Admit it; nothing is worse than a typically crashing game or the one that refsupplies to respond eexceptionally time you launch it. Well, one such game we are talking about this day is, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). Lately, thousands of users are reporting the launch problems while playing the multiplayer first-person shooter video game. Eextremely time a game is collection to launch, it keeps crashing & eventually stops. Though, nobody could predict the specific reason of “CSGO Crashing On Startup Error”, but definitely your hardware & software settings have the right to be blamed.

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Have No Time To Read The Workarounds To Resettle “CSGO Not Responding On Launch” error on Windows PC? Well, watch this quick video tutorial to learn some significant fixes!

Best Fixes To Refix CSGO Crashing On Startup Error (2021)

You might not need to try every one of the fixes discussed below. Just walk your way dvery own the list one by one to uncover the appropriate one:

Top Tips & TricksHow To Fix CS: GO Won’t Launch On Windows COMPUTER Issue? <2021>

Workroughly 1Restart Your Computer
Workroughly 2 Run CSGO As Administrator 
Workaround 3 Reset CSGO Configuration Settings
Workabout 4 Upday Graphics Drivers (Recommended Way)
Workroughly 5 Check For Windows Updates
Workroughly 6 Verify The Integrity Of Game Files
Workapproximately 7 Disable The Compatibility Mode
Workroughly 8 End Unimportant Processes
Workaround 9 Stop Overclocking Your CPU
Workroughly 10 Reinstall The Game

Workroughly 1 – Rebegin Your Computer

Sometimes, turning off & on have the right to aid you gain earlier on track – Yes seriously! A quick reboot refreshes your PC & cleans ameans the existing claims of the software program which can be triggering the “CSGO Crashing On Startup Error” on Windows COMPUTER.

Workroughly 2 – Run CSGO As Administrator

Here’s one more means to solve CS: GO Not Launching Error on Windows 10. Try to run your gamer as administrator. In most of the situations, it helps civilization to avoid applying advanced solutions and also resolve it easily by doing the following: Exit the Steam > Right-click Steam symbol (located on your desktop) > Properties > Head in the direction of the Compatibility tab > Check the option “Run this regimen as an administrator” > Apply > OK to save the alters. Now, you can double-click Steam to launch it in administrator > Open CSGO. Hopefully, it must commonly be working!

Workaround 3 – Recollection CSGO Configuration Settings

Sometimes, reestablishing the game’s configuration settings to standard ones can aid people resolve the “CSGO Not Responding On Launch” difficulty on COMPUTER. Do the following to reset Counter-Strike settings: Open File Explorer > Input the ‘C:Program Files (x86)SteamuserdataYOUR STEAM ID730localcfg’ & Click OK > Find & delete the file with name ‘autoexec.cfg’ > Launch CS: GO to check whether the procedure has been used or not.

Workapproximately 4 – Upday Graphics Drivers (Recommfinished Way)

Well for a number of users, having a corrupted or faulty graphic card driver might likewise be responsible for encountering CSGO Crashing On Startup Error. So, please upday your vehicle drivers regularly. To encertain, you never miss a brand-new driver upday variation from official manufacturers, use Smart Driver Care. A one-sheight solution to fix driver-related issues in a couple of clicks. You can schedule automatic scanning so that it finds & installs the many compatible vehicle drivers for your tools as an as soon as forced. To understand more around Smart Drive Care, click here!


Workaround 5 – Uninstall The Latest Windows Update

It shows up that a number of players began suffering the ‘CSGO Stops Responding After Launch’ problem after updating the Windows to a current version. Though brand-new Windows updays are intended to carry bug fixes & performance enhancements, it have the right to additionally mess up through certain in-game settings. So, try uninstalling the latest Windows update to check out if it fixes the issue while playing Counter-Strike.

Workapproximately 6 – Verify The Integrity Of Video Game Files

Well, sometimes the game files acquire corrupted or damaged, which results in constant crashes. Chances are your CSGO is dealing with the launch worries because of these corrupted or missing documents. So, here’s what you should do to verify the integrity of CS: GO papers. Run Steam > Head towards the Library > Find & right-click Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Choose its Properties > Head in the direction of the Local Files tab & click Verify Integrity of Game Files. Now, you have the right to relaunch the game to view if it’s functioning well.

Workaround 7 – Disable The Compatibility Mode

Several players have actually reported that enabled Compatibility mode have the right to additionally reason launch issues via CSGO on Windows COMPUTER. So, we recommend our individuals to disable Compatibility Setting temporarily to settle CSGO crashing on Startup issues. To disable the mode, follow the path: Head in the direction of the CS: GO installation magazine > find the csgo.exe file > right-click it and go to its Properties. Head towards its Compatibility tab > uncheck the Run as Administrator & Compatibility Mode alternative. Click on the Apply > OK button to apply the changes. Run Counter-Strike & check out if you are still witnessing problems after launch.

Workaround 8 – End Unessential Processes

If your system is running plenty of processes, it can be consuming lots of memory & CPU sources. This can be triggering the CSGO crashing on Startup issue. So, encertain all the unwanted programs and also procedures are quit from the background to protect against such worries. You deserve to finish the process, by following the path: Launch Task Manager > Right-click processes that are running unvital > click on the End Process choice. Now start the Counter-Strike game to view if it resolves the launch concerns.

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Workapproximately 9 – Sheight Overclocking Your CPU

Well, overclocking your CPU is undoubtedly an excellent method to make your system run much faster. But at the very same time, it is necessary to collection your CPU clock rate rate to the default, to make sure it doesn’t hamper other resources. Here’s the list of Best Overclocking Software that you can try for running heavy-software application without any hassles, enjoy faster performance & even more. This would certainly undoubtedly assist you to fix the CSGO crashing on Startup difficulty on Windows COMPUTER.

Workroughly 10 – Reinstall The Game

If namong the fixes discussed above helps you to resolve CSGO not launching on COMPUTER, the last retype is to uninstall & install the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game. Follow the course closely to carry out so: Run Steam > Library > Right-click the CSGO game > Uninstall > Delete > Exit Steam. Make sure to delete the associated documents also to eradicate the game. Consider making use of dedicated Windows Uninstallers for the objective. Run Steam to download & install CSGO again!

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