Dan left and also has two brand-new Youtube channels he runs now, new Frame Plus and PlayFrame. Us cover both collection over top top r/FramePlus. People really don’t evaluate just how much time Dan had to put right into EC each week simply to be a narrator for various other peoples words.

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What happened to the original hold of extra credits?

Dan left unceremoniously ~ a small scandal involving James and workplace harrasment. He has actually taken sole ownership of the Extra pat channel and rebranded it as PlayFrame and likewise runs a brand-new channel called brand-new Frame Plus.

Who is Jordan d heart science?

Spirit science was created by Jordan David Pearce Duchnycz and also is literally one of the many batshit stunner YouTube channels you’ll more than likely ever find on the internet.

Who started Spirit science?

Kevin Sharpe

What is Spirit science Wikipedia?

Anthroposophy is a philosophy established in the at an early stage 20th century by the esotericist Rudolf Steiner the postulates the presence of an objective, intellectually comprehensible spiritual world, easily accessible to person experience.

How dependable is extra credits?

Lets it is in honest: extra credits is completely bottom tier when you talking around historical accuracy. They room fun and also interesting however their continuous mistakes and how they must rectify every “series” in ~ the finish with a list of errors present incredible incompetence as soon as you’re talking about accuracy.

Is extra background a reliable source?

HistoryExtra strives to be the best and most trusted place for history content. We’re house to much more than 5,000 features and over 500 podcasts through world-renowned chroniclers including Dan Jones, Michael Wood, Suzannah Lipscomb, Tom Holland and also Tracy Borman.

How does extra credit assist students?

1. It deserve to Motivate Students. One reason teachers choose to offer extra credit transaction is to rise student motivation. If students are offered the chance to earn a few extra points on their very own terms (instead of gift required just like regular assignments), they may have an ext incentive and an ideas to execute so.

Is extra credit Unfair?

If you offer students too plenty of extra credit opportunities, that may create an imbalance in grading, i m sorry could permit a student to happen a course even if he/she has actually not met every one of the crucial learning standards. When offered as a “completion” grade, extra credit have the right to unfairly skew a student’s overall course grade.

Why walk extra credit transaction motivate students?

The use of extra credit can be an effective motivational teaching and also learning tool. The can increase students’ curiosity and expose the fun, profitable side of learning. Bonus inquiries on exams can assist ease part student anxiety about test taking and also grades and also give some informal feedback around your course.

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Does extra credit help your GPA?

Your GPA becomes harder to change with time, since the much more credits you have actually completed, the less affect grade points have when GPA is calculated.