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Vox Machina meets one old friend.

Previously on crucial Role

Taryon, still reeling indigenous his father’s admission of their family poverty, sought out Korshad and also The numerous to erase the family members debt without arranged marriages. After part negotiation, Korshad tells them the the Darringtons deserve to keep their family members estate, but must offer up their civil liberties to the surrounding lands. This would certainly be in exchange because that clearing mines own by The Many and a donate from Vox Machina. They expropriate these terms, and clear the mines of a monstrous, cherubic gift inside before shooting out of the chasm towards the night sky.


As they float in the air over the chasm, Tary asks if they can set a trap or disguise the enntrance gate of the caves below. He defines that, currently that they have done what the Myriad has asked, they could use a bargaining chip. However, they have actually not entirely completed their mission. There are still dozens that ankhegs crawling approximately the mines.

Keyleth says making a the majority of noise to lug the ankhegs closer to them. When they room in a swarm, Keyleth uses to throw under fireballs.

The rather fly down and begin to make noise and also kill the ankhegs. End the next few minutes, they kill most of the creatures, yet send a couple of scurrying ago into the surrounding tunnels.

They start to argue around their next step. Castle suggest choices like poison and also collapsing the tunnels to eliminate the staying monsters. While this is happening, however, Pike casts earthquake, ruining one of the staying towers and also filling in the sinkhole.

The ankhegs arise on the surface. Pike casts firestorm, effectively killing numerous more. The remaining ankhegs scatter right into the forest.

After completing their mission, they return to The grumpy Lily. Again, they are result in the secret bar beneath the tavern.

Korshad’s eyes are already on them as they enter the room. Grog quickly looks roughly for Camilla, yet she is no much longer there, lot to his dismay.

They sit down across from Korshad. He comment on their swift delivery of cleansing the mine. He brings the end a woman v reddish brown skin and also long curly hair. She sits next to him. The asks her if the deed is done. She places five stones marked with runes ~ above the table in prior of her. She eyes go white as she searches because that the answer come his question. She tells him that they have actually rid the mine of every one of the monsters, however it is likewise collapsed. Korshad, satisfied v her answer, sends out her back.

He hands over the deed to the Darrington Estate come Tary. It is signed in his name. However, Tary asks for one last favor native Korshad. He asks the a surrounding farm be left to the family as well so they can have food in the winter. Emotion generous, Korshad agrees to this. Tary do the efforts to press his luck, questioning for 50,000 yellow so his family can continue to preserve their lifestyle.

He offers Keyleth’s solutions in uncovering the mine to perform this. Korshad’s patience, however, has easily run out. He tells Tary the they will have to work for your money and also he cautions him come never have the Darringtons asking for another favor, or rather The countless will take back the estate.

Their conversation v Korshad completed, castle leave before Korshad’s lackeys turn hostile. They return to the Darrington estate, i beg your pardon is currently in Tary’s name.

They collection up pillows and blankets in the usual area of the residence while Tary retreats to his childhood bedroom. He opens up the door and a swell that memories hits him together he takes in the books and also mementos indigenous his childhood room. That sees test components of the original Doty scattered about the room. That takes the robotic hand and goes come sleep v it.

The following morning, the servants prepare a little breakfast because that Tary and also the remainder of Vox Machina. ~ a while, Maryanne comes down, surprised to view that they have actually company. Tary asks the she grab their parents, because that he is about to start a household meeting.

When every the Darringtons arrive, Tary asks that Vox Machina be enabled to stay, as his announcement involves them as well.

He walk on to describe to his father the transaction Vox Machina made with Korshad. He claims that he had to give up the miscellaneous properties in the barony, however they are permitted to save the home and also the surrounding farmhouse. His father’s face tightens with anger, however he stays silent till Tary finishes explaining. Tary walk on come say that he will protect against adventuring, and also they will move into the farmhouse together a family. The estate will certainly be the basic of operations because that a non-profit to assist those in need.

When Tary finishes, his father throws a chair across the room in anger. That shouts the Tary has provided away all the he has operated for. Tary retorts the Howart hasn’t had actually possession the these points for a long time. He explains that the past year was no simply around adventuring and also having fun, but also about learning around the world and also himself. Things, the claims, he never learned living at home.

Tary: “From this day forth, I’m walk to create a home–my home–that values and respects the opinions that each family members member, that cares because that one another, where we stick up for one an additional and assist each various other through tough times, and not just ascendancy by decree. If girlfriend don’t want to it is in a part of this, that’s fine. You have the right to leave my house. Yet I want you to stay.”

He goes on to include his vision of having actually a group of adventurers bearing the Darrington name fostering goodness, but he stops prior to he gets carried away. Vex quickly adds that component of their covenant with Korshad was that no one would understand that providing up their land was no by choice.

Howart stand in shock for a moment. Maria tries to comfort him, but he traction away. He slams his fists into the table again and also again till they room bloodied and bruised.

Howart: “I shed everything. Ns did this to us. I’m sorry.”

He easily leaves the room.

After a while, Maryanne summons Vox Machina to her father’s study. Reluctantly, the admits, though no in so countless words, that Taryon make the right speak to for the family. Vox Machina gives him native of reassurance and a warning to not squander his 2nd chance.

As they departure the room, they ask Tary if he really plans to stay in Wildmount. He i m so sad replies the he will certainly be returning v them to conference his things, but he have to now continue to be with his family. V their woe for losing their friend, they agree the he have to do what is finest for himself and his family. This comes v the caveat the he frequently visit, however.

Keyleth relates come Tary, admitting that she has actually a duty to her people. This throws the conversation right into chaos. Taryon shirks responsibility, saying the he had no idea of Keyleth’s revelation.

Percy place a prevent to the conversation till they have actually all had actually some rest and also food.

Pike: “We’re just hungry! Everyone demands to calm down!”

Before they leave for Whitestone, Tary says goodbye come his mother. While speaking v her, he asks if she would certainly lead his group of adventurers. At an initial she is reluctant, but, after ~ Tary’s reassurance, she happy agrees to consider his offer while he gathers his things in Whitestone.

When lock arrive earlier in the city, they check out that an elaborate, vibrant market has been set up in the middle of the town.

Percy asks a passing safety what all the fuss is about. He describes that the new trade paths have lugged many traveling merchants. Keyleth excitedly declares that it is a farmer’s market. Percy dismisses the guard.

A mustachioed vendor calls out to them, recognizing them as the famed Vox Machina. He calls out to them, do the efforts to market his wares. This records the attention of one more individual at the market: a barbarian bard through ducks emblazoned top top his armor who is clearly part orc. The rushes end to them, quickly and also confusingly questioning for their help.

Vex asks because that his name. He speak her the it is Lionel Gayheart, though most world call him Chod due to the fact that that is his real name. With some coaxing, they obtain the full story out of Lionel. The asks if they have actually heard of the Meat Man.

Thinking the he could be referring to Scanlan, castle all begin to questioning questions. He describes that The Meat male is his boss, despite it is uncertain if that is referring to Scanlan or not.

He describes his job as much more or less The Meat Man’s muscle. He defines that he roughs out civilization who don’t salary up and also works together an occasional bouncer, however he insists the The Meat guy is a great guy. ~ a bit an ext conversation, they walk to view The Meat Man.

Lionel leads them into an abandoned tavern. He tells them the they can help themselves come the mutton in the drawers. They take it this together an invite to search the place. They discover mutton, however not lot else.

Vex begins to call out for Scanlan. An imposing figure, much bigger than a gnome, begins to come down the stairs. He starts to define why they have been summoned.

He defines that he is a travel merchant, and also he to be interested in Whitestone due to its reputation as an emerging metropolitan center. Percy to be the other attractive feature about the city. That offers info in exchange for access to his pistol designs. The information, that reveals, is that a pyramid in Marquet. The rather speculate that this can be one more ziggurat. Like they suspected, The Meat guy says that came throughout an ally that told of a similar structure with a dark orb in ~ Whitestone. V his description, they realize he is referring to Allura.

They ask around his name, and they explain that the current meeting is only happening due to the fact that they assumed they were conference someone else. He claims that the did come throughout another Meat Man, and, regardless of his power and charisma, he finished up chained in the deepest jail of Ank’Harel.

The Meat male bids lock a good day. He tells Lionel to follow him, and he pipeline the room. Vex adheres to after him. She drops to her knees and also reaches the end to hug approximately The Meat Man’s legs. She breaks v the illusion, and also Scanlan is in her arms.

Scanlan: “Not here!”

Lionel begins to scare upon seeing the illusion shattered. Scanlan tells him not to worry and also to go back inside the tavern. Lionel reluctantly goes ago inside.

Scanlan pulls Vex additional into the allied behind the tavern. Once they space obscured through shadows, that pulls turn off his hat the disguise and also reveals his true kind to Vex. He is much tanner now, v a scar over one eye the matches his illusion. His garments is also different now, as he is pull in Marquesian fashion.

He explains that he has spent lot of his time in Marquet, and also he is The Meat guy there now.

Scanlan: “Vex, there will certainly be a time to explain, but right now I’m spreading modify memory on you.”

Vex, in a panic and also not wanting come forget, tries to grab the to protect against the spell native happening. However, she trips and both she and also Scanlan tumble come the ground. Scanlan tries to quickly tell her that he should keep increase appearances, yet the others are currently out the door to view what the fuss is about.

Upon seeing Scanlan, they rush out. He puts the hat back on, yet not before being mauled by hugs.

At this point, Lionel’s curiosity gets the finest of him, and he peeks into the alleyway. There, he sees his boss seemingly getting assaulted by the members of Vox Machina. In an attempt to defend his boss, that sturdies his stance, ground connection himself, and also begins come flap his armor and also angrily honk in ~ Vox Machina.

Vox Machina aren’t certain if they’re claimed to be frightened or no of the really odd display made by the fifty percent orc in former of them. Scanlan calls turn off Lionel, explaining that they attitude no threat. Keyleth, ignoring the secrecy required for the moment, asks why Scanlan necessary Percy’s pistol designs. He sighs, sheathe blown, and takes off his hat.

Lionel all of sudden sees his boss transformed right into a gnome. He gasps and wets self from stress. Scanlan conveniently reassures that that, though his form may have been an illusion, the money he pays is really real. Lionel considers this and quickly gets over his shock.

Keyleth touch Lionel’s face and explains that she demands him come be coherent for a while. She casts enhance ability, making him temporarily wiser come the ways of the world.

They go within to hear Scanlan’s explanation of where he has actually been for the past year.

He explains that the did what gnomes do and went right into the woods. Pike rejects this accusation, however quickly quiets down. He goes on to say that, because that the first few months, the was only 20 mile or so external of Whitestone. He and also Kaylee sang songs and also met amazing people. And, eventually, they relocated to Marquet. V a series of events, he became one of the three huge crime bosses in Ank’Harel, sharing the moniker v his daughter.

He then instructs Lionel come tell lock what he saw at the ziggurat.

Lionel explains that he went with several of Scanlan’s hired lackeys to investigate a series of murders the were no committed by any kind of of the three crime families. If investigating, Lionel came across a ziggurat through a dark orb inside. He saw several guys offering treasures and also animals that would get sucked up inside. To his horror, he even saw among the guys go inside, never ever to come out.

Keyleth asks Tary why he necessary Percy’s designs. He sighs and also admits to stealing among Percy’s pistols. The then explains that he ran out of ammunition for it, and he necessary more.

He is also asked why he come all the method across an ocean just to call them that there is one more orb. He says that it wasn’t an issue, but Lionel chimes in the the journey took number of weeks. Despite he is difficult to read, the others can guess his motives.

He tells them that Kaylie has an uncanny capacity to tell as soon as he is lying. One night, that was informing her a falsified story native his past as soon as she inquiry to recognize the truth. He was, because that once, ethical with her. He told she everything, great and bad. The told her around the plenty of women in his life, and the other kids he knew about, and also the ones the he didn’t. Furious with her father, she left. But, before dawn the next day, she come back. Then, in the morning, she simply asked what was for breakfast.

From this, the learned the everyone is deep flawed, but your family are the ones that stick by you with their flaws and also your own. He recognizes that each member of Vox Machina is deep flawed, yet they space still his family.

Percy tons up a little bag v ammunition for Scanlan’s pistol.

Percy: “What’s Kaylie’s mother’s name?”

Scanlan, unable to recall the name (Sybil), is silent.

He tosses the bag in ~ the gnome.

Percy: “Dick.”

He walks the end of the tavern.

Pike and also Keyleth monitor after him.

The twins guarantee Scanlan the the others will certainly come around.

Vax: “All this last year, I’ve known we would watch you again.”

Vex: “He’s complete of shit. He completely said the you were never ever coming back, but I knew.”

Vax: “It’s an excellent to check out you again.”

Scanlan asks them to go v him come Ank’Harel to inspection the orb. He assures the ideal in accommodations. And, if they select to carry out so, they deserve to depart without him at the finish of the adventure. The pair agree, but, when Scanlan asks Grog his thoughts, he angrily pipeline the room.

Eventually, Lionel join the rather at a nearby pub if Scanlan wallows at the tavern.

As lock sit, Grog asks Lionel how strong he is. Lionel replies the he doesn’t know. Grog then asks just how long Lionel has actually known Scanlan, but, again, he doesn’t know. As he tries to figure it out, Grog punches that in the challenge from across the table.

Lionel’s vision walk white together Grog clocks him. That feels one of his this loosen in the punch. Rather than being angry, however, the is just impressed. The asks Grog come teach him exactly how to fight. Grog goes into a rage.

Tary, recognizing the similarities between this and his own initiation, quickly gives Lionel a swift action draught.

Grog stands increase from the table and takes the in his hands. That puts the up over his head and smashes it down onto Lionel. Lionel, bloodied, but still unphased by the situation, runs approximately Grog and punches him. He then runs behind the goliath and puts the in a headlock. Grog backs up into a wall surface in an effort to dislodge the half-orc.

Lionel manages to organize on also as Grog tries come elbow him in the ribs. Favor the mighty duck, the strikes bounce off the half-orc.

Feeling bold, Lionel tries come flip over Grog and pull the goliath over his shoulder come smash his head into the ground.

While that manages to flip end Grog, he is can not to relocate him. Unsure of just how to finish his attack, he starts come wiggle in an effort to tickle Grog.

Grog pushes the away, but is unable to carry out anything else prior to Lionel punches him. Lionel climate steps earlier for a second to carry out a “wave kick,” other of his own invention, which access time Grog in the crotch.

Grog is very confused about the shimmying that preceded the punch and also kick to the groin. Quite than continue the fight, that turns and also walks away. Lionel tells the others just how much funny he had and also asks if anyone else desires to fight. Seeing exactly how hurt Grog is, Lionel asks if the goliath will be every right. Percy replies that he will be eventually.

The server gives Lionel his glass of coco milk. Prior to he can take a drink, Pike punches him in the face.

Lionel: “That to be awesome.”

He asks for one more chocolate milk to replace the one splatted across the floor. Pike finishes her ale and also leaves.

Percy begins making a heap of money because that the damaged furniture, glassware, and also drinks.

Lionel asks if anyone else is going come hit him before he have the right to enjoy his cacao milk. Percy tells him the that component is over.

As he drinks, Lionel starts to talk about his recent revelation about his boss. He tells them that, though he has been lied to, Scanlan has constantly had his back, and also he thinks the others have to be nice come him as result of his actual intentions.

Percy: “That’s the problem, he constantly has your ago until he doesn’t.”

Lionel speak the others exactly how cool he think they are. He tells them the he doesn’t remember as soon as he was baby, however he bets lock do. Tary speak him the no one remembers as soon as they to be babies, and also Lionel tells his first memory and, in turn, describes his duck motif.

He tells them the he walk not know if he has a mommy or father. He simply woke up sooner or later in a desert oasis, surrounded by ducks. Since then, lock have provided him strength and also wisdom. Keyleth wonders to it s her if he is just confusing ducks with vultures.

He proceeds his story. After spending time in the desert, he traveled to Ank’Harel whereby he was typically exploited for his strength. Scanlan, he explains, was the just one who was type to him and also treated him choose family.

He additionally adds that they space the very first ones to ask him so many questions around his life. Keyleth and also Percy call him that they prefer him really much. Keyleth tries to teach the boulder, parchment, shears, but he misunderstands and also punches her in the face.

Meanwhile, the twins lounge under the sunlight Tree, sharing Vax’s flask. They comment on ways come peacefully reunite the group with Scanlan. Vex claims that she has forgiven Scanlan because they all have actually secrets. Vax isn’t sure what she means by this. Vax admits the he hasn’t forgiven Scanlan yet, yet he likewise wants that back.

They watch Grog storm out of the tavern. They call over come him, yet he simply spells words “cat” and leaves. Pike adheres to him soon after. They call over come her, however she insists that everything is fine.

They get in the tavern just in time to watch Lionel punch Keyleth. She alters self to do her fist into a earth elemental hand, and yells “boulder” before backhanding him. Percy defines to the twins the they room bonding.

As Percy starts to go away, Lionel steals a cartridge from him.

Lionel and also Keyleth fight because that a while, punching and also using your abilities on each other, laughing all the while.

Percy tries come come up behind him and also knock the out v a to explode of lightning, but Lionel is much too strong.

Lionel: “Haha. The tickled. I’m going to walk to bed, girlfriend guys.”

He walks out of the tavern.

Tary considers Lionel because that his brigade. He i m so sad confirms again that he will certainly be leaving for Wildmount after gathering his things.

They walk back to the castle, they contact Scanlan over their earrings. They recommend him to speak to Grog and also Pike, who have taken his departure and also subsequent return really hard.

Lionel proud walks into the tavern and also gives Scanlan the bullet he stole from Percy. Scanlan tells him the he important is his finest man.

Lionel tells him he have the right to commune with ducks in Whitestone to discover up to 3 facts. The concentrates ~ above his childhood storage of the duck in the desert oasis. A duck wonders right into the tavern and quacks in ~ them.

First, he asks if lock get poor storms in Whitestone. The duck quacks ago that it rain frequently. Lionel cautions Scanlan not to leave without one umbrella.

He climate asks if there are any type of pyramids in the city. The duck tells Lionel about the ziggurat covert beneath the city. Scanlan is amazed the the ducks understand this.

Scanlan asks Lionel to ask the duck if Vox Machina has actually been happy. The duck watch around and also says that they didn’t watch happy when they left the tavern. Lionel tells Scanlan that they most likely wasted the critical question.

Lionel claims goodbye come the duck, and also it paris away. Scanlan assures to to buy him part ducks as soon as they get back to Ank’Harel.

Scanlan goes to Whitestone castle. The knocks top top Grog’s door. Once Scanlan identify himself, Grog refuses come answer. Scanlan dimension doors in. Grog leaves the room.

Scanlan tries Pike next. She opens up the door.

Scanlan: “I know that us haven’t checked out each other in a while, and we left on monster terms, and also everything that’s happened between us… yet I want you to recognize that I organized no ok will in the direction of you. And I say thanks to you for agreeing come my inquiry a while earlier to watch after Kaylie if ns were to fall. And also I’m happy it didn’t come to that, but it’s an honor to understand that girlfriend even taken into consideration it.”

She slaps Scanlan.

Pike asks if that remembers what that said before he left. She reminds him the he accused castle of maintaining him alive with “weird fucking magic.” She speak him that she has committed her life come divinity and brought him back to be with Kaylie for this reason she would not have actually to fulfill her promise.

Scanlan admits the he was no a an excellent friend nor teammate, but he tells her that he is happy v who that is now. He wishes that at some point she will fulfill him as he is now. He claims that that is happy learning his daughter and also being comfortable v himself. He states now, that is not trying to do everyone happy. He regrets that she met that in the past and not the present. She says that perhaps they will satisfy again one day. They bid each various other a good night.

Scanlan phones Vex end the earrings come say the his setup did no work. She do the efforts to reassure him that these points take time. The rest of castle (including Tary) chime in that they will go to Ank’Harel for one last adventure.

Scanlan pipeline the rock Grog gave him external of the goliath’s door.

At morning light, they satisfy with Scanlan and also Lionel and begin their journey to Ank’Harel. Pike passes Scanlan a bag the shorties.

To be continued…

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