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Seller summary

A 6-round revolver comparable to the Colt Cobra yet with a much smaller price tag, the Colt Agent to be originally manufactured from 1955 come 1979, then had a short four-year comeback in 1982. This design is chambered in 38 Special and also offers a 2" barrel and also a matte black finish. This single/double-action revolver comes v the original box and also owner"s manual.

UPC GDC0000016408
Caliber .38 SPECIAL
Capacity 6 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 2" BARREL
Weight 1 LBS.


tranquility OF mental

Shopping in ~ neurosoup.org provides you the backingof a agency that is committed to your satisfaction. And unlike our competitors, it extends past the purchase process. We acquire the FFL indigenous your save – others make you discover it, copy it, and fax it. We have agenerous return policy, and also handle every little thing – girlfriend don’t need to go earlier tothe store. And also ourRangemasters are here to prize all her questions around our commodities or process. We'rebringing a level ofservice come the virtual gun buying endure that is unheard of.


we SUPPORT neighborhood neurosoup.orgTORES

Many virtual gun sales in reality take far from your localcommunity. Instead of purchase a pistol that’son your neighborhood store’s shelf, many retailers drop ship it from a warehouse inanother state. At neurosoup.org, if one FFL ispart of ours network, we sell THEIR neurosoup.org first whenever possible. The way, we’re helping little businesses inyour community and if they have it in stock, you have the right to pick her gun upIMMEDIATELY – that how service should be done.


WE save IT simple

Most whatever can be quickly bought virtual these days. Yet for some reason, buying a gun online canbe complicated. Many websites room poorlyorganized, don’t tell you a lot around what she buying, and also leave friend on yourown to figure out what friend want. Neurosoup.org is developed to be straightforward – conveniently organized products, advantageous descriptions indigenous experts, and also support to guide you to the appropriate choice.Spend her time enjoying the gun girlfriend want, not obtaining frustrated with a complicated website that renders gun to buy hard.

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No issue what friend hunt, or what type of pistol you choose to hunt with, neurosoup.org offers options for everyone. Components like durability, reliability, and functionality room all vital things to think about when selecting your next hunting go-to.