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Verse 1: DrayI iggity am what i amI involves get biz therefore bust the jamI might not be the man yet y'all i still proceed to slam, ns cramTo understand why these rappers shot to faze meThey need to be stunner messin with the Books and DrayzieBig-up come Jersey and also my people's the end in el-aWell-a hell-a deserve to never cut the swell-aCos you deserve to tell ns gets biz prefer MarkieNo issue what the weather son you never wanna spark meI'm kickin rhymes and also gettin mines top top the regularSee me in the black color Benz just blowin up the cellularWe high together shit, the skies is itYou understand the sewer style yo is fly as shitSo tight (what?), you're cheap and also buried cos you're never ever comin near itSo fear it once you listen it, cheer it however don't compare itI still it is in schoolin, foolin em when I'm speakinKids be heapin, castle love the way that us be freakinMy sewer format it reason disaster so when I askYou far better answer who's the microphone masterHook (x4):Miggity microphone master, supervisor rhyme makerVerse 2: SkoobWell yo, here's the humdinger, I'm briggity bringin a new style that thingIt's a lab singer with a fat flow, therefore low and also beholdI higgity hold his mic item for ransomIt's all about expanses, stocks of skunks, props and my pops obtain a mansionBy the age of 16, had desires of large screensMad rubbers to save my dick cleanChrome devices in rentAnd I just go downtown to buy jewels and tintsJaboll, Guess, ol' Gold and sessI examine the mic 2-1 and chew gum to ease the breathMy layout is wild prefer the cats of VillanovaThe heat on the street'll store my 40's spillin overSo the skunk and also thai save me high once I'm smokinAnd i don't sleep, just take naps with one eye openSee I believe the beaded weed in me is feedin meThe inspi-ration to riggity absent the nationFrom white folk to Haitian, ???? JamaicanBurn MC's like levels of Mason since you're fakinI'm ~ above point, exclamation v the caperThe smell misbehaver indigenous the supervisor dooper luck maker
Hook (x4)Verse 3: Skoob, DrayI acquired to offer a siggity shout to mine mans, my pan at the showsFriends, foes, stiggity stunts and also hoesDrats! I'm friggin to ride the fat, ooh shit!My crew is shake, rattle and roll thickThicker 보다 your blunt cos yo ns be's the Brooklyn trooperAnd i got more spunk 보다 that punk indigenous Punky BrewsterBust the lingo Ringo stiggity Starr bingoI run shit prefer Kunta, breaks bones like MandingoI'm starstruck like starbuck, the negative bro is foolish thoughI'm every that tiny cat choose Tomko or HasboI have actually no figgity are afraid yeah, it's me and minesMasters the the microphone, equipments of the at sight rhymesYo, fine yo the shit sound clever, I'm clown for whatever like nuttin niceBig-up come DJ Dice wreckin shop when he cut 'n' sliceThese 20 MC's, please! I never heard that someWe need to murder some favor Colin FergusonBut currently ya heard us from the under so feeling the thunderYa finest ta come clean like J-Rule and also *?Felix Sunder?*I'm buggin favor gristle, view I suggest youDismiss you, mine style's official and also that's the issueI display the circulation I go till it's time to leaveBelieve I'm packin much more rhymes up mine sleeve