‘Clash that Clans’ 2016 recent News & Updates: October upgrade Brings brand-new Troops and also Defense Upgrades; Supercell Announced Patch role Out Date!

"Clash the Clans" October update is coming with brand-new exciting upgrades.

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by Tim Armstrong

‘Clash of Clans’ 2016 latest News & Update: October upgrade To it is in Announced This Week; TH 12, brand-new Units meant to Arrive

The brand-new Clash the Clans October upgrade is intended to come in two weeks. Supercell will be make an announcement around its breakthrough this week.

by Tim Armstrong

‘Clash the Clans’ 2016 recent News & Updates: September update Unlikely To occur Anymore; new October update Release Confirmed

A brand-new ‘Clash the Clans’ update is intended to arrive on Oct. 12. Supercell will release a sneak peek in the comes days.

by Tim Armstrong

‘Clash that Clans’ 2016 recent News & Update: Supercell Upgrades game Servers, Gives solid Indication of upgrade Being round the Corner

September is practically over and also Supercell is yet to release the huge “Clash of Clans” update. The wait seems painful and fans space increasingly farming restless. Part are also worried together they are not certain if the upgrade would come in September in ~ all. However, Supercell’s recent server upgrade and also maintenance might mean something.

by Ritwik Roy

‘Clash the Clans’ 2016 recent News & Updates: September update Brings town Hall 12? single Player, trusted Challenge, Money Player settings Coming?

"Clash the Clans" fans are eagerly wait for the next huge updated that is claimed to arrive this month. The upgrade is an alleged to carry in lots of features and even readjust the gameplay come a an excellent extent. The end of all the changes the upgrade is collection to implement, fans are upbeat about the come of city Hall 12.

by Ritwik Roy

‘Clash the Clans’ 2016 latest News & Updates: September upgrade Brings brand-new Game Mode; roll Out Details Revealed

The September upgrade of "Clash of Clans" is intended to lug several amazing features come the game.

by Tim Armstrong

‘Clash of Clans’ 2016 latest News & Updates: free Mining Gems, brand-new Player setting in September Update? an ext New Game attributes Revealed

“Clash the Clans” September upgrade is nearly here and the internet has entered an overdrive v fans anticipating significant changes. Brand-new reports suggest that Supercell will certainly be introducing a feature that will enable players to mine gems because that free. There may be countless other features included and also the as whole gameplay may likewise be improved.

by Ritwik Roy

"Clash the Clans" 2016 latest News & Update: Supercell to incorporate Clan difficulty in September Update? an ext Game Details Revealed

Details about the upcoming "Clash the Clans" September upgrade revealed through the video game developer Supercell.

by Tim Armstrong

‘Clash the Clans’ September 2016 Update confirmed To Bring brand-new Clan difficulty Feature

Finally, Supercell provided some details around the upcoming "Clash the Clans" update this September.

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by note Jason Alcala

"Clash the Clans" release Date, News & Update: September update Brings 4 BIGGEST attributes Game Has ever before Offered; NO Dark Spells

“Clash that Clans” developer Supercell already announced their brand-new philosophy in making the incoming breakthroughs of the game.