings and also take classes from CES University. Plus, I’ve operated for CES for about a decade, so I have actually the suffer to knock the end lighting and gear-related projects really quickly.”

And Williams is ready to do simply that.

“I loved being able to help,” stated Williams. “I look forward to functioning on more projects in ras Vegas.”

For Williams and also his team, no task is too large or also small.

“I’m excited to see much more people learn around what we can do for them,” said Williams. “One homeowner come in the various other day, and also I actually acquired to aid him construct a robot. He showed me a picture of what he was working on and what he needed, and also I told him we’d make it work.”

CES looks front to the town hall the newest branch in Nevada grow and also become one of the top electric suppliers in east Las Vegas.

“We’re constantly on the clock,” claimed Williams. “Luis Villarreal-Dozal is our operations manager, and also he’s constantly in the branch through me. In between the two of us, we can obtain anything your job needs. We’ll treat you choose family. Customer requirements are essential to us, and we’ll do every little thing we have the right to to help.”

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