I"m do the efforts to cause the devastation of one empire-level location (say oriental Empire), to create the Latin empire organically rather of beginning with it. Together ERE is (still) large, conquering all of it would take enough time, and also I currently fulfill the other requirements to type the Latin Empire.

What would certainly be an efficient means to damage the location without too lot war effort? One equipment I was thinking around is acquisition away all county-level holdings native the present emperor with wars, but I"m not entirely sure it will work, and also it would take part years to obtain to that point with the current state of affairs.

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Will this work? are other methods to go about it?


Taking away all county level holdings of the present owner will not work, because he will just case some indigenous his vassals. You need to take end Every solitary Territory owned by him, without acquisition the title. When the title does not have any counties under it, directly OR indirectly, it must be destroyed and also will permit you to create the latin empire.

Here is one resource describing thishttp://www.reddit.com/r/CrusaderKings/comments/1azgns/how_to_destroy_the_byzantine_empire/

Unfortunately, this does need a collection of wars against what is more than likely the most an effective empire in the game.

It"s also possible to perform this utilizing the console commands noted here: http://ckiiwiki.com/Console_commands



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