At this point, you have done all the examining, you know your topics, and also you’re all set to tackle the APUSH exam. But there’s just one tiny problem: exactly how carry out you take the test?! More particularly, exactly how do you answer APUSH brief answer questions, among the the majority of current additions to the exam?

In this blog post, I will outline what APUSH scorers are trying to find from past tests and also offer student examples. All of this indevelopment is easily accessible on the College Board webwebsite, which I encourage you to use as a source for your researching.

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The format of this blog will certainly be as follows: I will offer you one instance question and also break down three student responses. I will then present a brand-new question, and also provide a link to the indevelopment so you deserve to score yourself on your brief answer responses. Sound good? Let’s obtain started!

APUSH Quick Answer Questions: Question 1

The initially of our APUSH short answer questions is taken from the 2016 exam. Again, every one of the content presented on this blog is accessible at the College Board webwebsite.

The question asks you to answer components (a), (b), and also (c):

a) Briefly define ONE essential similarity between the objectives of the Spanish and the English in creating swarms in the Americas prior to 1700.

b) Briefly define ONE necessary difference in between the purposes of the Spanish and the English in developing swarms in the Americas before 1700.

c) Briefly describe ONE means in which the difference you shown in (b) contributed to a difference in the breakthrough of Spanish and English early american societies.

Now, before you walk off and also throw your hands up in the air because this seems impossible, let’s walk via what the question is asking you to perform.

First, determine the moment duration of interemainder. For this question, you should just be looking at the colonies before 1700. We are talking at an early stage, at an early stage UNITED STATE history right here. Next, recognize the area of interest. Aobtain, we are talking around the swarms that would inevitably become the United States (not NECESSARILY the thirteen original colonies). Notice, though, that the question is not asking around the homesteaders themselves but the purposes of the realms the homesteaders came from: Spain and also England. Finally, recognize the kind of response asked for. In parts A and also B, you are being asked to compare and also comparison by identifying similarities and also distinctions. This is a completely various question than a cause/effect or readjust over time form question, so you need to be answering the question in a method that provides it clear that you have the right to compare and contrast. Notice, though, that in Part C, you are to explain just how the difference in Part B brought about a distinction in the advance of the 2 cultures (a cause/impact question).

Let’s see exactly how other students responded to the question.

Example Student Response #1

Let’s look at our first student example from the College Board website.


The question asks you to answer parts (a), (b), and (c):

a) Briefly define exactly how ONE major historical factor contributed to the change portrayed on the graph.

b) Briefly explain ONE certain historical result that resulted from the readjust portrayed on the graph.

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c) Briefly describe ANOTHER certain historical effect that resulted from the adjust depicted on the graph.