There's a progress quality in Fallen London called Counting the Days. You construct it up for a while, then cash it in once it hits 14, to gain a Mark of Crmodify, or spending sassist Marks on miscellaneous points. The high quality is, in brief, around surprise currencies – precisely the type of point that the Numismatrix deals in. (She's the one who introduces you to Fallen London's concept of multiple currencies, and she's one person to buy a Mark of Crmodify from.)

That's all well and also great, yet what's the significance of the name "Counting the Days"? I can disregard the name, yet it plants up from time to time, such as on the Orthographic Infection opportunity card, where someone reading Correspondence icons shouts "The barobtain holds! The Name is gone! We count the days!" What's the significance of Counting the Days, and what carry out Fallen Londoners describe as soon as they cite it?

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The easy, boring answer is "we don't understand for particular." The much longer answer consists of several speculation and also is spoilery as Hell. Like. Seriously. Tright here are so many kind of spoilers in this following bit. If you don't currently understand also what the expression you pointed out implies, and also are hoping to job-related it out for yourself, then please, don't review it.

So there are a few things that I identify around that phrase you dropped right off the bat. The "bargain" prrrrrobably refers to the deal the Bazaar made through the Judgments. While the Barobtain holds, the Bazaar, the Masters, and also the Neath are safe from the tender ministrations of the Dragons. The Name is the name of Mr Eaten, who was offered to the priests of the Third City as a type of unified sacrifice and meal (they ended up being the God Eaters). Mr Eaten is still about, albeit incorporeal and also absolutely terrifying, and also he seeks to lug around a reckoning. The Masters and also the Bazaar both desire him to be forobtained, forever, and they've erased his 'real' name from history. By Seeking Mr Eaten's Name, you are helping carry around his reckoning, so if the Name is gone, the Bazaar is, when aobtain, safe. I'm not very good at explaining what happened in between the Bazaar and the Sun, however I'll execute my best. I pointed out the Messengers, earlier; the Bazaar was one of those, but it fell in love with the Sun. All life is governed by something called the Great Chain. All life develops have a location on the Great Chain. The Judgments, or stars, are at the peak of that Chain; inter-chain reproduction is strictly forbidden, and also the Bazaar had actually a daughter by the Sun. So both the Bazaar and also the Sun were sentenced to death using the Dragons, that are sort of the enforcers of the universe. The Bazaar was provided a stay of execution (some say it was the now-dead god/Dragon recognized as Storm that provided it) in order to prepare a defence. And given that the Neath is relatively safe from the Light of Law (which is why sunlight kills you when you've continued to be dvery own tright here as well long, unmuch less you've imbibed Hespiridean Cider from the Mountain (who is the daughter of the Bazaar and Sun)), that's where it visited start making its situation.

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It has time to steal salso cities, in the hope that one of those seven will have a love story stupendous enough to convince the Judgments and also the Dragons that the laws have to be bent. So basically, Counting The Days can simply describe "counting down till the Bazaar runs out of time and is consumed by space dragons."