Danielle Bregoli, otherwise known as Bhad Bhabie, claims that David Dobrik owes her money and also that she has actually “creepy” stories about him and also Jason Nash.

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Even though he’s one of YouTube’s and also social media’s most well-known personalities, David Dobrik has actually discovered himself embroiled in drama over the past few weeks.

Former members of his Vlog Squad – a rotating actors of characters that appear in his YouTube videos – have actually spoken out about their time through Dobrik. One declared that he was tricked into making “traumatizing” content while one more, BigNik, said working through Dobrik made him feel “worthmuch less.”

Plenty of creators, prefer H3H3, have been piling on to the Vlog Squad leader, claiming that he was bragging about an old “sex-related assault” prank. Now, Bhad Bhabie has made some clintends about the YouTuber, saying he owes her money.

Instagram: BhadBhabieBregoli increased to internet fame through the ‘capture me outside’ meme.

Bhad actually Bhabie, or Danielle Bregoli as she’s well-known to some, made a name for herself as the ‘capture me outside’ meme exploded. It got her a spot in a now-deleted Dobrik vlog, as well.

However before, on March 5, she quote tweeted H3H3’s article around Dobrik’s MCN trying to rerelocate an old clip, claiming that she has “creepy” stories around himself and also VIEWS co-hold Jaboy Nash.

“I gained my own story around those 2 creepy f**ks and also he owe me money,” she said, sparking replies from fans and fellow creators begging for her to spill the tea and release some juicy info.

I acquired my own story around those 2 creepy fucks and he owe me money https://t.co/KMcjwP2n72

BhadBhabie) March 5, 2021

The article, as you might intend, acquired a reply from H3H3, with fans asking for Bhad Bhabie to go on the Klein’s podactors and expose more details about what she’s getting at.

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— Ethan Klein (
h3h3productions) March 5, 2021

Bregoli hasn’t shelp anything about that being a possibility, yet it’s clear that civilization want to recognize what she’s acquiring at – particularly provided she’s made some substantial claims.

It’s most likely that she believes that she is owed money for showing up in a Dobrik vlog – which, as previously mentioned, has actually because been taken down. Though, we’ll simply have to wait and also view if the singer spills the tea.