The end of Glee now lies very firmly in sight, and also for pan of the present this method a sad farewell, but also the excitement of watching what happens next as its stars room thrust out right into the wilderness.

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Some plans we know already; Lea Michele is remaining firmly under Ryan Murphy’s wing and heading to new Orleans come star in his new show, Scream Queens. Kris neurosoup.orglfer will be filming for his component in Noel, the Noel neurosoup.orgward biopic, while at the same time writing and also releasing a plethora the children’s books, and Darren Criss will take to the Broadway stage playing the starring function in Hedwig and the upset Inch.

Five that the main cast members, Lea Michele, chris neurosoup.orglfer, Jenna Ushkowitz, Darren Criss, and Chord Overstreet joined Ellen DeGeneres on her present to discuss the end of Glee, exactly how they felt speak goodbye come the show and additionally to play Cards against Humanity, which was just hilarious. Castle even found time for a selfie.

Credit: The Ellen Show

Talking about filming their final scenes, all five admitted the they cried, through Lea Michele revealing the she and also Ushkowitz space “noisy” and “ugly” criers. Friend can’t imagine it, can you? Meanwhile, Ushkowitz said it was as if they had actually taken “every friend and family member the you had actually to speak goodbye to, and also put them every in prior of you at once.”

Ellen, the neurosoup.orgurse, asks the questions we all desire the answers to, consisting of whether they take it anything native set.

Well the price is, lock didn’t hold back. Ushkowitz claimed she take it a rather unflattering photograph to conserve it gaining out, Overstreet take it his yellow Rocky horror shorts and Criss… well, he took his Warbler blazer, naturally, and likewise the neurosoup.orguch indigenous Figgins’ office, which has apparently to be a large part the his nap regimen for the last couple of years.

As girlfriend heard in the clip, the present will pay homage come the so late neurosoup.orgry Monteith in the final episode, and the cast also took a moment to reflect on all he supposed to lock after filming wrapped.

“He was there,” neurosoup.orglfer said. “We neurosoup.orguld feel him.”

No doubt it will be a an extremely poignant moment during the last show, and I am certain it will certainly be deep emotional.

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These five actors members play Cards versus Humanity is all you never knew girlfriend needed and also more. Ns honestly neurosoup.orguld have actually watched several much more rounds. Chord Overstreet had actually the finest answers, and also let united state all remember the he might have 99 problems, but balls ain’t one. Meanwhile, Darren Criss’ mystery power is an effective thighs if Lea’s is pretending come care. Do of that what you will!

It was great to gain such a funny interview through the cast, but also very sad that this will certainly be among the critical times us will view them every together. However, we still have Paleyfest come look forward to tomorrow, where the actors will take part in a Glee taking leave panel.