I’m do the efforts to usage a Dualshock 4 through Dark Souls II. It functions in Steam big Picture Mode yet once the video game starts all I have the right to do is use the trackpad come move and also click the mouse. I have used the Dualshock 4 for years. Ns played Dark Souls II ~ above Windows through it. Any ideas?

Did you try to look right into Controller construction in vapor Settings? enable/disable the particular controller built-in support?

Yes. I’ve gone through the main settings and game details settings. If i uncheck all controllers yet generic then the video game will review the controller but the buttons are mapped incorrectly and also the camera rotates permanently.

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Did you get this sorted? i have had no problems playing dark souls 2 through a dualshock 4 end bluetooth for the past 2 years.

Do you have the game-devices-udev package installed?

I have in steam controller setup game stations controllers ticked and use simply a generic layout.

I didn’t, give thanks to you for responding. Ns tried a couple of different things. I can acquire the game to review the controller but then the buttons space mapped wrong. Prefer I claimed it worked in home windows for me and also actually worked a couple of months ago but i can’t psychic if the was windows or Linux. It operated fine for some other games, NieR: Automata and also Sekiro: Shadows dice Twice, ~ above Linux. No idea what is up through Dark Souls II. I’ve read other civilization having comparable problems however no solutions.

The trick appears to be, get vapor to recognise the controller together a playstations controller, it gift it to gamings as xinput 360 controller and also everything functions fine, unless the video game has native DirectInput assistance which i’m pretty certain dark souls doesn’t.

I have no proviso what go on at a wine and also kernel level yet for me dualshock 3+4 were plug and also play so long as I offered the vapor input wrapper.

I can only recommend some light reading



Of food the gentoo short article you’ll have to adapt slightly.

Edit: on Protondb one user cases enabling steam input renders DS4 work and one user claims to have provided up and used an xbox. Ns guess it’s just yymv.

…I’m more than likely bot being very helpful

n_b 22 January 2021 22:06 #7

You are helping plenty! I evaluate it. I simply bought Spyro and the controller won’t work-related with it either

. This should be miscellaneous unrelated come the game. I’m confused due to the fact that it worked before! I offered this controller top top Linux v NieR: Automata and Sekiro: Shadows die Twice for certain. The will work to navigate vapor but not in the game. This circumstances will probably be advantageous though. Say thanks to you because that the links.

realmain 22 January 2021 23:59 #8

From mine experience, some Proton gamings just doesn’t process the controller well with the shift layer. For some factor it processes my controller as a mouse?

Works good in pretty much all my other gamings though.

I wonder if it would certainly act differently if you try to use a vapor Controller or X-Box controller.

Maybe girlfriend can try to check out if GloriousEggroll’s Proton fixes the issue. This variation of Proton fixes other problems that I had in part games. Haven’t experiment it for the controller worry yet though.

n_b 22 January 2021 22:20 #9

The controller is known as a mouse right here as well. I have the right to use the touchpad to relocate the cursor roughly the screen and press it because that left clicks.

n_b 22 January 2021 22:31 #10

This is an odd systems I uncovered on Reddit but unchecking all of the controllers in settings permitted the controller to work. Walking to download Dark Souls II and also see if it works for it as well.

BusinessOrc 22 January 2021 23:16 #11

This has to be something distinctly problematic through your setup. So countless variables.

Spyro likewise should work simply fine. (Does because that me)

You’re no running heavy steam from flatpak space you? walk you check you mounted that package (game-devices-udev)? she not using steam-native or steam-linux-integration space you?

n_b 22 January 2021 23:48 #12

I carry out not know what flatpak is. I have both steam-native and also steam-linux-integration installed and also game-devices-udev.

realmain 23 January 2021 00:00 #13

The controller is recognized as a mouse here as well.

Maybe friend can shot to disable joystick from regulating mouse and see if the helps.


n_b 23 January 2021 00:06 #14

Thank you for the suggestion. I tried law that once I very first ran into this issue and also it didn’t work but earlier now I thought around looking into that again and found a various solution the did work. The controller no longer works choose a mouse.

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BusinessOrc 23 January 2021 12:09 #15

I have actually both steam-native and steam-linux-integration

Remove them

n_b 23 January 2021 18:56 #16

Nothing appears to have changed.

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