Versatility is constantly a warrior asset, and of all middle ages swords couple of embody it and also the Bastard Sword. Too brief to be a dedicated two-handed sword, yet much longer than the single-hand sword, the bastard hand and a fifty percent swords give the warrior the choice for single or twin handed use. Well balanced well sufficient for one hand, with two the knife becomes a truly reliable slash and also thrust sword. An elongated pommel action as an extensive grip because that leverage and also the blade is large enough midway to permit for a well-gripped half-sword thrust technique.First showing up in the so late 13th century, hand and a fifty percent swords reached an apex of popularity in the 15th and 16th centuries and also were an especially favored in Switzerland and also the German principalities.

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This Cold steel Hand and a half Sword is from your Man-At-Arms collection. The spicy 1055 High carbon steel blade is blued for a dark, protective finish and the hilt of stole is blued to match. The grip wrapped in black color leather and also the blade tang is screwed into place with a pommel nut. Comes v a black leather scabbard through a blackened metal chape and also throat.

Overall Length44 3/4''
Blade Length32 13/16''
Weight3 lb 5.1 oz
Width44.9 mm
Thickness5.3 mm - 4.5 mm

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Grip Length9''
Blade1055 High Carbon Steel
TypeHand and also a half Sword
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerCold Steel
Country the OriginIndia

2 reviews because that Cold steel Hand and a fifty percent Sword – man at Arms repertoire – 9” Grip


Rated 1 out of 5

Dalton – July 17, 2015

Cold steel male at arms hand and a half This sword renders a distinctive showpiece, but is fairly atrocious for practice. The sword’s hilt to be rendered unusable ~ a solitary cutting session, consists of three soda bottles, which the knife struggled to reduced through.


chrmil Beautiful design. Fine balanced. Sharp – not really yet not worse than other swords top top the market.Dissapointed to notice that the finish cap wiggles. Tried come tighten the screw holding the finish cap however did no help. Then ns tried to unscrew the finish cap only to notice porly fitted little pieces of wood mixed with some sort of steel welding/glue for this reason making it difficult to solve the wiggling. Also the end screw holding the end cap looks weak. I would certainly not use this knife with repetitive force and not around people. I own plenty of Cold Teel items, the is knifes, and also this swords quality does not compare to their various other products. Says made in India and also mayby they absence quality regulate there but still the building looks weak/cheap. Will certainly it be able to cut plastic bottles? Yes. Would certainly it organize up for a actual sword fight? many certanly not!