Cuisinart is just one of the most well-known kitchenware brand in the world, best known because that food processors, blenders, coffee makers, and other little appliances.

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But the brand uses an extensive variety of stainless steel and non-stick cookware, too.

If she in the market for brand-new pots and also pans, you might be wondering whether Cuisinart is any kind of good.

In this comprehensive review the Cuisinart cookware, I reveal its pros, cons, and also everything you need to know.

You’ll learn:

How that madeHow that performsHow the compares to its best competitorsDownsidesHow much it costsAnd lot more

By the end, you’ll have all the facts vital to decide if Cuisinart cookware belongs in her kitchen.

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The an initial thing you’ll notification when researching Cuisinart cookware is that is classy and also functional design.

It’s no the flashiest cookware, however it’s no dull and boring either. The the form of cookware that goes well in any kind of kitchen and could it is in mistaken for a premium brand choose All-Clad or made In.

Cuisinart uses several collections, all with unique design elements. However in this section, I offer you one up-close look at one of their most renowned collections, the Cuisinart experienced Series.

Impact-Bonded Base

What’s the difference?

Fully-clad cookware boasts more even heat circulation due come its construction: a heat conductive core with layered steel throughout the whole pan.

Impact-bonded cookware delivers even heat ~ above the bottom but not increase the sides.

If you’re looking to obtain the best performance native a stainless stole set, go v a fully-clad choice like Cuisinart Multiclad pro (but expect to salary more). If you want stainless steel at a lower price, opt because that an impact-bonded alternative like Cuisinart skilled Series.

Non-stick Performance

Cuisinart coats plenty of of the non-stick pans with Quantanium, a PTFE-based non-stick formulation reinforced through titanium for longevity and also durability.

Its other pans space coating with classic PTFE-based coating that’s not reinforced through titanium. Both room PFOA-free, metal utensil-safe, and require tiny or no oil to avoid sticking.

Cuisinart likewise offers ceramic coating (PTFE and also PFOA-free) on the Ceramica XT and also GreenGourmet collections. 

Ceramic non-stick pans room advertised together healthier, but the fact is that the coating easily breaks down and also loses that is non-stick powers conveniently (learn an ext in this guide to the pros and cons that ceramic non-stick cookware).

So, if you’re feather for more durable, higher-performing non-stick cookware, go through a Cuisinart repertoire coating special Quantantium or timeless PTFE coatings. The optimal collections in those categories are Chef’s Classic, Advantage, and Contour difficult Anodized.

Oven-Safe Cookware

Most Cuisinart cookware collections space oven-safe approximately 500°F. If you decide to use the lid, the glass covers space oven for sure to 350°F, and also the stainless lids deserve to withstand approximately 500°F.

Broiler-Safe Cookware

A handful of Cuisinart collections space broiler-safe, including:

Cuisinart Multiclad ProCuisinart Chef’s standard StainlessCuisinart professional SeriesCuisinart French classic Tri-Ply

Induction Compatible Cookware

If you have an induction cooktop, you will do it be happy to know that Cuisinart offers several induction-compatible options, including:

Cuisinart Ceramica XT NonstickCuisinart facets Pro Induction NonstickCuisinart Multiclad ProCuisinart Chef’s standard Stainless (even the copper option)Cuisinart French standard Tri-PlyCuisinart professional SeriesCuisinart Hammered collection Tri-Ply

The bottom line is the performance of Cuisinart cookware varies by collection.

If you want the ideal heat conduction, go through a fully-clad stainless stole collection fairly than impact-bonded.

If you want the most long lasting non-stick cookware with straightforward food release, select one the the collection that functions a PTFE-based non-stick coating fairly than ceramic.

Heat Conduction Test

So just how does Cuisinart compare v other famous cookware brands as much as warm conduction and also retention?

To uncover out, ns ran a simple test.

First, ns poured 2 cups that cold water into the Professional collection 12-inch fry pan. I inserted the pan top top a gas burner top top high heat and set a stopwatch to measure just how long it took because that the water to boil.

I carried out the exact same test with GreenPan, HexClad, All-Clad, Calphalon, and Misen pans.

Below are the results:

PanTime to an initial BubblesTime come Boil
Cuisinart 12-inch fry pan2 minutes and 52 seconds4 minutes and also 11 seconds
GreenPan 8-inch fried food pan1 minute and 47 seconds2 minutes and also 41 seconds
HexClad 12-inch fry pan1 minute and 40 seconds2 minutes and also 30 seconds
All-Clad 12-inch skillet1 minute and also 55 seconds2 minutes and also 55 seconds
Calphalon 12-inch fried food pan1 minute and also 45 seconds2 minutes and 40 seconds
Misen 10-inch fried food pan1 minute and also 50 seconds2 minutes and also 45 seconds

As you deserve to see, the Cuisinart pan cook the slowest of all of the pans i tested.

Also, the balloon were no uniformly distributed, which shows uneven warmth conduction.

The largest bubbles were near the political parties (where the walls space thin), and there to be noticeable spots near the facility of the pan with minimal bubbles.

All various other pans, other than Calphalon, developed evenly spread bubbling.

The crucial takeaway is that Cuisinart, at the very least its impact-bonded experienced Series, heats increase slower and also less evenly 보다 the brand’s peak competition.

Heat Retention Test

After record the results of the warm conduction test, i poured out the boiling water and collection each pan beside on a countertop. Five minutes later, ns pressed the palm of mine hand on the food preparation surface to check its heat retention.

The cooking surface of the Cuisinart fry pan to be barely warm, and there to be zero warmth remaining in the political parties of the pan.

I to be surprised that the cooking surface shed most the its heat because it’s made through a special aluminum base (aluminum conducts and also retains warm well), however I wasn’t surprised the sides to be cool since they’re make of just a slim layer the steel.

As a comparison, the five other pans i tested were all considerably warmer after 5 minutes, and the Misen pan to be still warm after ten minutes.

Although the Cuisinart pan performs well once it concerns everyday cooking, numerous other options heat more evenly, retain warmth longer, and deliver far better performance overall.


Before you decision if Cuisinart cookware is suitable for her kitchen, you require to understand its downsides.

Overall Construction

I’ve cooking with numerous stainless stole pans at every price levels, and Cuisinart, although it looks great, isn’t on the very same level in terms of top quality standards as brands choose All-Clad and Made In.

Right out of the box, ns noticed several noticeable dents and also dings on the handle, other you never see with luxury cookware. Merely put, Cuisinart’s quality standards room lacking.

Uneven warmth Distribution

As my test results revealed, Cuisinart’s impact-bonded stainless steel cookware does not deliver continuous heat come the pan’s sides. Furthermore, its slim sides are much more likely come warp.

Lightweight and Unbalanced Feel

Some Cuisinart collections feel as well lightweight. The handles room hollow and made v thin metal, so most of the pan’s weight is in that base. That provides it feeling unbalanced, especially when you’re transferring a full pan from the cooktop to the oven.


The stainless steel cookware is vulnerable to staining, discoloration, and pitting. The sleek stainless steel looks pretty at an initial but reflects fingerprints easily, requiring you to wipe the constantly to save it looking good.

However, the non-stick cookware is basic to clean and doesn’t require lot maintenance in ~ all.


Almost every Cuisinart cookware is make in China. That explains the more affordable pricing, yet it leaves part questions about the manufacturing standards.


One that the greatest benefits of Cuisinart cookware is its low price tag. That almost fifty percent the expense of All-Clad and, in many cases, significantly cheaper 보다 Calphalon.

It’s essential to keep in mind that Cuisinart provides a range of prices.

For example, the Multiclad Pro and also French standard collections space the many expensive collection made native premium fully-clad steel, if the Chef’s standard and benefit collections room two that the cheapest.

To see current prices ~ above Amazon because that Cuisinart cookware, please evaluation the adhering to table:

CookwarePriceView Details
Cuisinart Multiclad agree 12-Piece SetAmazon
Cuisinart Chef"s standard 17-Piece SetAmazon
Cuisinart Chef"s standard 11-Piece SetAmazon
Cuisinart benefit 11-Piece SetAmazon
Cuisinart benefit Ceramica XT 11-Piece SetAmazon
Cuisinart Chef"s standard 12-Inch SkilletAmazon
Cuisinart MultiClad agree 8-Inch SkilletAmazon
Cuisinart GreenGourmet 8-Inch SkilletAmazon
Cuisinart contour 10-Inch open SkilletAmazon
Cuisinart French classic 5.5-Quart Sauté PanAmazon

Product prices and access are specific as of the date/time indicated and also are subject to change. Any kind of price and ease of access information presented on at the time of acquisition will use to the purchase of this product.

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Where is Cuisinart made?

Most Cuisinart cookware is make in China, except for the Cuisinart French classic Tri-Ply collection, which, as its surname suggests, is made in France.

How plenty of cookware collections does Cuisinart offer?

Cuisinart features several non-stick and stainless stole cookware collections, including:Non-stick:– Cuisinart Dishwasher for sure Anodized– Cuisinart Chef’s classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized– Cuisinart GreenGourmet Hard-Anodized Nonstick– Cuisinart advantage Nonstick– Cuisinart contour Hard-Anodized– Cuisinart Ceramica XT Nonstick– Cuisinart aspects Pro Induction Nonstick– Cuisinart SmartNest NonstickStainless Steel:– Cuisinart Multiclad Pro– Cuisinart Chef’s Classic– Cuisinart Copper Tri-Ply– Cuisinart Hammered Tri-Ply– Cuisinart expert Series– Cuisinart French standard Tri-Ply– Cuisinart black color Stainless– Cuisinart Mica-Shine Stainless– Cuisinart SmartNest Stainless– Cuisinart Forever Stainless

What is Cuisinart cookware made of?

Cuisinart offers four cookware types: aluminum, hard-anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and also copper.Stainless stole cookware is either fully-clad or single-ply v an encapsulated (cladded or impact-bonded) base to improve cooking performance and also heat distribution.The copper offerings are fully-clad through a copper exterior, aluminum core, and steel cooking surface.The non-stick surfaces space coated v either a PTFE-based or ceramic material.You have the right to learn around the differences in between these products in my thorough guide to the ideal cookware materials.

How perform you clean Cuisinart cookware?

For ideal long-term results, all Cuisinart collections have to be hand-washed in warm water through a mild detergent. Cuisinart claims that countless of the collections space dishwasher safe. In fact, among the collections is named Dishwasher safe Anodized.Use your best judgment and constantly read the treatment instructions on every collection.

Is Cuisinart cookware induction compatible?

If you have actually an induction cooktop, you will do it be happy to know that countless of Cuisinart’s offerings space induction-compatible.All that its stainless stole cookware is induction-compatible, and the Ceramica XT and also Elements agree Induction non-stick collections space too.

Is Cuisinart cookware oven-safe?

Cuisinart’s stainless steel and also hard-anodized aluminum collections room oven-safe up to 500°F, but the aluminum pans are only safe as much as 350°F.The stainless steel lids space oven-safe as much as 500°F, and the glass lids space oven-safe as much as 350°F.Check the end this rapid guide to check out a breakdown of the oven-safe temperatures for each Cuisinart collection.

Does Cuisinart cookware come with a warranty?

Cuisinart provides a minimal lifetime warranty to purchasers in the unified States and Canada that assures its assets to be free of manufacturing defects.Cuisinart will repair or replace any kind of cookware item that does not fulfill its manufacturing standards but not cookware that has actually been overheated, misused, or abused.

When walk Cuisinart launch?

Cuisinart hit the American sector in 1973 as soon as its founder, Carl Sontheimer, presented one that the an initial residential food processors to the American market. Since then, the brand has increased its offerings to include blenders, coffee makers, mixers, kitchen knives, and, of course, cookware.The agency has to be owned and also operated by the Conair Corporation since 1989. Conair, favor Cuisinart, is a respected surname in the retail market. That is recognized for creating beauty and home solutions that do life easier.

Where can you to buy Cuisinart cookware?

Cuisinart cookware is obtainable on Amazon and across multiple major retailers such as Kohl’s and Target.

Bottom Line: Is Cuisinart a great Cookware Brand?

After considering what Cuisinart needs to offer, the time to decision whether girlfriend think that a great choice for her kitchen.

Before I market my thoughts, let’s execute a rapid recap that the pros and cons.


Cuisinart is one affordable brand with a range of price points to suit many budgets.Cuisinart provides multiple cookware collection made the stainless steel, aluminum, hard-anodized aluminum, and also copper. Its non-stick pans space coated in both traditional and also ceramic materials, depending upon the collection.All collections space oven-safe (including lids), and also many are additionally induction-compatible.It features a classic design with the choice of different finishes and colors, relying on the collection.Some collections sell time-saving aspects such as built-in measuring marks and also strainer holes.


Overall, there are some quality and production issues. Not all Cuisinart pans have imperfections, however there’s enough evidence the it that it’s worth considering.The impact-bonded basic cookware, such together the experienced Series, doesn’t distribute warm or maintain it as successfully as fully-clad cookware.Some pans feeling lightweight or improperly balanced (base heavy).The refined exterior watch elegant yet smudges easily.

So is Cuisinart cookware good?

Cuisinart is a respect brand providing decent cookware at a same price. The won’t critical forever and won’t perform practically as well as other an ext expensive brands, yet it it s okay the job done.

If it it s okay damaged, discolored, warped, or the non-stick coating attract down, you have the right to replace it without breaking the bank and also upgrade as soon as your budget plan allows.

However, if friend are searching for top-quality, long-lasting cookware, ns recommend brands prefer All-Clad, do In, and Calphalon end Cuisinart.

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You can compare prices and learn more about every of these brands in ~ the web links below:

If you decision to purchase Cuisinart stainless steel cookware, it’s worth investing in a fully-clad collection, such as Multiclad Pro. And also if you’re shopping for non-stick, choose a arsenal with Quantanium coating, such together Chef’s Classic. It will perform far better and last longer than the others.