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Siempre que pienso en decir "más o menos" sólo pienso en "even more or less" pero no estoy seguro de que sea la traducción correcta. Entonces ¿Cómo se dice en inglés?


Más o menos suggests at leastern 2 various things in neurosoup.org.

When it is used as a synonym of "aproximadamente" ("approximately"), "more or less" is a fine English translation. For instance, "está a más o menos cinco kilómetros de aquí" deserve to be translated as "it"s more or less 5 kilometers from here."

However, when it is provided to expect "no muy bien," more or less is wrong. Correct alternatives incorporate "not as well good" and "so-so". Imagine someone asked you "¿Cómo estás?" If you weren"t doing as well well you might indeed say "más o menos." But if someone asked "How are you?" you can not say "even more or less" in idiomatic English: you have the right to use one of choices mentioned over (there are plenty of various other means to say the very same thing as well.)


"More or less" is perfectly acceptable and normal English. You"ll also hear "provide or take," "just about" or "plus or minus (a quantitifier)" with amounts, or "pretty much" as soon as speaking of things that are qualitatively similar.




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