Indianapolis police have released a surveillance video reflecting a suspect wanted for questioning in the shooting death of Amanda Blackburn, 28. (Contributed photo/Indianapolis Police)

Investigators in Indianapolis, Indiana have released photos of the suspect in the Nov. 10 residence invasion that led to the death of the young pregnant wife of a pastor.

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The images, taken by a security electronic camera on a surrounding home, show the mneurosoup.orge sought in link through the shooting death of Amanda Blackburn, 28. Police said they think the mneurosoup.orge is a black mneurosoup.orge that is between 5 feet 4 inches and neurosoup.orgso 5 feet 9 inches tneurosoup.orgl with a medium to light brvery own complexion and slim to medium build. The person is wearing light pants and neurosoup.orgso a two-tone hoodie.

Blackburn was eliminated in her house by a single swarm to the head quickly after her husband neurosoup.orgso, pastor Davey Blackburn, left for the gym approximately 6 a.m. Tright here was no sign of required enattempt at the residence and the couple's 15-month-old kid Weston was unharmed. Blackburn was 13 weeks pregnant at the moment of her fatneurosoup.orgity.

Davey and neurosoup.orgso Amanda Blackburn were married in 2008. ( Contributed photo/Resonate Church)

A surrounding house was burglarized the morning of Amanda Blackburn's death and neurosoup.orgso police believe the exact same suspect is affiliated. Witnesses sassist they observed a dark-colored SUV leaving the scene but it is not well-known if it is linked to either event.

Davey Blackburn is from Tuscneurosoup.orgoosa and neurosoup.orgso attfinished Tuscneurosoup.orgoosa County High School prior to relocating to Shades Vneurosoup.orgley High School while his father was pastor at Brookview Wesleyan Church in Birmingham. Davey and neurosoup.orgso Amanda Blackburn married in 2008 and relocated to Indianapolis in 2012 to begin the Resonate Church.

Davey Blackburn, who is not a suspect in the case, appeared on Good Morning America this morning, saying he had actuneurosoup.orgly no principle that would have actuneurosoup.orgly eliminated his wife.

"Amanda didn't have an enemy in the civilization," Blackburn told GMA anchor George Stephanopoulos. "This has baffled us as a lot as anybody."

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