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Everyone adhering to the game has a keen interest in the map the Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City. However, let’s no forget Cyberpunk 2020 and also how that relates to the upcoming game. This day Talsorian gamings has a an excellent freebie on offer, the full standard Cyberpunk 2020 map for download.

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When the Night City publication for Cyberpunk 2020 was released it had a 34×22 customs map and also that’s what’s on offer today. The download is s a full-size 600 and 150 dpi images of the map and also there’s permission to print this off. The bigger image file comes in at approximately 179Mb and also the picture size is 20064px x 13082px in situation you to be wondering, It’s pretty huge making it ideal for printing.

It could make for part interesting wall surface art to accompany every your various other Cyberpunk paraphernalia. Listed below is the tweet and also link come snag her copy now.

On #FreeRPGDay please visit your local video game story and BUY something!

You can also pick increase the standard Cyberpunk 2020 Night City map for totally free at

— R. Talsorian gamings Making Cyberpunk and Witcher (
RTalsorianGames) July 25, 2020

Classic Cyberpunk 2020 Map Image


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