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With this name brand behind it and over 6,500 five Star reviews, it’s no wonder that the Cuisinart GR-4n 5-in-1 Griddler is an online bestseller in table grills!


Rating: 4.6 the review by Susan

Is the Cuisinart Griddler perfect? fine no, but…

I searched difficult to discover something wrong v this grill, read hundreds of reviews, comments, questions, and complaints. Yes, ns did uncover some complaints.

Yet after all my research study I’d still provide it 5 stars since it’s versatile, it’s a very great value because that the price, and thousands that happy owners absolutely love it.

Is this the best indoor grill for you? Keep analysis to gain all the details for this reason you can make your own decision.

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The exact name of this version is the Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler. This is one indoor, respond to top call grill that has actually removable plates, flexible temperature controls, and lots more features the the best selling models, however it expenses less than several of its surname brand competitors.


Sturdy construction – brushed stainless stole housingFloating covering – accommodates foods items of miscellaneous thicknessWide panini-style handleRemovable, reversible, non-stick grill plates, every dishwasher safeSlope plate design – allows grease to drainpipe off foodsAdjustable temperature controls & role selectorWaffle Plates easily accessible (sold separately)3 Year limited Warranty

This grill is reasonably compact, 11 1/2 customs by 13 1/2 inches, and the brushed stainless exterior provides it a bit of a stylish look. The floating cover allows you to chef thick or slim foods and also makes the perfect as a panini press. Another really nice attribute is that this model has actually three control dials the let you adjust the heat based on the type of food you’re cooking.

For healthier eating, the steep grill bowl design enables grease to drainpipe from foods and into the drip tray in ~ the behind of the unit.

For less complicated cleaning, every the grill plates space removable and also dishwasher safe.

Those space the basics, but here’s one of the many attractive attributes of this product —Unlike countless other models in this price range, the Cuisinart Griddler will open completely so that the optimal folds all the means back to rest level ~ above the counter. You have the right to then grill or griddle ~ above both plates in ~ once, i beg your pardon doubles the obtainable cooking surface ar area.Keep in mental that as soon as the Griddler is opened flat, the appliance will take increase a lot an ext counter space, yet if you have actually the room, there space times as soon as all the extra food preparation area can come in yes, really handy!

I did discover one feasible drawback come the Cuisinart Griddler. In virtual reviews, some civilization complain that grease has tendency to swimming pool on the grill plates rather than drainpipe off into the drip tray. While i wouldn’t completely discount those concerns, the first thing come be mindful of is that you need to use this grill ~ above a level surface. You might be surprised to discover out the your kitchen countertop isn’t as level together you think, particularly if friend live in an older dwelling. Several owners reported that they solved the trouble easily by put something under the front foot of the unit to elevate it slightly (the grease needs to circulation from front to ago because the drip tray is located at the earlier of the unit). Poor drainage would absolutely be a big downside, but I uncovered that ~ above balance, a lot much more owners reported that drainage was no a difficulty at all.

Adjustable Temperature Settings – The GR-4N offers you a many of regulate over food preparation temperatures. It has actually 3 dials, all situated on the front:

The center knob lets you select in between the Griddle function or the Grill/Panini FunctionThe left knob allows you pick temperature variety from 200°F come 425°F once using the appliance as full griddle.The best knob lets you readjust the setup from “warm” come “sear” once using the appliance as a contact grill, panini press or full grill.

When you use the unit together a fifty percent Grill, fifty percent Griddle, you have the right to use one of two people of the dials for choosing a temperature setting.

This level that heat manage is a large plus because that anyone who plans to use the grill a lot and also cook a variety of foods.

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Exterior Dimensions: 11.5″ x 13.5″ 7.1″

Size of food preparation Surface:When making use of the Cuisinart Griddler with the lid closed, the obtainable cooking surface ar measures around 100 square inches.

When making use of this grill in its fully open position, you can use both bowl at as soon as so you have actually twice together much food preparation surface area to use.

Grill weighs 8 pounds, and also the shipping weight is 11 pounds. (Weights space approximate.)

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What’s Included

The Cuisinart GR-4N Grill includes:

2 reversible grill key – one next is ribbed, the various other is flatCleaning/scraping toolInstruction booklet with gourmet recipes

Though the unit includes only two plates, they are reversible. because of that and the reality that the grill will certainly open totally flat, you have the right to use this unit in 5 different ways, as a:

Contact GrillPanini PressFull GrillFull GriddleHalf Grill, half Griddle

What is a “Half Grill, half Griddle”? This just way that due to the fact that the plates space reversible and also interchangeable, you have the choice to usage a level griddle bowl on one side and also a ribbed grill bowl on the other.

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Optional Accessories


Waffle Plates: marketed separately, this non-stick baking key are likewise dishwasher safe. They room designed to make deep pocketed, 3/4″ thick Belgian waffles. You can bake 4 waffles at a time.

These waffle plates have the right to be ordered straight from the manufacturer’s website, yet they’re also practically always accessible on Amazon. You’ll certainly want to inspect Amazon’s price top top them prior to you buy.

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Customer Reviews

As is not uncommon, you’ll uncover the usual bad reviews digital from people who got a damaged or malfunctioning unit, and also they either never bothered to attempt a return, or castle did obtain a return or refund and good customer service yet still gave only a 1 Star review. To mine mind this hardly seems fair. As far as I have the right to determine, Cuisinart stand behind the products and honors your warranties. Nowhere could I find any type of evidence to the contrary.

Also worth mentioning is that you may discover this grill a little bulky for storage. There is no method to lock the unit closeup of the door so that it might be save upright (on that side), and also the take care of will take up part extra an are in your cabinet or pantry.

On the positive side, thousands give the GR-4N rave reviews. Owners for sure love utilizing it together a panini press, as well as for food preparation all type of meats, vegetables, pancakes, eggs and other breakfast foods. plenty of of them mentioned just how much they enjoy having the larger food preparation surface when the grill is opened up flat.

A couple of folks discussed that removing the plates deserve to be a little tricky until you acquire the hang of it, yet they had no regrets. The removable plates make cleanup for this reason quick and also easy castle would never ever go ago to a grill that doesn’t have actually them.

Average customer Rating (Out of 5 Stars): 4.6

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Includes reversible, interchangable, dishwasher safe plates for grilling or griddlingWorks good as a panini pressOptional waffle key are available and not difficult to findAdjustable temperature controls v multiple choice of settingsLower price than equivalent models


Some individuals report troubles with drainageSomewhat bulky for storage (Back come Top)

Cuisinart Griddler testimonial – GR-4N: Summary

This is a compact tiny indoor grill v a lot come offer. It has all the ideal features of any type of grill in this price range, to add it supplies the “open flat” option that lets you double your cooking area when you require to. The two had plates make it fairly versatile, and if you like you can also buy the waffle plates to offer your appliance one more function.

For all it offers, the expense is reasonable and also far much less than a lot of of equivalent models.

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Considering the tremendous variety of excellent reviews, the Cuisinart Griddler comes in together a top pick due to the fact that it’s such a great value for this price selection and has actually a high level of as whole consumer satisfaction.