Washington Nationals fans Jake Flippen, 9, left, and also Camdan Henderson, 9, right, cheer on Opening Day 2013. This year, it’s April 3. (Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

The inauguration is behind us, but we’ve only simply started in terms of potential traffic nightmares this year. Mark your calendars for some of the worst of our cumulative experiences through take a trip congestion.

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Friday. The March for Life, an yearly protest event, is schedubrought about begin with a noon rally by the Washington Monument, followed at 1 p.m. by a march eastern alengthy Constitution Avenue NW to the UNITED STATE Supreme Court, ending about 3:30 p.m.

Feb. 4-5. Six downtvery own Metro stations are schedubrought about shut for maintenance work: Farragut West, McPherkid Square, Federal Triangle, Smithsonian, Federal Center SW and Capitol South. Free shuttle bsupplies will certainly take riders in between Foggy Bottom and also Eastern Market, yet the impact on weekfinish travel is most likely to be serious.

Feb. 11-28. The following SafeTrack maintenance task shuts down Blue Line service between the Pentagon and also Rosslyn stations.

March 4-April 9. Blue and also Yellow line riders in Northern Virginia are influenced by a SafeTrack job that requires trains to share a solitary track. Three even more SafeTrack tasks will follow, from April right into June, affecting company on the Environment-friendly, Orange and Red lines.

March 11. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon is the many disruptive sporting occasion of the year in the Washington area. Rolling street closures across the District, including blockades in many type of residential areas, delay many kind of vehicle drivers and make world feel prefer detainees in their residences. Plus, it’s always on a Saturday, as soon as there’s even more traffic than on Sundays, the typical weekend day for many type of equivalent events, such as the annual Marine Corps Marathon. Events begin at 7 a.m. at Constitution Avenue and 1fourth Street NW, near the Washington Monument, and finish about 2 p.m. at RFK Stadium.

March 20-April 16. The National Cherry Blossom Festival is a huge occasion on the roadways and also rails, but its affect varies. First and foremost, there’s the weather and also the timing of the blossoms around the Tidal Basin. Many type of out-of-towners will book their trips well in development, so there’s an element of added travel congestion throughout the festival. Be patient with the travellers on Metrorail. They don’t recognize to stand to the appropriate on the escalators, and they tfinish to pausage and take in the scene at incorrect locations.

April 3. The Nationals play their home opener at Nationals Park, which constantly draws a big crowd, and also bereason it’s been a while because the last game, tright here may be a little additional confusion and slow web traffic around M and South Capitol roads and also along the Southeast-Southwest Freeway.

May 25-26. These are the days — a Thursday and a Friday — once chauffeurs are likely to suffer hefty website traffic as they begin their Memorial Day weekend getameans. In monitoring getameans traffic roughly the big holidays, we’ve learned that Thursday afternoon might be the moment as soon as highmethod traffic is slowest, as the early-getameans crowd mingles via constant commuters.

May 28. Rolling Thunder, the substantial gathering of motorcycle riders, occurs on the Sunday before the Monday holiday, which is May 29. The ride starts at noon in the Pentagon parking lot prior to coming into the District for a ride about the Mall. It closes roads and draws a big crowd of spectators.

July 4. Considering that thousands of countless human being will head for one grassy area in the middle of the capital, the Independence Day celebration take a trip program goes pretty smoothly. There’s a steady circulation of human being to the Mall, many kind of — fortunately — taking Metrorail quite than driving. The height crowds will arrive before the firefunctions, which generally begin simply after 9 p.m.

Sept. 10. The Nation’s Triathlon, a swim-run-bike occasion that draws thousands of participants, is collection for the first Sunday after Labor Day. Tright here are many kind of street closings in the corridor alengthy the Potomac River, yet the area is more confined than for March’s marathon, and also it’s a Sunday, once constant website traffic is much diminimelted.

Oct. 22. Don’t obtain left behind. This year’s Maritime Corps Marathon is a Sunday earlier than normal. It’s one more web traffic disrupter, though the path — while long — is not as expansive as the March marathon and also is not raced on a Saturday. The event additionally crowds some Metrorail stations, especially Arlington Cemetery and Rosslyn close to the begin and end up lines.

Nov. 21-22. The Tuesday and also Wednesday before Thanksoffering are the optimal getaway days for the holiday. Just like the Memorial Day getamethod, traffic on the holiday eve is most likely to be negative, but might not be fairly as bad as on the eve of the eve — Tuesday afternoon, in the situation of Thanksgiving week.

Dec. 7.

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This is the first Thursday in December, so it’s likely to be the date of the National Christmas Tree Lighting. I wish I might tell you otherwise. The late-afternoon tree lighting on the Ellipse messes mightily with the afternoon rush in downtvery own Washington because of the significant crowd and also the street closings roughly the White Housage.

Did I miss somepoint you think should be marked in red on your website traffic calendar?