Versatility is constantly a warriors ascollection, and also of all medieval swords few embody it and the Bastard Sword. Too brief to be a devoted two-handed sword, yet much longer than the single-hand also sword, the bastard hand and also a fifty percent swords offer the warrior the alternative for single or double handed usage. Balanced well enough for one hand, via two the sword becomes a truly efficient slash and also thrust sword. An elongated pommel acts as a prolonged grip for leverage and also the blade is wide enough midmethod to permit for a well-gripped half-sword thrust method.First appearing in the late 13th century, hand and also a half swords reached an apex of popularity in the 1fifth and also 16th centuries and were specifically favored in Switzerland also and also the Gerguy principalities.

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This Cold Steel Hand also and a Half Sword is from their Man-At-Arms repertoire. The sharp 1055 High carbon steel blade is blued for a dark, protective complete and also the hilt of steel is blued to enhance. The grip wrapped in black leather and also the blade tang is screwed right into place through a pommel nut. Comes with a black leather scabbard through a blackened steel chape and throat.

Overall Length44 3/4''
Blade Length32 13/16''
Weight3 lb 5.1 oz
Width44.9 mm
Thickness5.3 mm - 4.5 mm

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Grip Length9''
Blade1055 High Carbon Steel
TypeHand and also a Half Sword
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerCold Steel
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for Cold Steel Hand and also a Half Sword – Man at Arms Collection – 9” Grip


Rated 1 out of 5

Dalton – July 17, 2015

Cold steel man at arms hand also and also a fifty percent This sword renders a distinctive showpiece, however is fairly atrocious for exercise. The sword’s hilt was rendered unusable after a solitary cutting session, consisting of 3 soda bottles, which the sword struggresulted in cut through.


chrmil Beautiful design. Well well balanced. Sharp – not really however not worse than various other swords on the industry.Dissapointed to notification that the finish cap wiggles. Tried to tighten the screw holding the finish cap but did not aid. Then I tried to unscrew the end cap just to alert porly fitted small pieces of hardwood combined with some sort of steel welding/glue therefore making it difficult to settle the wiggling. Also the end screw holding the finish cap looks weak. I would not usage this sword via recurring force and not about people. I own many kind of Cold Teel items, that is knifes, and this swords high quality does not compare to their various other assets. Says produced in India and mayby they lack top quality regulate there but still the building and construction looks weak/cheap. Will it have the ability to reduced plastic bottles? Yes. Would it organize up for a genuine sword fight? Most certanly not!