follow this advantageous Destiny overview to complete the first part the a quest that will lead to the Sleeper Simulant, a new exotic weapon being dubbed the next GJallarhorn.

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Destiny Sleeper Simulant Quest
Destiny: The taken King has been filled with surprises – an exotic weapon only easily accessible on a particular day, a covert encounter in a well-known location, and also an Easter Egg covert in the new Raid. Players were surprised again today once a brand-new mission showed up in Destiny in ~ the daily reset, kicking turn off a search the Destiny community has actually been passionate seeking. The search for the Sleeper Simulant is officially on.

The Sleeper Simulant is one exotic combination rifle that goes in the hefty weapon slot. It has been referred to as the following Gjallarhorn, so it’s no wonder players have been clamoring because that it. Here’s how to finish the first section the the quest, i m sorry is at this time as much as players deserve to progress.

fusion Rifles because that the Gunsmith

because The take away King has actually launched, players have discovered an object that fall randomly by killing enemies, DVALIN combination rifles, that can be turned into the Gunsmith in the Tower because that reputation. Over there are 4 of these gold Age fusion rifles to find, and also they are necessary to unlock the quest for the Sleeper Simulant (most players have probably currently found and also turned this in).

The quest officially beginning on earth with a brand-new mission called The an initial Firewall, which sends players back into Rasputin’s Seraphim Vault. 4 waves of Hive and also Taken Knights will certainly spawn right into the room, adhered to by a boss. Once defeated that boss drops things called the Curious Transceiver. In a mechanic never prior to seen in Destiny, the Curious Transceiver needs the player to get in four passcodes to activate it.

Codes and also Nodes

The passcodes correspond to each tide of knights in The first Firewall mission and also the stimulate in which they spawn. It’s not tough to figure out when the secret is known, yet to make it easy, right here are the passcodes:

Passcode 1: Up under Up Up down Down down Up down

Passcode 2: Up under Up Up under Down increase Up

Passcode 3: Up under Down down Up under Down down Up up

Passcode 4: Up under Up under Up down Up up

~ entering the passcodes, the Curious Transceiver will start "broadcasting," and unlock one more mission referred to as Shadow Call. If players to be doing the an initial mission in a fireteam, they’ll have to separation up and also complete this one solo. Shadow contact takes location in the final areas the Cayde’s Stash mission, providing players 4 minutes to gain to the peak of the tower. Through time the the essence, it"s finest to run past all the enemies until getting to the top, where three Taken Wizards will spawn. Defeat them while limit and also a new item will certainly drop, the IKELOS combination Core.

The IKELOS blend Core has five nodes, which will certainly be set off by doing specific tasks in the game. Activate the top left node by completing The save mission on Venus (it does not matter whether the is the Heroic variation or not). Next, dismantle a legendary heavy weapon (it can be a Year One or a Year two weapon) come activate the peak right node. The center and bottom nodes are activated by completing ‘Defend the Warsat’ public events on Earth, the Moon, and also Mars. Use to view where and also when these occasions are spawning next. Note that the Warsat top top the collapse S.A.B.E.R. Strike does not count.

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What"s Next?

when that’s done, the IKELOS combination Core will certainly be reactivated and also players will take it to Banshee-44 in the Tower. When turned in, half an hour tells football player they’ll have to wait when he shows it come the City’s Foundries, an that’s it because that now. The quest comes to a halt at the point.

it’s unknown just how long the wait for the next quest step will be. It might be following Wednesday top top Armsday, similar to the exotic sword quest. It can be a arbitrarily waiting duration similar to how the Elder Cipher functioned in home of Wolves. Nobody knows for sure. We’ll update this post when the next part of the Sleeper Simulant search becomes available.

The following Step

after waiting through the reset, any who completed their IKELOS core were greeted by the Gunsmith v a brand-new part of the quest. Banshe-44 requests the players visit a irradiate level 280 version of the please S.A.B.E.R. Strike and also complete the mission. Once done, the boss will drop a Sleeper Simulant frame, and returning the framework to half an hour delivers a shiny new Sleeper Simulant. It appears most the the hard work come in charging up the IKELOS core, and also now the reward is a irradiate level 290 exotic fusion rifle railgun heavy weapon. That"s a mouthful.

examine out the Sleeper Simulant in activity below:

have actually you completed the first part of the Sleeper Simulant quest? carry out you like this new an approach in Destiny the earning exotics through quests?

Destiny: The take away King is easily accessible now because that PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and also Xbox One.