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The authorize in well-known Culture: song LyricsIt"s one point to have the Hollywood authorize in a music video, yet it’s another to sing around it. Here’s a collection of song that cite the Hollywood sign in that is lyrics.Are we missing a song lyric? Let us know and get credit for your discovery!

By warm Chelle Rae

…We’re going at it this evening tonightThere’s a party ~ above the rooftop peak of the worldTonight tonight and we’re dance on the edge of the Hollywood signI don’t know if I’ll make it but watch how an excellent I’ll fake itIt’s all right, every right, tonight, tonight…


by The Jonas Brothers

…My heart goes eight as the stars walk blue,Like a sea of mobile lights,The moon gets light together the sunlight goes down,Somewhere behind the hollywood sign,Have you ever before felt choose your living in the shadows?Have you ever before felt preserved down?I understand sometimes that it feels prefer a battle,But it can turn around…

By Miley Cyrus

…I hopped off the plane at LAX v a dream and my cardiganWelcome to the soil of fame, excess, whoa am i gotta to the right in?Jumped in the cab, right here I am because that the very first timeLook to my right, and I view the Hollywood sign…


…I’m gonna lose my mindGet 30 customs spinners and also pimp mine rideGo ago in time, be there the night and also save 2 Pac’s lifeThen pay my fine because that getting captured f***ing top top the Hollywood signI gained the game on lockI’ll have a bottle and also a glockwith biceps prefer The RockBuy Tom’s soul back from Rupert Murdoch…


By Nico Vega

…Till the following time that we satisfy at the peak of the Hollywood Sign.Don’t leaving me next to the swimming pool bar wherein I’m every alone v the concience the fate.I’ll pick my favorite beverage and also vomit it increase on the chest of my date.The names Baby, and also in the point out light ns a actual lady however when the cameras off, i die slowly. I’ve acquired Entourage however they dont understand me. Cuz ns the ghost the the Hollywood Sign…

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By Jo Dee Messina

…He said do you understand where Carson livesSo us drove up to MalibuCruisin’ under Sunset StripI let him steal a kiss or twoUnder the Hollywood signI tried to hide a laugh as i whispered lowI wanna be the very first to call youHere us say Rodel, not rodeo…

By Billy Prewitt

Well the time that i be California boundGot to lose this little one equine townTold everybody the I got to goSo i packed mine bags and also got out on the road

All mine friends stated I would never get half wayBut I just passed the city borders of LAStrangers rigid at me as they to walk byI can’t think my eyesHere i am at 5th & Vine….Just Standin’ below starin’ at the Hollywood Sign

California sunshine can not be beatI praise the sand right under mine feetThere’s the magic native on the hill skyWith the sun setup right behindIt really makes me feel so fineJust Standin’ here starin’ at the Hollywood Sign

Now Tensile city was no mistakeI jammed about then ns made mine breakThe work-related paid off and also my dream come trueNow ns couldn’t lay turn off it if I want toSo i bought me a small place appropriate under that hillAnd as soon as I watch up i still get a thrillI’ve come a long method from days unable to do pastAnd periodically I just need to laughWhen i think way back to the timeWhen ns was Standin’ over there starin’ in ~ the Hollywood Sign