Danielle Bregoli, otherwise recognized as Bhad Bhabie, claims that David Dobrik owes she money and also that she has actually “creepy” stories around him and Jason Nash.

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Even though he’s among YouTube’s and social media’s most famous personalities, David Dobrik has uncovered himself embroiled in drama end the past few weeks.

Former members of his Vlog formation – a rotating cast of personalities that show up in his YouTube videos – have talked out about their time with Dobrik. One asserted that he was tricked into making “traumatizing” content while another, BigNik, said working with Dobrik made him feel “worthless.”

Plenty of creators, choose H3H3, have actually been piling on to the Vlog formation leader, claiming the he was bragging about an old “sexual assault” prank. Now, Bhad Bhabie has made part claims about the YouTuber, saying he owes her money.

Instagram: BhadBhabieBregoli increased to internet fame v the ‘catch me outside’ meme.

Bhad Bhabie, or daniel Bregoli as she’s recognized to some, made a surname for herself as the ‘catch me outside’ picture exploded. It gained her a clues in a now-deleted Dobrik vlog, too.

However, on march 5, she quote tweeted H3H3’s post about Dobrik’s MCN make the efforts to eliminate an old clip, claiming the she has “creepy” stories about himself and VIEWS co-host Jason Nash.

“I acquired my own story about those 2 creepy f**ks and also he fan me money,” she said, sparking replies indigenous fans and also fellow creators begging for she to spill the tea and also release some juicy info.

I obtained my very own story about those 2 creepy fucks and also he owe me money https://t.co/KMcjwP2n72

BhadBhabie) in march 5, 2021

The post, together you might expect, got a reply from H3H3, v fans asking for Bhad Bhabie to go on the Klein’s podcast and also reveal an ext details around what she’s acquiring at.

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— Ethan Klein (
h3h3productions) march 5, 2021

Bregoli hasn’t stated anything around that gift a possibility, however it’s clear that people want to understand what she’s gaining at – specifically given she’s do some large claims.

It’s likely that she believes the she is owed money for appearing in a Dobrik vlog – which, as formerly mentioned, has because been bring away down. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see if the singer pour out the tea.