Washington Nationals fans Jake Flippen, 9, left, and also Camdan Henderson, 9, right, cheer on opening Day 2013. This year, it’s April 3. (Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

The inauguration is behind us, however we’ve only just started in terms of potential traffic nightmares this year. Note your calendars for some of the worst of our collective experiences v travel congestion.

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Friday. The March because that Life, an yearly protest event, is scheduled to start with a noon rally by the Washington Monument, complied with at 1 p.m. By a march eastern along structure Avenue NW come the U.S. Can be fried Court, ending about 3:30 p.m.

Feb. 4-5. 6 downtown subway stations are reserved to close up door for maintenance work: Farragut West, McPherson Square, commonwealth Triangle, Smithsonian, Federal center SW and also Capitol South. Cost-free shuttle buses will take riders in between Foggy Bottom and Eastern Market, but the effect on weekend travel is likely to be severe.

Feb. 11-28. The next SafeTrack maintenance job shuts down Blue heat service in between the Pentagon and Rosslyn stations.

March 4-April 9. Blue and Yellow line riders in north Virginia are impacted by a SafeTrack project that needs trains come share a solitary track. Three an ext SafeTrack jobs will follow, from April right into June, affecting organization on the Green, Orange and also Red lines.

March 11. The absent ‘n’ roll Marathon is the many disruptive sporting occasion of the year in the Washington area. Roll street closures throughout the District, including blockades in many residential neighborhoods, hold-up many drivers and make world feel like prisoners in your homes. Plus, it’s constantly on a Saturday, as soon as there’s an ext traffic 보다 on Sundays, the usual weekend day for many comparable events, such together the annual Marine Corps Marathon. Events start at 7 a.m. At constitution Avenue and also 14th Street NW, close to the Washington Monument, and also end around 2 p.m. At RFK Stadium.

March 20-April 16. The nationwide Cherry flower Festival is a big event on the roads and rails, but its influence varies. Very first and foremost, yes sir the weather and the timing of the blossoms around the Tidal Basin. Many out-of-towners will publication their trips well in advance, for this reason there’s an element of extra travel congestion throughout the festival. It is in patient with the tourists on Metrorail. Castle don’t recognize to stand to the appropriate on the escalators, and also they tend to pause and take in the step at inappropriate places.

April 3. The Nationals beat their home opener in ~ Nationals Park, which always draws a huge crowd, and also because it’s been a while due to the fact that the critical game, there might be a tiny extra confusion and also slow traffic around M and South Capitol streets and also along the Southeast-Southwest Freeway.

May 25-26. These space the job — a Thursday and a Friday — when drivers are likely to experience heavy traffic as they begin their Memorial work weekend getaways. In security getaway traffic roughly the big holidays, we’ve learned that Thursday afternoon might be the time as soon as highway web traffic is slowest, together the early-getaway crowd mingles with continual commuters.

May 28. rolling Thunder, the large gathering the motorcycle riders, wake up on the Sunday before the Monday holiday, which is might 29. The ride starts in ~ noon in the Pentagon parking lot prior to coming right into the district for a ride around the Mall. It closes streets and draws a large crowd of spectators.

July 4. Considering that numerous thousands of human being will head for one grassy area in the middle of the capital, the freedom Day celebration event travel regimen goes pretty smoothly. Yes sir a steady flow of civilization to the Mall, countless — fortunately — taking Metrorail quite than driving. The peak crowds will certainly arrive prior to the fireworks, i beg your pardon usually begin just after 9 p.m.

Sept. 10. The country Triathlon, a swim-run-bike occasion that draws thousands of participants, is collection for the first Sunday after labor Day. There are countless street closings in the corridor follow me the potomac River, but the space is more confined 보다 for March’s marathon, and also it’s a Sunday, when regular traffic is much diminished.

Oct. 22. Don’t gain left behind. This year’s naval Corps Marathon is a Sunday earlier than normal. It’s an additional traffic disrupter, despite the route — while lengthy — is not as expansive as the march marathon and also is not raced top top a Saturday. The event also crowds part Metrorail stations, specifically Arlington Cemetery and Rosslyn close to the start and also finish lines.

Nov. 21-22. The Tuesday and also Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving are the peak getaway days for the holiday. Similar to the Memorial job getaway, web traffic on the holiday eve is most likely to be bad, yet may not be fairly as negative as on the eve of the night — Tuesday afternoon, in the case of Thanksgiving week.

Dec. 7.

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This is the very first Thursday in December, for this reason it’s most likely to be the date of the national Christmas Tree Lighting. I wish I can tell girlfriend otherwise. The late-afternoon tree lighting on the Ellipse messes mightily v the afternoon sirloin in downtown Washington due to the fact that of the huge crowd and also the street closings approximately the White House.

Did I miss something friend think should be marked in red ~ above your web traffic calendar?