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Compare and contrast views of United says overseas expansion in the so late nineteenth and earlytwentieth centuries. Evaluate just how understandings of nationwide identity, at the time, form these views.ThesisDocument contentDocument analysis (POV, historic context, intended audience, purpose)Analysis of exterior examples*Contextualization**there might be some overlap in between these twoSynthesisAfter the polite War, the unified States started to prosper since of the 2nd Industrial Revolution. Through thisdomestic economic prosperity, the advice to increase overseas spread among many Americans. During the latenineteenth and early twentieth centuries, foreign policy became crucial debate among prominentAmericans. While some Americans propelled forward because that aggressive international policy, others want the UnitedStates to not get connected in foreign affairs. Politicians, such together William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt,believed that the flourishing United States need to spread its great fortune to other states, such together the Philippines,Cuba, and also Puerto Rico. They believe imperialism was a an excellent thing for the joined States, while others, likeWilliam Jennings Bryan and Mark two condemned imperialism. They believed it violates American ideals,and that it did not fit v the nation’s identity. Advocates said that the United says served to civilizeothers, like an international policeman, while opponents argued that the united States have to focus much more ondomestic problems and maintain its traditional identity.Imperialism came to be a trouble during the Spanish American War. In essence, the war really did no needAmerican intervention. Yellow journalism and the supposed attack on one American ship to be what led toAmerican intervention. As quickly as american intervened, the question about the future that these new coloniesarose. Some Americans want to hit the war to bring readjust at home. In particular, afri Americanssupported the war because they believed it would bring them civil rights (Doc. 2). If they combated with whitesoldiers, if they risked their resides with white soldiers, then probably they would certainly be treated favor white soldiers. Thisis what E. E. Cooper suggests in the fancy American, and also his thoughts pushed African americans to advocatefor war. Others promoted for war since they believed the new nations could prosper from American help.Theodore Roosevelt, an aggressive imperialist, criticize anyone who opposed addition of the Philippines(Doc. 5). Before coming to be president, he promoted for the United claims to “parent” end the Philippines. Heignored the opposition indigenous the Filipinos, something enemies of imperialism would later suggest out. Afterbecoming president, his views from 1899 were brought over to his international policy. He cure the United says asan worldwide police and promoted for his “Big-Stick” policy. This consists of his Roosevelt Corollary come theMonroe doctrine, which argued that the United says could and also should interference in Latin American affairswhenever that is interests were threatened. No everyone to be happy through this. In fact, Rubén Darío, a LatinAmerican poet, composed a poem targeting Roosevelt and condemning his huge Stick policy. José Martí, anotherLatin American writer, wrote around Latin America coming together to stand up to the joined States. Roosevelt,however, ignored lock both and also spread his concepts around.Roosevelt was not the just president advocating imperialism. Wilhelm McKinley did together well, for he was thepresident who annexed the Philippines. He thought the Filipinos essential the american to help them becomecivilized, the the Filipinos can not govern themselves (Doc. 3). This idea to be reflected in part senator’s“March of the Flag” speech, which suggested that the unified States might annex these territories because theseterritories weren’t fit to govern themselves yet, the uncivilized human being did not have actually the same rights as civilizedpeople. Together time happen by, the United says had an ext overseas colonies besides the Philippines, there wasCuba and also Puerto Rico. The require for these swarms was promoted by Alfred Mahan a pair of year earlier.He thought that the united States have to have swarms for its expanding Navy. This Navy would protectAmerican interests, and also it required bases, or else it would be choose a bird there is no wings. These bases would becolonies.Other Americans, however, to be strictly protest to imperialism. They go not view the U.S. As someinternational police, and also most the them stuck to the ideas expressed in George Washington’s farewell address.They protest ventures choose the Panama Canal and also ventures favor the united Fruit Co. They protest the SpanishAmerican War, and they protest the idea the the joined States ending up being an empire. One scholar, WilliamGraham Sumner, was strictly opposed to the Spanish American War. He thought that the United says wasfollowing Spain’s footsteps and also that the U.S. Would eventually lose these territories in the same way Spain did(Doc. 2). Sumner was an ext worried about problems in ~ home, not the future of various other peoples. He thought thesecolonies would certainly be a problem. Various other opponents believed imperialism caused problems at home. Mrs Addamsbelieved advocating imperialism was advocating militarism. Within time, Americans viewed the SpanishAmerican war as a great thing, yet Addams said that the caused worries at home (Doc. 4). Human being openly hatedSpaniards and advocated killing them. For Addams, this no what America stood for. Coming to be an empirewas not the autonomous thing come do. How might a simply republic be an empire? Presidential candidate WilliamJennings Bryan argued this idea in his campaign (Doc. 6). He thought the government might not stand for thedesires of citizens and foreigners (from the annexations) equally. The nests would hurt America’s reputationand lock would reason problems. Racism was a vast problem at the time, and also there was no method that Americanswould get along with more races (such together Filipinos) and view castle equally. The would bring humiliation.Opponents that imperialism believed this no the American way. To some, the may have actually looked favor the UnitedStates spread out the wings of liberty abroad, but some knew that this was not the case (Doc. 7). Mark Twain, forexample, fiercely opposed addition of the Philippines for he knew the U.S. Had no appropriate to decide thelifestyles for other peoples. The U.S. Was abusing the Philippines at the moment with approaches like the water cure.Opponents argued that this no liberty, it no democracy, fairly it was an empire that didn’t represent theideas set by the forefathers of the united States.All these conflicting views occurred because some Americans prospered greedy, and they believed that the UnitedStates should defend its interests. They regarded the U.S. Together a country that needed to supervise “lesser” nations.Opponents suggested that this no the case. They thought that if the U.S. To be prospering, then it shouldprosper at home, not get associated in foreign affairs. In the end, it every came down to see of national identity.