A little bit of inside expertise is all that"s needed to revolve the fight against Mytha into a doddle. Use our guide to finish the fight much quicker.

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Mytha deserve to be a actual pain in the neck if you let her create too a lot distance between the pair of you. Follow our overview to the methods associated in this fight, yet, and you need to have actually no trouble looting the Baneful Queen Soul from her twitching corpse.

How to kill Mytha, the Baneful Queen

Be incredibly wary of the poiboy that circles the battlearea throughout this fight. If you torched the windmill earlier on, you shouldn"t check out poiboy almost everywhere else. If you perform, and also you die during the fight against Mytha, back-track and also burn the windmill down to make points a lot much easier.

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Stay near to Mytha unless she gets too close to that poikid. You deserve to expect her to usage a three-hit combo against you through her spear, in enhancement to a swirling, up-cshed body spin. The good news is that you can block every one of these attacks without shedding also a lot stamina. The bad news is that tbelow isn"t a great deal of downtime between her attacking patterns. You"ll just have the ability to acquire a couple of whacks in in between her flurries as an outcome.

If at any point she creates a little range between you both, obtain all set for one of a pair of attacks. She can select to come dashing at you with the pointy finish of her spear, a move you deserve to either block outbest or dart left or ideal to stop. Conversely, if you check out her head start to glow, acquire all set to dash to the left or appropriate and dodge the magical missiles she"s around to fire. You will not have extremely long to acquire out of the means of this second strike, so stay alert.

As lengthy as you try to minimize the distance between you and also Mytha at all times, you have to be able to sevedepend limit her attacking options. If you prevent the perimeter poikid, capture up any kind of distance she creates quickly, and also patiently whittle her wellness dvery own, you shouldn"t have also much obstacle finishing off this boss.

As soon as Mytha"s dead, make your means through the poison, go with the door ahead of you, and then take the stairs up. Get in the lift, then walk with the door on your right as soon as it stops to acquire accessibility to the Iron Keep.

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